Chapter 1062: Blade of Justice

The two of them appraised one another from afar, and palpable battle intent almost instantly erupted from their respective weapons.

In Sima Jinchi's eyes, Tang Wulin was like a resting giant dragon that could erupt into a violent frenzy at any moment, whereas in Tang Wulin's eyes, Sima Jinchi was like an executioner with a vicious and menacing aura emanating from his body. This was the first time that he had encountered a Soul Master with a martial soul that wasn't affected by his Golden Dragon King bloodline.

Under normal circumstances, even if his opponent didn't possess a dragon-type martial soul, they would still definitely be somewhat affected by his bloodline aura.

However, on this occasion, that was not the case. The vicious aura emanating from the Dragonslaying Saber could draw anguished cries even from giant dragons, and not only did Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline not affect his opponent in the slightest, it was instead his bloodline that was being affected by his opponent to a certain degree.

Tang Wulin had thought that seeing as his opponent was wielding a saber made for slaying dragons, his bloodline would definitely churn within his veins and be filled with resentment and rage.

However, as he faced Sima Jinchi and experienced his aura, he discovered that this wasn't actually the case. The Dragonslaying Saber did indeed evoke certain emotions within his Golden Dragon King bloodline, but instead of negative emotions like hatred and fury, it was evoking within his bloodline a sense of respect and acknowledgment.

The Golden Dragon King was a part of the Dragon God! Why was it that it was displaying such a reaction to the Dragonslaying Saber? Why was this happening?

There was one thing that Tang Wulin knew for certain; this Dragonslaying Saber had to have an extremely close connection with the dragon clan.

In contrast, Sima Jinchi was even more surprised than Tang Wulin. In his eyes, Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline was his martial soul, and he'd never seen a dragon-type martial soul manage to remain so calm and collected in his presence.

His Dragonslaying Saber wasn't actually a blade made for senseless slaughter of giant dragons. Instead, it was a weapon that had been created by the Dragon God and given to its most trusted subordinate. Among the nine dragon kings, the Light Dragon King was the one whom the Dragon God was most fond of, so the Dragonslaying Saber was given to the Light Dragon King.

In the dragon clan, the Light Dragon King was the enforcer, and its Dragonslaying Saber only cut down sinful dragons, so this weapon wasn't an enemy of the dragon clan.

During the war in the Divine Realm, the dragon clan suffered a horrendous defeat, and the Light Dragon King perished, following which this Dragonslaying Saber also disappeared. Unbeknownst to everyone, it had fallen onto the Douluo Continent. As a divine weapon, it remained dormant for many years, existing in an energy form on a certain corner of the continent.

One day, a human with a strong sense of justice in his heart displayed a will to sacrifice himself against a powerful enemy to uphold the justice in his own heart, and the slumbering Dragonslaying Saber was awakened. The saber then fused into that man's bloodline and revived him from the dead.

From that moment forth, the Dragonslaying Saber martial soul was passed down through his direct lineal descendants. As such, there was only one Dragonslaying Saber, but unfortunately, there were no longer any dragons for it to enforce.

Sima Jinchi was the current heir to the Dragonslaying Saber, and all those who inherited this martial soul were tough and unyielding characters with an extremely strong sense of justice.

The Dragonslaying Saber was one of the most powerful tool martial souls in the current world. However, Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King was a part of the Dragon God, so it naturally wouldn't yield to the Dragonslaying Saber, but it still felt a natural sense of respect toward this divine weapon that enforced the laws of the dragon clan. This was why Tang Wulin had been struck by these strange feelings.

The referee glanced at the two of them, and he didn't say much before announcing the commencement of the match. The most exciting clash of the competition thus far was finally about to begin.

The Blood God Legion, the Southern Legion, Shrek’s Seven Monsters, and the entire federation were all watching this clash on their soul screens with rapt focus.

Neither Tang Wulin nor Sima Jinchi sprang into action from the get-go, but both of them raised their weapons almost at the exact same time.

A hint of golden color began to appear within every corner of Tang Wulin's body as he held his Golden Dragon Spear. A pair of golden dragon wings spread open on his back, and immediately thereafter, specks of golden light appeared all over his body as he released his Dragon Moon battle armor.

His body instantly swelled to over three meters tall, and his Golden Dragon Spear also expanded in size. Powerful spear intent began to emanate from the tip of the spear, and his aura also began to elevate at a drastic rate.

Loud dragon's roars erupted from his body like rumbling thunder, and the dazzling rhomboid golden dragon scales that had appeared all over his body were shimmering with piercing light.

Tang Wulin threw his head back and let loose a long roar as he raised his Golden Dragon Spear high above his head. The dragon's roar became even louder as he spread open his wings, rising up from the ground as his aura continued to swell.

Meanwhile, Sima Jinchi held his massive Dragonslaying Saber by his side, and a series of soul rings emerged from beneath his feet, consisting of four purples and four blacks. His aura was also elevating, and it was as if a vast expanse of dark clouds were spreading from where he was standing. The terrifying pressure he was releasing was making the space tremor slightly, and the air was showing signs of cracking.

A layer of black mist permeated over the surface of the Dragonslaying Saber, and the anguished wails of dragons naturally rang out from it.

The Dragonslaying Saber was a blade of justice, and all of those anguished wails came from the souls of the dragons who had committed horrendous crimes. These dragon souls had been restricted by the blade for countless years, and whenever the power of the Dragonslaying Saber was unleashed, the sounds emanating from it would be extremely effective in swaying the hearts of those with darkness and evil in their hearts.

Unfortunately for Sima Jinchi, this didn't affect Tang Wulin at all. He only had light and justice in his heart, so he was actually struck by a sense of vindictive joy upon hearing the anguished cries of those sinful beings.

In the eyes of the spectators, it was as if both of them had become immovable mountains, one of which was black while the other one was golden. The two figurative mountains were swelling in size at a rapid rate, and the space over the entire competition platform was trembling slightly.

At the Blood God Battalion.

"It's said that the Star Battle Net can't handle battles between three-word battle armor masters and above, which is why that restriction was placed on the competition. Their battle is most likely going to reach that level; would the Star Cabin and the Star Battle Net be able to handle it?" Zhang Huanyun mused with tightly furrowed brows.

Cao Dezhi replied, "They had to have already fortified the system. Similar scenarios have also appeared in the previous matches, so the federation must've fortified the system to an extremely high degree for these final few matches. As for the Star Cabin, that's going to be hard to say; we'll see how it goes."

Zhang Huanyun said, "The Star Battle Net is indeed a brilliant monumental creation, but it still has a long way to go before it can truly become a part of people's lives. This inaugural edition of the competition appears to be very dazzling and spectacular, but in reality, the battle net has many problems; it's most likely going to go back into research and development following the conclusion of the competition. I wonder when they'll be able to release a better version; both the hardware and the system have a lot of room for improvement."

Cao Dezhi nodded in agreement. "That's indeed the case. However, for old-timers like us, just the fact that something like the Star Battle Net was created is already worthy of astonishment. Let's wait and see. In reality, the federation has been facing a technological bottleneck for a very long time. The dwindling resources on the continent have urged the federation to expend more effort into space exploration, the federation will only be sustainable if we can find a brand new planet that we can source resources from."

Zhang Huanyun sighed, "Not everyone thinks that. In some people's eyes, the Douluo Star still has many resources that can continue to be exploited. Compared to other planets, the other two neighboring continents are clearly closer targets, and invading them is far easier to achieve than finding an alternate planet with the resources we need. Ever since Shrek Academy was destroyed, this voice has been growing louder and louder, and if you ask me, war is most likely going to ravage our continent soon." 

Cao Dezhi's brows furrowed tightly in response. "All wars are waged for profits, yet it's always the general public who suffer from these wars. This is why I want our legion to support Wulin in the future; our Blood God Legion shouldn't participate in wars between humans no matter what."

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