Chapter 106 - A Pleasant Surprise in the Future?

Chapter 106 - A Pleasant Surprise in the Future?

When Tang Wulin woke up, his entire body felt relaxed and at peace. All of the previous pain and suffering had vanished. The first thing he did was enter his mind’s spiritual world.

“You have awoken.” Old Tang rejoiced.

“I succeeded in breaking the seal?” Tang Wulin asked.

“En. You have succeeded in breaking the first seal and have absorbed the Golden Dragon King’s soul. All things begin with hardship, so this first breakthrough can be considered you laying down your foundation. After some time passes, you will experience more and more of the benefits from this breakthrough.”

Tang Wulin impatiently asked, “What kind of benefits? Will my soul power increase by a lot?”

Old Tang said, “No. The Golden Dragon King’s soul will mainly affect your body. Though there will be some improvement to your soul power with each broken seal, it will not be as significant. The important thing is that your body will transform under its influence, gradually gaining the strength of the Golden Dragon King. After breaking through your first seal, you now possess a trace of a dragon’s might. In the future, when facing dragon-type beasts that are inferior in rank to the Golden Dragon King, you will be able to suppress them with your dragon aura. Naturally, the larger the gap in cultivation between you and your opponent, the weaker the effect will be.

“Secondly, the part of the Golden Dragon King’s power you have absorbed is its right hand. After you have thoroughly absorbed this piece of its soul, you will be able to transform your right hand into a dragon’s claw. The Golden Dragon Claw’s strength is tremendous, and it also possesses a special property — that is, ‘crushing’. Simply said, there is almost nothing it cannot overcome. Assuming the hardness of the object is within a certain range, anything you attack with your Golden Dragon Claw will definitely be broken.

“After you break through more seals in the future and fuse with more of the Golden Dragon King’s power, the benefits you receive will be even greater. Do not lightly use the Golden Dragon Claw, however. Although it is now a part of your body, using it will still consume an enormous amount of your soul power.”

Golden Dragon Claw? I can control the Golden Dragon Claw now?

Tang Wulin unconsciously looked toward his right hand. With a single thought, his right hand transformed and a layer of golden scales began to cover it, but that was the extent of the current changes.

“Don’t be so anxious. You still need some time to absorb the Golden Dragon King’s soul before you will be able to use it. Alright then, onto the second seal now. You must undo the seal before you turn fifteen. To do this, you will need to find or purchase four different heaven and earth treasures. I will brand their descriptions into your mind. Oh, and one more thing. If you are able to break the second seal, there will be a pleasant surprise for you.”

“A pleasant surprise?” Tang Wulin wanted to ask what it was, but Old Tang’s figure was already fading away.

When Tang Wulin returned to his dorm, Yun Xiao and Zhou Zhangxi were already there.

“How is Xie Xie?” asked his two roommates as they hurriedly got up.

Tang Wulin answered with a hint of anger, “I’m afraid that he’ll be forced to rest for a while so that he can recover. But you know, I’d never have expected them to be so fierce. It was just a competition after all!”

Yun Xiao and Zhou Zhangxi exchanged a glance before Yun Xiao let out a few small coughs and said, “Your moves weren’t light either. Both of Zhang Yangzi’s legs were fractured, and Wang Jinxi’s right arm was also broken. I also heard that Wei Xiaofeng was so scared of you that he pissed his pants.”

Tang Wulin was stunned. Now that he thought about it, it did seem that Zhang Yangzi’s legs had turned into Wang Jinxi’s tail when they were in their combined form. That must be how his legs had fractured after suffering Tang Wulin’s dragon claw’s crushing property.

He had not noticed because they had truly been in a desperate situation at the time. In hindsight, however, when he had struck the fused form of Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi, they had continued to move despite their somewhat sluggish motions. It seemed that their soul fusion skill was still far from perfect.

Moreover, after the fusion, the suppression from Tang Wulin’s dragon might on Wang Jinxi had clearly lessened. If their fusion was perfect, then Tang Wulin was afraid that he wouldn’t have been able to achieve victory in the end.

The Golden Dragon Claw increased the strength of his right hand explosively, but it also had its limits. From his estimations, it could only double his strength at the moment. The crushing property was still the most important part.

“Who did the director declare the winner in the end?” Tang Wulin asked.

Yun Xiao shook his head. “He didn’t declare a winner. Long Hengxu had a truly ugly expression as he was arranging your treatments. But even so, everyone could see that if Teacher Wu hadn’t stepped in, those two guys would have been crippled by you. I never expected you were still hiding such strength. So what is your right hand?”

Tang Wulin bitterly smiled. “A variation occurred in my martial soul. I’m not sure what exactly it is either. Anyway, I’m going to go meditate now.”

The bitterness of this competition left a profound impression on his heart. At this moment, his heart was full of regret from his impulsive actions at the end.

I hope they’re fine.

Fortunately, we won the match, so we should be class one after the tournament ends.  

Since he had to rush over to the match as soon as he woke up from absorbing the Golden Dragon King’s soul, he hadn’t had any time to rest until now. As his body relaxed, he quickly entered a meditative state where he was isolated from everything.

The president’s room.

“How did this happen?” With a grave expression, Yu Zhen looked at Long Hengxu from across the desk.

Long Hengxu forced out a bitter smile. “The new students this time are truly prodigies. It was my fault; I wasn’t able to stop them in time. I take full responsibility for this. But I must say, the new students this year are absolutely outstanding geniuses. If we can guide them properly, they will definitely become the pillars for Eastsea Academy in the future.

“The reason today’s match had gone out of control was because at the very last moment, two Soul Grandmasters from class one had used an incomplete soul fusion skill. Their soul fusion skill is most likely an exceptionally powerful one that requires them to have at least three rings to be able to use to its full extent.”

“Soul fusion skill?” Yu Zhen’s eyebrows rose in excitement, a light of surprise flashing through his eyes. In his delighted surprise, his anger had weakened a bit.

“Yes, a soul fusion skill. Although it isn’t complete yet, its strength was able to break both of Xie Xie’s arms. What’s even more shocking is what happened afterward. A one ring Soul Master with a ten year soul ring from class five suddenly exploded in power. His right hand transformed into a dragon claw. With two attacks of his claw, he was able to break through the soul fusion skill. Fortunately, he was stopped just in time. Otherwise, he might have crippled the other students.”

Yu Zhen was startled. “A one ring Soul Master who can transform his right hand and use it to defeat the soul fusion skill of two Soul Grandmasters? Are you trying to tell me a fairy tale?”

Long Hengxu sighed. “I’m finding it hard to believe as well, but it is a fact. Over a thousand students and teachers witnessed it. This isn’t something I could make up even if I wanted to! If you don’t believe me, then you can go investigate it yourself. In my opinion, that Tang Wulin’s variant martial soul is likely a body martial soul from the legendary Shrek Academy!”

Yu Zhen was suddenly terrified. What did a body martial soul mean? A body martial soul combined with a mecha would undoubtedly create a shining genius!

The two words, ‘Shrek Academy’, were enough to fill the eyes of Eastsea Academy’s president with a light of reverence.

“If that’s true, then we can pardon the situation today. After all, it was just too unexpected. Director Long, write a detailed report on this matter for me.”

Long Hengxu said, “Tang Wulin’s martial soul was originally the trashy Bluesilver Grass, but if a variant body martial soul appeared within him, then it might mean he has twin martial souls. Then he wouldn’t be trash anymore, but a genius. President, I have a proposal.”

“What is it?” Yu Zhen suspiciously eyed him.

Long Hengxu bitterly laughed. “With the condition the first grade is in at the moment, I don’t think it would be fitting for the Class Promotion Tournament to continue. From what I’ve seen today, I don’t think the second grade, no, not even the third grade could stand up against their might. These students might not necessarily be a good thing. As such, I think we will need to give these new students special treatment.”

“What kind of special treatment?”

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