Chapter 1064: Infernal Evil Dragon Emperor

What was even more astonishing to him was that even his mind had instantly become slightly clearer, and everything around him seemed to have increased slightly in clarity. He was already at the half-step Spirit Domain realm, and it was extremely difficult for him to improve his own spiritual power, even by just a little. However, Tang Wulin's attack improved both his soul power and spiritual power after it struck his Dragonslaying Saber.

How, how is this possible? What is happening? 

Compared to being sent flying by Tang Wulin's attack, Sima Jinchi was far more astonished by what had just happened within his body.

This was only a simulated battle within the Star Battle Net, which meant that even if one were to improve during battle, those improvements could only come in the areas of experience and technique; there was no way that one's spiritual power and soul power could be truly enhanced in here, so how was this happening?

Why was it that his opponent's attack was working to elevate his powers? That was absolutely incredible to him!

From Tang Wulin's perspective, a black halo had spread over his opponent's body, and he quickly managed to stabilize himself before nullifying the golden spear intent he'd been afflicted by.

Now that Tang Wulin had seized the upper hand, he was naturally keen to press his advantage. He unleashed his Golden Dragon Takes Flight again, and at the same time, dazzling golden light erupted from his Golden Dragon Spear. He unleashed his Blue Emperor Dragon Shocks the Heavens once again, and an even more fearsome golden dragon brandished its claws and bared its fangs as it hurtled directly toward his opponent.

At this moment, Sima Jinchi had only just landed on the ground before Tang Wulin's attack reached him. He injected his intent into his Dragonslaying Saber to activate his saber soul, and a fierce aura began to emanate from his body. 

Tang Wulin felt as if he had been instantly plunged into a battlefield where there was only death and destruction around him. An enormous will that was filled with a sense of justice descended from the sky.

A giant purple dragon appeared in mid-air. It had a pair of crimson eyes, and it was radiating a sinister aura. The gigantic Dragonslaying Saber fell from above, wielded by a pair of huge golden hands, and the purple dragon was sliced in half from head to tail.

A howl of agony and indignation rang out as purple energy swept through the entire heavens.

That was an Infernal Evil Dragon!

That name suddenly sprang to Tang Wulin's mind in an inexplicable manner, and as the name suggested, this was an evil being among the dragon clan.

After the Dragonslaying Saber passed through the Infernal Evil Dragon's enormous body, the saber expanded to several dozen times its original size. Purple patterns began to appear on the surface of the blade from the purple dragon blood, and these patterns descended from the sky, instantly enshrouding Tang Wulin's spear projection and Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens beneath it.

In the face of the gigantic saber, both Tang Wulin and his Blue Emperor Dragon Shocks the Heavens were looking extremely tiny and insignificant, and Tang Wulin finally developed a sense of just how terrifying the saber soul that Ye Xinglan had faced was.

He couldn't even grasp the true meaning of the saber soul, and the only thing he could feel was how overwhelmingly powerful and unstoppable it was.

The Blue Emperor Dragon Shocks the Heavens faltered momentarily before countless golden spear projections erupted from it. Each and every golden spear projection was accompanied by a bluish-golden one, and the two types of spear projections formed a symbiotic relationship as they surged forward with unstoppable force!

Blue Emperor Fury of the Masses!

This attack was undoubtedly the most powerful one his Golden Dragon Spear had ever unleashed, and it was also his most powerful blood soul fusion skill. His bloodline power and soul power had completely fused as one with the spear intent formed by his Fury of the Masses to culminate in the most devastating attack. Innumerable Spear projections were hurtling through the air, keeping the enormous power of the saber soul at bay. The countless spear projections converged as one before striking the saber projection.

The entire world conjured up by the saber soul instantly began to tremor violently before crumbling into countless pieces. Countless golden spear projections transformed into bolts of golden lightning that were wreaking havoc in a frenzy to destroy the purple saber intent.

In the eyes of the spectators, Sima Jinchi's sixth soul ring had lit up before he slashed his saber through the air, and the entire competition platform had turned purple. The giant purple dragon that Tang Wulin had witnessed was something that the spectators couldn't see. All they could see was that the Dragonslaying Saber had abruptly swelled to countless times its original size before encompassing Tang Wulin within itself.

After that, the Golden Dragon Spear being wielded by Golden Dragon King suddenly began to radiate unprecedentedly dazzling light, as if it had instantly transformed into a gigantic golden ball of light that was expanding outward.

Golden and purple light clashed, and the force of the clash had shattered the fearsome saber soul. However, the bolts of golden dragon lightning being released by the Golden Dragon Spear were also devoured by the purple saber soul.

Not only was Sima Jinchi not weakened in the aftermath of the clash, he continued to improve and his aura seemed to have been elevated to another level.

A hint of ecstasy appeared on his face.

Could he really make a breakthrough like this? Could it be that this was a realistic projection of the strange world he had entered when he attained his saber soul? Was all of that real?

Even as these thoughts were flashing through his mind, his Dragonslaying Saber continued to slash through the air. His seventh soul ring lit up, and his Dragonslaying Saber faltered slightly in mid-air before its hilt began to transform. A series of golden scales appeared on the hilt, following which a dazzling golden dragon claw that was shimmering with white light gripped onto the hilt of the Dragonslaying Saber.

Sima Jinchi had disappeared, and only his Dragonslaying True Body remained in his place!

The gigantic saber was raised again, and the sixth soul ring also lit up once again. On this occasion, the soul ring appeared around the Dragonslaying Saber, and the surrounding space had turned entirely into a deep purple color, as if a massive dark purple vortex had appeared.

Another dragon had appeared before Tang Wulin's eyes, and it was no longer the same Infernal Evil Dragon as before. In contrast, this one was several thousand feet in length, and it was a terrifying colossal dark purple dragon that seemed to have filled the entirety of heaven and earth. There were even faint golden ridges running along its dark purple scales.

This was the Infernal Evil Dragon Emperor!

For some reason, as soon as the Infernal Evil Dragon Emperor appeared, Tang Wulin was struck by a strong sense of familiarity, as if he'd seen this being somewhere before.

This was not good!

A sense of foreboding and peril immediately welled up in his heart.

Even though his Fury of the Masses had vanquished his opponent's attack, after Sima Jinchi released his martial soul true body, he now possessed the power to strike down an evil dragon emperor, and that certainly wasn't the same as the power he'd possessed before!

Furthermore, as soon as the golden dragon claw appeared on the hilt of the saber, a holy aura had erupted from within the violent saber intent, and this holy aura was not inferior in the slightest compared to that of the Holy Angel clan's martial soul.

At this point, there was already no time for Tang Wulin to think; his entire will had been completely immersed into the observation of his own Golden Dragon Spear.

A huge flower appeared behind him, and it was none other than his Beautiful Silk Tulip. A peculiar light pattern began to spread through the air.

This was his sixth soul skill, Devouring Heaven and Earth!

No, to put it more accurately, this was his blood soul fusion skill, Blue Emperor Devouring Heaven and Earth!

The flower bloomed, and a huge golden light projection surfaced behind it: a gigantic golden heart.

"Lub-dub, lud-dub, lub-dub!" The powerful sound of the beating heart was audible throughout the entire venue.

All of the spectators could even feel their own heartbeats being affected, as if the rhythms of their hearts had suddenly begun to overlap with that of the golden heart. Powerful energy fluctuations also erupted in the air, and an energy storm swept forth, converging toward the huge flower.

Tang Wulin raised his head, and at this point, his eyes had already turned completely golden. The energy fluctuations emanating from his body were also elevating at an astonishing rate.

He still didn't possess a martial soul true body, but his Blue Emperor Devouring Heaven and Earth was close to a soul fusion skill, and it was drastically enhancing his powers.

He thrust his Golden Dragon Spear forward, and it was still his Blue Emperor Fury of the Masses that he unleashed!

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