Chapter 1052: Turning the Tables

There was no time to mull over the situation, and in that instant, Tang Wulin made the most correct split-second decision.

His third and sixth soul skills were both released at the same time, and a massive dazzling purple flower appeared soundlessly behind his mecha. His sixth soul skill was Devouring Heaven and Earth, and at the same time, a massive and complex golden array appeared beneath his feet. 

His Bluesilver Emperor vines were also withdrawn, and his mecha landed heavily on the ground.

At this moment, a triumphant smile had already appeared on Number 231's face. This combination technique of his had a 100% success rate against all of the mecha pilots he'd used it on before. He had quadruple stacked his Demon Vanquishing Divine Light, then unleashed his spatial transference ability, and that was the extent of what he was able to achieve with his current level of power. Transferring such an enormous amount of energy with a high level of accuracy was extremely taxing on his spiritual power, and he was feeling slightly woozy in the aftermath.

He wasn't planning to unleash this trump card of his today, but Tang Wulin had posed far too much of a threat to him. His defensive and offensive prowess were both extraordinary, and as a long-range weapon, his sharp Golden Dragon Spear was also extremely formidable. If Tang Wulin were to get close to him, then he wouldn't get an opportunity to use this combination attack if he wanted to. As such, he immediately made the decision to use this trump card of his.

He did indeed possess twin martial souls, but due to the fact that his main martial soul was too powerful, he had been unable to find a suitable soul spirit for his spatial attribute martial soul, so it only had some assistance abilities. After all, there was only so much that one person could do, and he still had to cultivate his long-range attacks. However, this combination attack of his had allowed him to defeat countless enemies in the past.

Generally speaking, just teleporting a small fireball into an opponent's mecha would already pose enough of a headache for them, but in the face of an opponent as powerful as Tang Wulin, he immediately chose to unleash his most powerful attack.

However, he then quickly caught sight of the massive purple flower that had appeared. Even though it was only a projection, it was even more gigantic than Tang Wulin's mecha!

Countless streaks of red light converged toward the huge flower from Tang Wulins' mecha, and there was also a large amount of red light that was pouring out of his mecha and into the golden array down below.

The last attack had taxed Number 231 greatly on a spiritual level, so he was unable to unleash another attack. As he looked on at the scenes unfolding before his eyes, a sense of foreboding began to well up in his heart.

However, Tang Wulin's mecha was still affected by his attack. It was quickly beginning to melt, and its surface was holding together relatively well, but there was already liquefied metal flowing out of the gaps in the mecha. The terrifying heat of his Demon Vanquishing Divine Light could reach over 10,000°C [18032°F for mah American homies], and most metals would be quickly melted under such high temperatures with almost no exceptions.

This was just futile resistance! Number 231 heaved a sigh of relief.

Indeed, Tang Wulin was putting up nothing more than futile resistance. Fearsome scorching heat was revolving around his body, and his Devouring Heaven and Earth was able to devour all energy elements to support his body's defenses, while his Bluesilver Golden Array was also able to absorb some of the fire elements. Even so, the Demon Vanquishing Divine Light was too fearsome for him to nullify. Even under the effects of both of these soul skills, he was unable to completely stop the eruption of fire elements.

Tang Wulin had never been in such a sorry state throughout the entire competition, but this still wasn't the end!

His two soul skills weren't able to completely nullify his enemy's attack, so his mecha had already been completely ruined, and it wouldn't take long before it was completely destroyed. However, that short time was all that he required!

A loud dragon's roar erupted up above, as if a giant dragon were about to descend. Golden light shone down from the heavens as a bolt of golden light crashed down from the sky.

"What?! How can he still control an attack in his current state?" Number 231 was completely flabbergasted. Countless spear projections crashed down with peerlessly powerful energy fluctuations, puncturing his mecha and his body in a flash.

The energy that Devouring Heaven and Earth had brought to Tang Wulin had all been transferred to his Golden Dragon Spear, and even though he hadn't been able to completely absorb the power of the Demon Vanquishing Divine Light, the portion that was absorbed had already been sufficient to significantly bolster the power of his Golden Dragon Spear.

Number 231 was instantly killed on the spot, and several seconds before Tang Wulin's mecha was destroyed, an electronic voice sounded.

"The victory goes to Number 66!"

The spectator stands immediately erupted into a frenzy.

The first half of the match had been extremely spectacular, but in their eyes, the finale was like a terrible rushed ending to a story.

Why was it that the extremely powerful-looking black ball of light had suddenly vanished? Why was it that Tang Wulin's mecha had stopped on the spot immediately thereafter? Why had that massive flower and the golden array appeared? Why had his mecha begun to melt? Why was Number 231 killed by that Golden Dragon Spear without even taking any evasive measures? Even the commentators were at a complete loss, let alone the spectators.

However, the result had already been announced, the mainframe of the Star Battle Net certainly wouldn't make a false decision. As such, Number 66 was the final victor of the match.

Tang Wulin's mecha was already completely immobilized. Over a third of its upper body had melted, and it was rooted to the ground like a gigantic clump of metal. If it were a statue, it would actually look kind of artistic.

Tang Wulin endured the scorching sensation around his body and logged off the Star Battle Net.

He emerged from his Star Cabin, and he could still feel a phantom burning sensation all over his body. A hint of lingering fear welled up in his heart. If he hadn't just endured that battle, he would've never even been able to imagine such an outlandish technique.

Thankfully, this was the Star Battle Net; if he had encountered such an opponent in the real world, he would’ve been in a lot of trouble.

His mecha had been completely destroyed, and in the face of the quadruple stacked Demon Vanquishing Divine Light, even he had been severely harmed. Even with his immensely powerful physical constitution, it would've taken some time for him to recover.

There really were no slouches in the competition at this stage! Being attacked from the inside of a mecha was far more fearsome than an external attack. That was way too close!

Tang Wulin shuddered internally. During the upcoming matches, he had to constantly activate his protective barrier, even if it meant expending more energy. If it weren't for the fact that his spiritual power had improved lately, thereby allowing him to immediately sense the abnormal spatial fluctuations that had appeared around him, he would've already lost the match before knowing what had happened. He wouldn't have died, but his mecha would definitely have explode, and that would have been the end of the match.

He still hadn't been careful enough during that match, and to be frank, he had been a little naive. Tang Wulin reflected on the entire battle, learning and digesting the important lessons it had taught him. He couldn't allow himself to make the same mistake again.


Even after he emerged from his Star Cabin, Gao Zhen was still feeling rather woozy. Even though he possessed twin martial souls, drawing upon so much energy had still been extremely taxing to him. The spiritual power that he had expended wouldn't be recovered as soon as he left the Star Battle Net, but he had no time to think about that now as he was still completely stunned by the match that had just taken place.

How was that even possible?

How had he done that? It was already quite astonishing that his mecha hadn't immediately exploded; that was most likely a result of the projection and array that had appeared behind him and beneath his feet. Furthermore, it was very remarkable that he had been able to react so quickly, but how was he able to still control his spear?

Gao Zhen was very much unwilling to accept this defeat. Even he hadn't understood how he had lost, let alone the commentators and spectators.

His two martial souls were the Demon Vanquishing Sun, and Spatial Elemental Control.

In a sense, it could be said that both of these martial souls were elemental martial souls. The Demon Vanquishing Sun was a fire elemental martial soul, but in contrast with normal fire elemental martial souls, his Demon Vanquishing Sun was able to dominate all evil living beings, and in that regard, its effect was no less potent than that of the holy attribute.

Those who possessed the Demon Vanquishing Sun martial soul all had an extremely strong sense of justice, to the extent that they were prone to being unable to control their own emotions in the face of evil Soul Masters.

Gao Zhen was one of the brightest young talents of the Battle God Hall, and also a backup Battle God. Furthermore, he was ranked quite highly in the hierarchy of backup Battle Gods. Not only did he possess twin martial souls, he was also extremely talented in mecha piloting, so he didn't think that he would lose in the round of 16, especially after unveiling a trump card that he hadn't ever revealed throughout the course of the competition.

He had only been forced to use this trump card as his opponent had possessed extraordinary offensive and defensive prowess, but who would've thought that he'd still be defeated?

Just who was this Number 66? How had he won that battle?

A series of questions surfaced in his mind, and he really wanted a rematch with Tang Wulin, but that opportunity clearly wasn't going to arise anytime soon.

However, that battle and that golden spear had left an extremely profound impression on him.


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