Chapter 1059: The One He was Thinking About

What kind of powerful opponents would he encounter in the next two rounds? In the mecha battle discipline, he didn't have any advantage when it came to mecha piloting skills, but the advantage that he did have lay in his three soul spirits.

Generally speaking, it would be very remarkable for a Soul Master with even one soul spirit of the same caliber as his soul spirits, but he was able to attain three through the nurturing effect of his Golden Dragon King bloodline, as well as some luck. The three soul spirits already enhanced him greatly during his Soul Master battles, but their effects were even more prominent in mecha battles. His Tyrant Dragon soul spirit still hadn't made an appearance yet, and his Beautiful Silk Tulip's Devouring Heaven and Earth was able to drastically enhance his powers for a short time.

Not only was Tang Wulin hoping to emerge as the final champion, he was also hoping to encounter more powerful opponents. Only through battling more powerful beings could he continue to better himself.

After emerging from his Star Cabin, he continued to cultivate in his room. For some reason, he hadn't felt like drinking coffee ever since that day when he'd drawn that portrait of Gu Yue.

He was trying his best not to think about the mysteries surrounding Gu Yue, Na'er, and Gu Yuena, but those thoughts were still constantly appearing in his mind.

Gu Yuena was still in a state of amnesia, so he couldn't ask her anything, yet the urge to get to the bottom of this mystery had become even more irrepressible ever since he had drawn that portrait of Gu Yue at Long Yuxue's request.

What was the reason behind all this? Ever since Gu Yue had appeared in his life for the very first time, she had always been a mystery to him. He had constantly been telling himself not to pry into her secrets, but as their relationship deepened, how could he not be curious about her?

He was feeling a little lost and frustrated by these thoughts. His room was actually situated within the mountain, but it was at the very edge, so he still had a window, through which he could see the spectacular scenery of the steep snowy mountains outside.

He made his way over to his bedside before opening the window to let some cold air blow into his room, washing over his body, as well as his heart. The cold air calmed him down a little, and he was feeling a lot better as a result.

Gu Yue, I can't be so selfish. You are still you, and after the competition, I'm going to do everything in my power to help you recover your memories. Even if you leave me after that,I still want you to be yourself. I also want you to explain everything to me. 

He had endured too many trials and tribulations throughout his life, and as a result, his mental fortitude was far more resolute than that of the average person. However, at the same time, he had an extremely heavy burden on his shoulders, and he could only relax when he was with his friends or Gu Yue.

He really missed his days back in the academy. Whenever he thought of the academy now, his heart would throb with pain.

He exhaled for a long time, as if he were trying to expel all of his frustrations and negative emotions. He had to keep forging ahead no matter what. Gu Yue had told him before that the problems she was facing couldn't be resolved by him. She clearly loved him, but these issues were forcing her to distance herself from him, and there was only one possibility behind all this, which was that her enemies had to be extremely powerful.

Could it be the Spirit Pagoda? Indeed, in the face of the Spirit Pagoda, he was extremely insignificant, but he still had to face this super organization at some point. So what if he had to stand against the entire Spirit Pagoda?

Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect had both been bombed; why was the Spirit Pagoda headquarters spared despite how close it was situated to Shrek City? Tang Wulin had harbored doubts about the Spirit Pagoda for a long time already. If he wanted to rebuild Shrek Academy in the future, then he'd inevitably have to face the issue of clashing with the Spirit Pagoda. The Spirit Pagoda definitely wouldn't want to see the revival of Shrek Academy, and neither would the federation. It was very unlikely that the federation would support the rebuild of Shrek Academy, so he had to face all of these opposing forces.

As such, what he required was more power and his own forces.

Whenever he was faced with hardships, he would always habitually tell himself that these hardships only existed because he wasn't powerful enough!

He reflexively clenched his fists. With every improvement he made, he was gradually climbing toward the pinnacle of the Soul Master world. He was becoming more and more powerful, and he was the future hope for Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect, and even more so, himself! He had to keep working hard and forging ahead!

The recent atmosphere in the Blood God Legion had been a little peculiar; there was an extra sense of excitement in the air.

Jiang Wuyue had recently spread the word that Golden Dragon King was a good friend of his, revealing him to be the new Blood Nine of the Blood God Battalion, and this news had been the hot topic on everyone's lips in the legion.

Even in the Blood God Legion, where the average military rank was quite high, such a young major general was completely unheard of, and it would certainly also be unprecedented elsewhere.

Golden Dragon King had already progressed to the final four of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition! This meant that he was the most powerful Soul Master in the legion below the three-word battle armor master level.

The cafe was getting more and more customers as many people had heard that Tang Wulin had a habit of going there for a daily coffee. As a result, black coffee sales in the cafe had increased by almost tenfold during this recent period of time, and this was perhaps due to the fact that everyone had developed a subconscious notion that drinking black coffee could help them in their cultivation.

In reality, drinking black coffee could indeed make one more alert, and it also had a placebo effect as well in this case, so it really did result in some breakthroughs for people.

However, Tang Wulin hadn't appeared at the cafe during the past few days, much to the disappointment of many of the military officials who visited the cafe to catch a glimpse of the brightest young talent in the legion. However, all types of information about Tang Wulin, including his past competition footage, had spread throughout the entire legion.

On top of that, one piece of news had also begun to circulate within the region; it was said that the life tide that had immensely benefited everyone in the Blood God Legion had been brought about by one of Tang Wulin's breakthroughs. The Blood God Battalion was still conducting research on the specific details, but the legion commander and all of the other higher-ups of the legion had already confirmed the authenticity of this news.

Thus, even though Tang Wulin rarely appeared before the public eye, he had become an extremely popular figure in the legion.

After Ling Wuyue was eliminated in the last round of mecha battles, she had unintentionally revealed the fact that Tang Wulin was Spear King, and that had driven everyone into a frenzy.

He was most likely the only one who had reached the semifinals in both the mecha and Soul Master battles. After all, there were clear differences between all seven of the other people across the two disciplines. After carefully reviewing Golden Dragon King and Spear King's weapons and battle techniques, everyone was even more convinced that this was true.

Jiang Wuyue downed the glass of liquor before him in a single frustrated mouthful before turning to his sister. "Think about it, Qiyue; how long has that kid been in the legion for? Less than six months, right? How has he climbed up the ranks so quickly?"

Jiang Qiyue couldn't help but burst into laughter. "Are you envious?"

Jiang Wuyue made no effort to hide his own emotions. "I'm not just envious; I almost hate him! Yuxue likes him, and he's improving way too quickly! I thought I was more powerful than him back when he first joined the legion, but it's only been a few months, and I have to look up to him now! We're all humans; why is there such a massive disparity between us?" [*Cough* Humans *Cough*]

Jiang Qiyue shrugged in response. "How would I know? Now that we're on this topic, I'm actually really interested in him as well. You're really close friends with him, aren't you? Can you get me a date with him?"

Jiang Wuyue rolled his eyes. "He already has a girlfriend, and he even rejected Yuxue; what chance would you have?"

"Oi, are you really my brother? Am I that much worse than Yuxue in your eyes?" Jiang Qiyue wore an enraged expression as she placed her hands on her hips.

Jiang Wuyue hurriedly put on a fawning smile. "Of course not! You and Yuxue are all equally as beautiful in your own ways, but you know what they say about people seeing those who they love through rose-tinted glasses and all that."

Jiang Qiyue pursed her lips in displeasure. "Don't try to feed me all of that nonsense! You're so bad with your words, it's no wonder that you can't even get Yuxue to take a second look at you!" 

Jiang Wuyue heaved a resigned sigh. "I don't know what's wrong with me; whenever I'm with her, I become so much of a stuttering idiot that I even want to slap myself."

Jiang Qiyue was very eager to hand in her job application. "I can fill the role of slapping you in your stead!"

Jiang Wuyue immediately shooed her away. "By the way, how far do you think Wulin will progress in the competition?"

Jiang Qiyue shrugged in response. "Is that important? He's made it to the final four in both Soul Master and mecha battles, and that's more than enough. It proves that he's actually number one in terms of overall power. As for how the rest of the competition goes for him, does that really matter?"

Jiang Wuyue replied, "That's not the same thing. If he wins one more match, then he'll at least be number two, and if he wins one more match, he'll be the champion! History only remembers the champions; number four isn't going to have anywhere near the same impact."

Jiang Qiyue sighed, "Think about his upcoming opponents; do you think he can still keep advancing?"

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