Chapter 1054: Facing the Divine Cloudvortex Fists

The opponents that he was going to face next would only become more and more powerful, and some things were simply out of his control, such as luck.

When Tang Wulin appeared on the competition platform of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition again, he was rendered completely speechless at the sight of his opponent.

The battle net had blurred their faces, and his opponent didn't have any distinctive or remarkable physical attributes, but he still instantly managed to identify her, just as Yuanen Yehui had most definitely also recognized him.

Tang Wulin's quarterfinal opponent was Yuanen Yehui.

Among Shrek’s Seven Monsters, Ye Xinglan had been eliminated by Sima Jinchi in the previous round, so they were the only two left in this competition, and after this round, there would only be one remaining.

All of their friends' eyes also widened as they stared at this matchup on their screens. What terrible luck this was!

Yuanen Yehui was looking at Tang Wulin from across the competition platform. They had been separated for a few months already; who would've thought that they'd be reunited as opponents?

Even though only less than half a year had passed, he seemed to have changed considerably. He hadn't exactly grown or developed physically in any noticeable way, but as she appraised him from afar, she was struck by the same feeling she'd felt when facing Dragon King Long Yue in the Star Luo Empire. This was the feeling of facing an insurmountable and invincible opponent.

Was he already this powerful? Just what kind of changes had he undergone during these past few months? She had already reached rank 70 in her soul power and could progress to the Soul Sage level anytime she wanted, but why was it that she was sensing such immense pressure from him, even though his aura clearly suggested that he was still only a Soul Emperor?

Tang Wulin was also appraising Yuanen Yehui with a hint of astonishment in his eyes. Compared to a few months ago, Yuanen Yehui's aura was now a lot more ethereal. It was as if she were almost blending into the space around her just by standing there, as if her presence barely existed. However, he could also sense an intriguing type of intent fluctuations emanating from her body, and it seemed to suggest that she could shatter space at will.

She was different from before. That was the first thought that sprang into Tang Wulin's mind.

If they were in the real world, Tang Wulin would be quite reluctant to face Yuanen Yehui in her current form as he'd be afraid that he wouldn't be able to restrain himself. In her current state, he had a feeling that he wouldn't be able to defeat her unless he fought with all his might.

Thankfully, this was the Star Battle Net, and they could display their abilities and battle without any qualms or inhibitions.

This was a good opportunity for him to examine how much his friends had improved during their military stints thus far.

Tang Wulin wasn't the only one with a heavy burden on his shoulders; the mission of reviving Shrek Academy was one that was carried by all members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters. This immense pressure forced them to improve at a rapid rate, making them constantly become more powerful so they could achieve their ultimate objective.

All of them were supremely talented, and each and every one of them had their own unique path. Tang Wulin was advancing rapidly, and his friends were also doing the same.

A sense of excitement began to spread through Tang Wulin's entire body. 

Yuanen, show me how much you've improved! 

"Five, four, three, two, one, begin!"

Following an announcement from the referee, the highly anticipated match finally commenced.

In stark contrast with the calm demeanor that she'd displayed during her previous matches, she chose to immediately charge forward without any hesitation. She knew Tang Wulin extremely well, and as such, she was aware that if Tang Wulin were to dominate her in a battle of intent from the get-go, then she most likely wouldn't even get a chance to retaliate. Tang Wulin's aura was already becoming more and more powerful, so she had to take the initiative.

As she rushed forward, her body began to swell, and she immediately activated her three enhancement soul skills, Titan Strength, Diamond Titan, and Devil Titan. As she did so, her body became even more muscular and imposing, giving her the appearance of a six-meter-tall miniature mountain of pure muscle. If Tang Wulin didn't know her so well, even he wouldn't be able to identify the fact that his opponent was a woman.

The distance between the two of them was quickly closed, but Tang Wulin didn't move on this occasion. He merely stood on the spot and quickly donned his suit of Dragon Moon battle armor.

Yuanen Yehui's battle armor also enveloped her gigantic frame, and in reality, her battle armor was the weakest among all of Shrek's Seven Monsters due to the vast disparity between her two martial souls.

It was impossible for a human body to contain two types of battle armor at once, so during the construction of her battle armor, Yuanen Yehui was forced to weigh up her options and chose a more conservative course of action to cater to both of her martial souls. Her battle armor mainly enhanced her strength and soul power, and every time she stomped onto the ground during her advance, the ground would tremble violently. A series of deep footprints were left on the competition platform, and her aura was also elevating at a rapid rate. Just as she was about to reach Tang Wulin, she let loose a ferocious roar before launching a fist toward him.

The massive fist instantly reached Tang Wulin like a shooting star, and only then did he finally spring into action.

He abruptly raised his right hand and clenched it into a fist before lashing out toward Yuanen Yehui's fist. He wanted to see just how much Yuanen Yehui's strength had improved.

Virtually all of the spectators knew that strength was Golden Dragon King's forte, and that his insane strength had allowed him to crush countless powerful opponents. However, at the same time, Yuanen Yehui's forte also lay in her strength, so whose strength was going to be superior here?

The two fists collided in a soundless manner.

In the instant before Yuanen Yehui's fearsome-looking punch came into contact with Tang Wulin's fist, it took on an imaginary quality, and Tang Wulin was completely taken by surprise by this development.

The massive oncoming fist suddenly seemed to have transformed into a vortex that encompassed his fist, then drew upon his power to unleash an enormous burst of suction force that drew his body forward.

This was the equivalent of both Yuanen Yehui and Tang Wulin combining their efforts to pull his body forward.

"Nice!" Tang Wulin commended Yuanen Yehui internally as his body was forced to stumble forward a single step, and he was immediately met by Yuanen Yehui's rapidly approaching knee.

After donning her suit of battle armor, Yuanen Yehui's body was absolutely gigantic, and her knee was currently flying at him like a massive rock. If she were to unleash the same attack on a mecha, that mecha would instantly be reduced to a pile of scrap metal.

It seemed that there would be no way for Tang Wulin to evade this attack. As opposed to taking any evasive measures, he stepped forward with his left foot, and instead of raising his other arm to defend himself, he met Yuanen Yehui's knee with his chest.


A resounding boom finally erupted, and all of the spectators were looking on with bated breath. Could it be that the almighty Golden Dragon King was going to lose after just the first exchange?

However, their eyes then immediately widened upon witnessing the result of the clash.

Tang Wulin's body slid backward, but Yuanen Yehui was also forced to stumble back a few steps following the clash.

Tang Wulin slid back for around 20 meters before he managed to arrest his own momentum. Golden light flashed from his battle armor, and he gently patted his chest before giving Yuanen Yehui a wide smile. "Not bad!"


He had just taken a full-force knee to the chest from a two-word battle armor master, yet remained completely unscathed?

Yuanen Yehui was also completely flabbergasted. She was naturally aware that Tang Wulin possessed immense defensive prowess. They had been friends and teammates for so many years, and no one knew Tang Wulin better than his friends, but who would've thought that his defensive prowess would've reached such an insane level?

Unbeknownst to her, following the formation of his dragon core, Tang Wulin's Mountain Dragon King torso bone had integrated with his dragon core and completely fused with his body. In terms of defensive prowess, Tang Wulin's torso was actually the worst place to attack.

Yuanen Yehui took a deep breath to adjust her own mental state. She had already known at the first sight of Tang Wulin that this was going to be an extremely arduous match, but he had improved even more significantly than she'd imagined. During this initial clash, she had clearly gained the upper hand using her Divine Cloudvortex Fists, but in the wake of this clash, Tang Wulin only seemed to be even more invincible to her.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin sprang into action again. He tapped his foot against the ground, and his body shot forth amid a thunderous dragon's roar. He propelled himself toward Yuanen Yehui in a flash before unleashing an almighty punch.

In the face of his fist, Yuanen Yehui felt as if there were power compressing her body from all sides. The oncoming golden fist constantly expanded in her field of view as if it were a giant dragon hurtling toward her.

She took a deep breath with all her might, and she drew back her body slightly before thrusting both of her hands toward Tang Wulin's fist at once.

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