Chapter 1058: Superior Tactics Reign Supreme

During one of his past battles, he had even managed to modify this generic mecha to such an extent that it attained the offensive and defensive prowess of a black mecha.

This was a mecha battle where Soul Masters weren't allowed to just abandon their mechas to fight on their own, so how could a generic mecha possibly be able to oppose a black mecha?

Virtually all of his opponents had chosen to unleash all of their power in explosive bursts to take him down before he could modify his mecha, but no one had succeeded yet.

Tang Wulin's spear fell onto the ground, but it missed Metal Master in the end. After quickly completing the propellers, Metal Master's mecha was able to fly away at an even faster speed. All he had to do now was keep his distance until he completed his mecha modifications, then turn around and defeat Tang Wulin.

The moment that his propellers were completed was the moment where the two of them were closest to one another; there were only around 150 meters between them.

Tang Wulin rapidly rushed toward him, but he was simply far too fast to be caught. There was now a fundamental difference in the calibers of their mechas. No matter how powerful Tang Wulin's martial soul was, he couldn't accelerate to his heart's content as his generic mecha would fall apart from the excessive strain.

This was an insurmountable limiting factor that was dictated by the quality of his generic mecha.

Just as everyone thought that this match was going to progress in the way that the two commentators had predicted, Tang Wulin suddenly made his move.

His melee combat mecha abruptly sprang up into the air, using its flying ability to hover in mid-air. Immediately thereafter, countless Bluesilver Emperor vines erupted from the gaps on the mecha, and these vines extended toward all directions like feelers. Each and every vine was over 50 meters in length, thereby allowing him to control everything within a diameter of over 100 meters.

The competition platforms for the mecha battles of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition were very large, but the space on them was still not unlimited. With the addition of his Bluesilver Emperor vines, he was able to drastically increase his control range. Even though his speed was inferior to that of his opponent, he could use this increased control range to try and corner his opponent.

Sure enough, Metal Master was having a harder time evading Tang Wulin while completing his modifications. As such, he could only create another propeller to improve the speed and agility of his mecha. At the same time, he began to modify the main core of the mecha.

If he could complete the modification of the mecha's core, then the degree of compression of the energy provided to the mecha would become completely different, thereby giving his mecha an absolute advantage, with which he could crush Tang Wulin.

This Mecha Master was also a seven-ring Soul Sage himself, and he had absolute confidence in his ability to secure victory in this match.

His mecha continued to flash over the competition platform at an incredible speed. Tang Wulin's control range had increased, but he was still unable to chase down his opponent no matter what he tried.

Metal Master sat within his mecha with a metallic sheen emanating from his entire body. He was constantly modifying his mecha, and he already had a triumphant smile on his face.

His mecha was about to reach the purple level very soon, yet he wasn't in a hurry to end this. He was going to modify it to the black level before crushing his opponent like an ant, not giving him any opportunities at all.

This Spear King was nothing more than a joke to him.

Just as these thoughts were running through his mind, he rushed past Tang Wulin's spear without realizing it while fleeing from Tang Wulin's mecha.

Right at this moment, a burst of golden light suddenly erupted from the spear before winding itself around his mecha's legs like lightning. Meanwhile, the other end of the golden light was wound around the spear, which was embedded extremely deep into the ground.

A flying mecha with its legs bound was like a car that had just had its brakes stomped on, and it instantly spiraled out of control.

Metal Master was extremely alarmed by this sudden development, and he hurriedly tried to control his mecha, but it was already too late!

A vast expanse of Bluesilver Emperor vines suddenly erupted from the ground without any premonition, transforming into a series of sharp spikes that punctured his mecha. More Bluesilver Emperor vines then appeared to bind the mecha firmly onto the ground.

Under the control of Metal Master, the mecha instantly began to liquefy in an attempt to escape, but at this point, Tang Wulin had already arrived on the scene.

He stomped a foot heavily into the ground, following which a layer of yellow light erupted from his mecha.

This was his gravitational control!

Not only that, but all of the Bluesilver Emperor vines on the ground began to churn violently, slicing the liquefied metal into one portion after another.

A long spear descended from above, unleashing a torrential storm of spear projections that inflicted a series of marks onto the ground. The liquefied metal had no chance to escape before it was forcibly sliced into countless portions.

There was no way for Tang Wulin to defeat this opponent? What a joke! Tang Wulin had devised a strategy for himself as soon as he discovered that his opponent was Metal Master.

Metal Master's forte lay in his metal control and mecha making skills. It was indeed true that he was no match for his opponent when it came to mechas, but don't forget that he was also a control system battle Soul Master!

Liquifying metal was one of Metal Master's trump cards, and even outside of mecha battles, this signature ability of his made him a very difficult opponent to face as there were no almost no attacks that held an advantage over him unless they were of ultra-high temperatures.

However, this was a mecha battle, and Metal Master's mecha had already been split into countless pieces, so there was only one verdict that could be reached.

"The victory goes to Number 66!"

Metal Master was trying to gather his liquefied metal with all his might, but the electronic voice had already announced his defeat.

The MVP of the match, Goldsong, disappeared into Tang Wulin's mecha as a streak of golden light, and the Bluesilver Emperor vines were withdrawn. Only now did the liquefied metal returned to its original mecha form. No matter how unwilling Metal Master was to accept his defeat, he had lost this match!

The two commentators were struggling to pick their jaws back up from the ground as they looked on in astonishment.

"It's over? He lost? Metal Master lost? My God! How is that possible?"

"Why was Number 66's spear able to unleash a soul skill? I think that was a snake type soul spirit, but that soul spirit was capable of unleashing more than one of his soul skills, which means that it has to at least be of the 10,000-year-old level!" 

"Indeed! No soul spirit could possess such a high level of intelligence unless they're over 10,000 years old."

Little did they know that what they were currently praising was the defective soul spirit that Tang Wulin had purchased from the Spirit Pagoda as a small child!

So Metal Master could be countered like this! Even though he wasn't actually killed, this was enough to defeat him in a mecha battle.

No one was optimistic about Spear King's chances, but he had defeated Metal Master with his special tactics and ultra-powerful soul spirit and made it into the final four.

Metal Master was extremely frustrated, but this battle also made him realize that he'd never truly paid enough attention to soul spirits. Soul spirits that were powerful could play pivotal roles in battles, and Spear King's hidden soul spirit had had a decisive effect during that battle.

Tang Wulin wasn't all that excited after defeating Metal Master. In his eyes, Metal Master had some good abilities, but he was still not as powerful as a top-tier mecha pilot like Ling Wuyue. His abilities mainly lay in mecha modification; if both sides were already using black mechas, then he'd be nowhere near as threatening an opponent.

In a way, his ability was kind of a gimmick that only allowed him to do well in this rigid competition format. Of course, Tang Wulin wasn't denying the fact that his opponent definitely possessed superb mecha making skills and was a very rare talent.

In comparison, Tang Wulin preferred to face mecha pilots with superb handling skills as he could learn and improve more from those battles. He had won this match through superior tactics, and he was now a semifinalist of the mecha battle discipline as well!

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