Chapter 1047: Strength Trumps the Asura

Instead of taking any evasive measures, Yuanen Yehui launched her right fist directly toward her opponent.

Asura King harrumphed coldly, and his sharp claws continued to descend. His Bloodthirsty Lion claws were peerlessly sharp and powerful, and he was slashing them directly toward Yuanen Yehui's fist. The scenes that were about to unfold had already surfaced in his mind; he was going to destroy his opponent's arms, then descend from the sky and break open their battle armor with a string of consecutive attacks. After that, he was going to put his opponent out of their misery by grabbing onto their legs and tearing their body in half.

However, those thoughts had only just appeared in his mind when he sensed that something was amiss.

In the instant that Yuanen Yehui unleashed her punch, the surrounding area had suddenly become extremely quiet. All of the whistling air had suddenly vanished, and it was as if all of the air had congealed. Immediately thereafter, his claws came into contact with his opponent's fists, but he felt as if he'd struck a soft pile of cotton.

All of a sudden, an indescribable burst of gentle and supple force erupted from the figurative pile of cotton, wrenching his body to the side.

He had absolute confidence in his own strength and speed, and he knew that Yuanen Yehui was also renowned for her strength, so he didn't think that he would lose in a clash where both sets of his claws were opposing a single one of her fists. However, what was inexplicable to him was how this simple-looking punch was acting like a vortex that was throwing him off balance.

There was also a strange type of rotational suction force erupting from Yuanen Yehui's fist, and over half of his claws' offensive power was immediately nullified. Immediately thereafter, the rotational force suddenly began to rotate in reverse, and the two types of force that were rotating in different directions instantly combined as one to form an irresistible burst of immense power.

Asura King had an extremely plentiful wealth of battle experience, and he hurriedly bent both of his own arms while activating his soul power to protect himself.

"Bam!" His entire body was sent flying backward for several dozens of meters before landing on the ground.

This seemed like a rather lengthy and complex process, but in reality, everything had taken place in the blink of an eye. In the eyes of the spectators, the two combatants rushed toward one another, following which Yuanen Yehui's body expanded in size, and she was able to send Asura King flying with a single punch.

After landing on the ground, Asura King immediately let loose a roar of fury. He hunched down into a half-squatting stance, and his third soul ring lit up. Immediately thereafter, he slashed his claws through the air, and countless claw projections hurtled toward Yuanen Yehui like a crimson sea, sealing off all avenues for her to advance.

Yuanen Yehui remained completely unflustered as she abruptly lunged forward before unleashing another punch. What was different from the last punch was that on this occasion, she'd drawn back her arm to inject more venom into the punch, and at the same time, her third soul ring lit up; Diamond Titan! A layer of dark golden light appeared all over her body, and in the instant that she launched her fist through the air, it was as if all of the air on the entire competition platform had been sucked away.

The countless claw projections suddenly began to rotate in the face of her fists, and a vortex appeared at the center of the crimson sea. Yuanen Yehui then unleashed three more consecutive punches, and four vortexes appeared in the crimson sea. The vortexes instantly fused as one and shattered the crimson sea. Terrifying fist intent erupted forth in the aftermath of the explosion, hurtling directly toward Asura King.

What kind of soul skill was this?

Asura King raised his arms before him, and his body was sent flying backward amid a resounding boom. His battle armor shimmered rapidly, and only then was he able to withstand the force of Yuanen Yehui's attack.

If one had to describe Yuanen Yehui's battle style, then the best expression to use would be that it was simple and unadorned. Each and every one of her punches seemed to abide by the paramount laws of the world, and they weren't particularly flashy or glamorous, but they unleashed incredible destructive power.

At this point, Yuanen Yehui had already completely immersed herself in her own fist intent. After identifying her future path forward, all of her soul skills had been integrated toward her Divine Cloudvortex Fists. To put it in simpler terms, all of the soul skills that she'd relied on in the past were now a part of her Divine Cloudvortex Fists. She was constantly perfecting the process of fusing her soul skills into her fist techniques, and only after combining her Tang Sect techniques, twin martial souls, her personal understanding of fist intent, and her observations of the clouds around the mountain peak did she invent her Divine Cloudvortex Fists.

During these past few months, she had cultivated without any distractions, and her powers had increased at a rapid rate. The foundation of her Divine Cloudvortex Fists had already been completely established, and it was significantly bolstering her combat prowess.

Asura King only managed to arrest his own momentum with great difficulty, and his expression had darkened significantly. He had seen Yuanen Yehui's past battle footage, and from that footage, it appeared that she was nothing special; she was only relying on the immense strength of her Herculean Divine Ape to secure one victory after another, and there was nothing that stood out about her.

However, only after actually facing her did he come to realize just how wrong he'd been in his assessment; this opponent was far more powerful than he'd anticipated. Just from those two clashes alone, his opponent had displayed powers that definitely weren't inferior to his.

All of the disdain that he'd held toward his opponent was instantly wiped away as he rose up into the air. A pair of crimson wings spread open on his back, and his second soul ring lit up as his body was enshrouded under a layer of light that resembled crackling lightning. His body swayed, and he instantly arrived beside Yuanen Yehui. He abruptly lashed out with his claws, and a crimson claw projection immediately reached her from the side.

After unleashing that attack, he immediately flapped his wings again before arriving on her other side and unleashing the same attack.

Just as Yuanen Yehui had a self-invented soul skill, he also had a self-invented soul skill of his own, which he'd named Lightning Asura Claws. His first soul skill, Blood Tiger Claws, and his second soul skill, Lightning Body, were used as a foundation in conjunction with his immense overall powers. The final result was that he was able to unleash powerful attacks while constantly being on the move. His Lightning Asura Claws perfectly combined his offensive prowess as an assault system battle Soul Master and his speed of an agility attack system Soul Master, and he had defeated countless powerful enemies in the past with this technique.

As expected, Yuanen Yehui was unable to keep up with his speed.

The Titan Giant Ape was quite massive in size, and her forte didn't lie in her speed to begin with. She unleashed her Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to evade a few of Asura King's first attacks, but she was already looking a little disheveled.

As opposed to unleashing any punches, Yuanen Yehui was only adopting evasive measures, and soon, a series of claw marks had begun to appear on her battle armor. Her opponent was too fast, and even though she could withstand his attacks for now, this was definitely not a situation that she wanted to maintain.

Asura King was like a bolt of crimson lightning, constantly darting around her to sap her energy while searching for a fatal chink in her defenses.

Asura King wasn't worried at all that Yuanen Yehui would unleash some of her more powerful soul skills. On the contrary, that was something that he wanted to see. The more powerful the soul skill, the more energy it expended, and releasing powerful soul skills in a blind panic would only create more chances for him.

Yuanen Yehui was clearly aware of this, so she didn't unleash any further soul skills. Instead, she was evading as best as she could with her Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track while keeping her fists close to her sides.

Asura King's entire body was radiating a bloodthirsty light, but he was extremely calm. In contrast, Yuanen Yehui was looking a little ragged, but she was also dealing with her opponent's attacks in a calm and collected manner, so he wasn't able to press his advantage.

However, he wasn't concerned at all by this. There was no way that Yuanen Yehui could continue to calmly handle his attacks for a prolonged period of time, and maintaining this situation was clearly beneficial to him. He was merely continuing to use his first and second soul skills, whereas Yuanen Yehui's Diamond Titan possessed powerful defensive properties, but it definitely expended more of her energy than it took for him to maintain his first and second soul skills.

All of a sudden, Yuanen Yehui stumbled slightly, and a massive weakness appeared around her armpit region. Asura King's eyes lit up as he immediately reached out to attack, but right before he did so, he paused slightly before abruptly springing up into the air. As opposed to attacking Yuanen Yehui's armpit region, he chose to attack her head instead. She was clearly intentionally exposing a weakness to bait him into attacking, and he wasn't going to fall for it.

However, right at this moment, the stumbling Yuanen Yehui unleashed another punch, and she seemed to be attacking... the air?

That's right, her fist was striking empty air.

All of a sudden, Asura King's expression stiffened as he discovered that an extremely terrifying burst of suction force was erupting toward him. Yuanen Yehui had lashed out with her right fist, and as it struck the air, she made a pushing motion with her left hand.

A burst of indescribably terrifying power abruptly erupted from her body, and her fourth soul ring also lit up; Devil Titan! This was immediately followed by her sixth soul ring!

Asura King immediately felt his flesh begin to crawl. As a Soul Sage, he was extremely sensitive to danger, and he'd always trusted his own instincts. As such, he immediately unleashed his seventh soul skill without any hesitation, and his body quickly transformed in mid-air. As he was being drawn in by the suction force, he transformed into a massive crimson lion; it was none other than his Bloodthirsty Lion True Body!

After entering his martial soul true body state, his offensive and defensive prowess would be more than doubled. He didn't know what Yuanen Yehui was doing, but he was confident in his own abilities to withstand her attacks.

All of a sudden, a massive vortex appeared, and all of the spectators could see that the vortex was of a light yellow color. The vortex encompassed the entire competition platform, and the outskirts of the vortex were of a very faint yellow color, whereas the yellow around Yuanen Yehui's body was extremely dark. 

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