Chapter 105 - Golden Dragon Claw

Chapter 105 - Golden Dragon Claw

A faintly discernible golden ray of light appeared from his body for a split second, causing Wang Jinxi’s Bone Dragon Claw to immediately slow down.

The Golden Dragon Claw smacked down at his head.

“Stop!” Long Henxu and Ye Yingluo shouted out simultaneously.

But at the moment, Tang Wulin’s mind was only filled with rage over the sight of Xie Xie’s injuries. With his Golden Dragon Claw attacking at full strength, it was impossible to stop now.

Right at that moment, a slender arm noiselessly appeared and touched Tang Wulin’s right arm, softly pushing it aside. The Golden Dragon Claw that was originally heading towards Wang Jinxi’s head was deflected and smacked his right claw instead.

Bang! Despite being several times bigger than Tang Wulin at this moment, Wang Jinxi was smashed into the ground, while Tang Wulin landed softly on the other side due to the counterforce.

“Enough!” A cold voice rang out. Just like the morning bell and the evening drum, it caused Tang Wulin to wake from his rage.

Wu Zhangkong stood beside him, holding the injured Xie Xie.

Wang Jinxi’s Bone Dragon Claw was snapped at an angle as it lay on the ground, while his tail clearly had a fracture where Tang Wulin had struck it.

At that moment, a black light separated from Wang Jinxi’s transformed body. When the two kids returned to normal, they released miserable shrieks of pain.

Zhang Yangzi lay on the ground, both of his legs broken, while Wang Jinxi’s right arm had fractured, bent at an impossible angle. The two of them couldn’t help but utter screams of intolerable agony.

This match had developed into something so tragic that none had expected it.

“Teacher Wu, how can you allow your students to be so violent?” Ye Yingluo flew onto the stage, finger pointed at Wu Zhangkong as she snarled the accusation.

Wu Zhangkong said to Tang Wulin, “Go.” From beginning to end, he didn’t spare a glance for Ye Yingluo.

Ye Yingluo wanted to chase after him, but Wu Zhangkong suddenly released a sharp ice-cold aura which caused her whole body to freeze up as she felt the sensation of death.

After Tang Wulin’s arm returned to normal, a wave of weakness came over him. Even though he had puffed out a mouthful of the black gas earlier, some still remained of that ice-cold feeling within the pit of his stomach.

Following behind Wu Zhangkong was Gu Yue, who was looking at Xie Xie in Wu Zhangkong’s arms. Together, the three of them got off the stage.

Long Hengxu remained onstage with a gloomy expression as if his face was dripping with water.

This time we have a major situation.

In this Class Promotion Tournament, three students had been seriously injured and as the referee, he had to take responsibility! This was a major situation that hadn’t happened for many years.

Wu Zhangkong brought Xie Xie directly to the infirmary to have a teacher with a recovery-type martial soul inspect his body. Fortunately, it was only a fracture. Although his two arms had suffered some minor fractures and these injuries couldn’t be considered light, his body was fine for the most part. His internal organs had only been shaken up a little, so he only needed some time to rest and recover.

The dark energy within Tang Wulin was also dispersed by the teacher.

“Teacher Wu, I…” Tang Wulin looked at the silent and ice-cold Wu Zhangkong, wanting to explain himself.

“You don’t need to say anymore as you didn’t do anything wrong. You two just hurry up and go back and rest,” Wu Zhangkong indifferently said.

“Oh. Then Xie Xie…?” Tang Wulin hesitantly asked.

“I will be here.” Wu Zhangkong gave him a look.

At that moment, Tang Wulin suddenly felt that this ice-cold teacher wasn’t so cold after all.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue left the sick bay with complicated expressions. Xie Xie had broken both of his arms; this was definitely a serious injury.

Tang Wulin was full of guilt. If he had been fast enough to pull Xie Xie back with his Bluesilver Grass at that moment, then Xie Xie wouldn’t have suffered such serious injuries. He had been too careless as the team captain.

“Don’t think about it too much.” Gu Yue turned and said to Tang Wulin, “None of us had expected a situation like that. If my guess is correct, Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi had used a soul fusion skill. Supposedly, soul fusion skills are nearly impossible to see nowadays in the world of Soul Masters. It can only appear if two martial souls are exceptionally compatible with each other.”

Soul fusion skill? Tang Wulin had heard a bit about them in class. If two Soul Masters had martial souls that were compatible enough, then they had the possibility of using a soul fusion skill, one of the strongest types of techniques. Soul fusion skill effects didn’t add the strengths of both sides, but rather, it multiplied the strength of the two Soul Masters!

“What I am curious about is how you are able to defeat them, even if their soul fusion isn’t perfect! Your right hand…” Gu Yue looked inquisitively at Tang Wulin’s right arm.

Tang Wulin went silent for a moment before he gently shook his head. “Gu Yue, we’re friends, so I don’t want to lie to you. But I really can’t tell you about it. So, please don’t ask, okay?”

Gu Yue pondered over it for a moment before giving him her reply, “Fine then. I won’t ask, but you must learn to control your power. It seems to be very formidable, but such great power also requires great control. It seems that during the week of the hurricane, a change occurred in your martial soul.”

That was right! A change had indeed appeared. Moreover, it was an extremely powerful change.

Tang Wulin thought back to when he had taken those spirit medicines and attacked the seal afterward.

Intense pain. Pain so intense that Tang Wulin couldn’t even be bothered to take in the changes around him anymore. Chill, heat, itchiness. These three sensations replaced each other frequently in what seemed like an endless cycle. And when he thought it was over, he began to feel all three at the same time.

The only reason he had been able to succeed was by clinging onto his sense of existence. Regardless of how intense the pain was, he never gave up in his heart.

This was the reason he had been able to surpass his limits.

After some time, he grew muddle-headed. At that moment, he could vaguely see that his body as well as his surroundings had turned golden.

The golden veins within his skin came alive, slowly creeping up his body. With a clanging sound, it seemed that something within his body had been torn to shreds. At that time, he still didn’t understand the meaning of pain. Suddenly, an indescribably powerful and fantastic energy drilled into every single corner of his body.

Cold, heat, itchiness. All disappeared. In its place was a feeling of being bloated.

His bones, meridians, viscera, and skin all felt as though they had inflated and would pop at any moment.

This, this is the seal’s energy?

In that instant, Tang Wulin no longer doubted Old Tang’s words. The energy that was sealed from the Golden Dragon King’s soul could definitely cause his body to explode if his body wasn’t strong enough. Faced with the assault of such tyrannical energy, he was afraid that his entire being would shatter.

The pain from that feeling of bloatedness gradually reached a peak before receding.

He had survived and hadn’t blown up. In that moment, Tang Wulin was sure that he was fine.

Is the seal breaking done? His mind gradually relaxed as the pain receded, until finally, he lost consciousness.

The golden veins along Tang Wulin’s body broke apart, becoming tiny specks of light that moved away from his body while the golden veins on his vertebra became even clearer. Gradually, the golden veins reappeared on his body, but this time they were much more prominent and deeper in color. The golden specks of light slowly merged with his right arm, while the rest of his body underwent an imperceptible transformation.

After surviving the onslaught of the seal’s energy, he now had to assimilate it and undergo a transformation.

The little Grass Snake, Goldlight, slithered onto Tang Wulin’s body. It lazily curled up atop his body, the golden lines on its skin now closely resembling those on Tang Wulin’s.

Goldlight trembled slightly, as if it was experiencing tremendous agony. Its trembling, earthen yellow body gradually turned golden as it grew longer and larger. It no longer looked as weak and frail as before.

A strand of Bluesilver Grass quietly appeared within the palm of Tang Wulin’s right hand. The golden veins along its body no longer seemed as illusory as before, but rather, a golden light could clearly be seen within. This vine-like grass was now taller and straighter, no longer seeming as delicate as it had been.

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