Chapter 1046: Sword Soul

Ye Xinglan uttered the three words one after another with a pause in between each word, and with each word that was uttered, the sword projection emanating from the top of her Stargod Sword would elongate by three meters. As she swung the extremely heavy sword through the air, a galaxy seemed to have cascaded down from above, and even though the two of them were situated several hundred meters away from one another, the massive sword projection reached Sima Jinchi in a flash.

Sima Jinchi's expression changed slightly, and he immediately swept his Dragonslaying Saber upward without any hesitation.

The anguished howls of giant dragons erupted throughout the heavens, while the sword projection that was the Sword Star Soul came crashing down like a terrifying galaxy. The match hadn't been progressing for a very long time, yet the final flash had already commenced.

In the instant that the saber soul and sword soul came into contact with one another, the sky was suddenly torn apart, and the entire competition platform began to tremor violently. Immediately thereafter, a massive black vortex appeared at the center of their clash. Countless stars were being devoured, and the anguished dragon howls also ceased.

All of the spectators looked on with bated breath, and in the next instant, a sound that was akin to that of the entire world being shattered rang out.

The ground was pulverized, and several dozens of massive gashes suddenly appeared at the center of the competition platform.

"Boom, boom, boom!"

A string of resounding booms rang out as countless streaks of light were shattered in the air.

Sharp sword projections and violent saber projections clashed with all their might on the competition platform.

Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan were completely flabbergasted as they stared at the soul screen before them.

"Is, is she already this powerful? Is that a sword soul?"Xu Xiaoyan was staring blankly at the flurry of lights that had spread across the entire screen.

Yue Zhengyu's hands had already unconsciously clenched into tight fists. He had said to Xu Xiaoyan that his loss to Phantom King wasn't entirely a matter of back luck, but in his heart, he naturally couldn't shake the thought that he'd been robbed of a place in the final elimination stages simply due to the fact that his opponent had been luckier than him.

However, that thought had been completely banished by him now. If he had possessed absolute power, so what if his opponent was luckier than him?

As he watched the battle between Ye Xinglan and Sima Jinchi, he had only one thought in his mind; he had to become more powerful! He was a direct lineal descendent of the Holy Angel clan; he couldn't be left behind by his friends no matter what!

He abruptly rose to his feet before taking a deep breath. "I'm going to cultivate!"

He then immediately turned and left.

Xu Xiaoyan glanced at the screen, then at the departing Yue Zhengyu, and she also stood up, but a smile appeared on her face. "Good on ya, Xinglan, but we won't be losing to you!"

As soon as her voice trailed off, she immediately hurried off behind Yue Zhengyu.

The rumbling booms persisted for close to 20 seconds before they finally gradually began to subside, and only one figure was left standing on the platform. The massive Dragonslaying Saber fell onto the ground, and its surface was riddled with countless sword marks. Ye Xinglan had already completely disappeared at some point during the fearsome clash.

"You possess a fantastic sword!" Sima Jinchi yelled out his praise for his opponent, and only after that did he walk off the platform with his Dragonslaying Saber resting on his shoulder.

The Star Cabin was opened, and Ye Xinglan sat up within it. Her entire body had taken on an unhealthily ashy pallor.

"Sister Xinglan, are you alright?" Xu Lizhi's concerned voice rang out from outside.

"Lizhi, I..." Ye Xinglan groaned before slumping back into the Star Cabin.

Xu Lizhi rushed into the room like a fat tornado before hurriedly scooping Ye Xinglan out of the Star Cabin and placing her on the bed. Ye Xinglan was still completely naked at this point, but that was the last thing currently on his mind.

Her aura was very feeble, but thankfully, her heart rate was still very stable. It was quite clear that she'd completely overexerted herself. There was no soul power exertion in the Star Cabin, but one could still overexert their spiritual power and mental energy.

It was certainly no easy task to unleash such a sword strike, and she'd never used her sword soul without any reservation like that before.



Yuanen Yehui was appraising her opponent with an intense gaze. Her opponent had a medium build, and his appearance was completely nondescript. The information about this opponent flashed through her mind; Number 222's nickname was Asura King, and his martial soul was the Bloodthirsty Lion.

Among the top 16, he had the seventh-highest odds. He had emerged as first in his group, and he was renowned for his vicious battle style as he was always taking down his opponents in a very brutal and vicious manner, but he was indeed very powerful. He was a two-word battle armor master, and he was definitely among the cream of the crop of all seven-ring Soul Sages.

Yuanen Yehui's eyes were slightly narrowed as she stood on the spot, and she was currently in her male disguise. She also appeared to be completely ordinary and nondescript, making it very difficult for one to deduce her strengths from her physical attributes.

Yuanen Yehui had emerged as second in her group from the round-robin stage. The one who had taken out the first position was none other than the biggest favorite of the entire competition with odds of 1:1.5. He was indeed too powerful for her at her current power level.

The referee descended, and just like in the other matches, after confirming that both parties were ready, the referee announced the commencement of the match.

"Howl howl howl!" Asura King immediately threw his head back and let loose a few deafening roars, immediately setting the crowd alight and drawing waves of raucous cheers.

In terms of outward appearances, Yuanen Yehui and this Asura King actually bore somewhat of a resemblance, but as soon as the match began, the two of them adopted vastly different forms.

As he howled to the heavens, a layer of crimson light abruptly erupted from Asura King's body. At this stage of the competition, no one was taking things lightly, and he immediately donned his suit of two-word battle armor.

Crimson fur instantly appeared all over his body, and he immediately began to become more muscular and imposing in stature. In addition to his battle armor, he was already over four meters tall, and his entire body was exuding a bloodthirsty aura.

The Bloodthirsty Lion martial soul possessed an innate bloodthirst ability, allowing him to constantly maintain a state that was akin to what one would experience after consuming Xu Lizhi's Bloodthirsty Red Bean Bun, but at the same time, he could ensure that he remained completely conscious. The only downside was that all Soul Masters who possessed Bloodthirsty Lion martial souls were quite eccentric, and they often had a hard time exercising restraint during battles, hence his vicious tendencies.

Seven soul rings, three purple and four black, emerged from beneath his feet. All of the participants who had made it to this point had far superior soul ring configurations than the average Soul Master.

Yuanen Yehui didn't create as much of a commotion as her opponent did. She merely rushed forward, quickly approaching her opponent while six soul rings also rose up around her.

Her eyes were narrowed slightly as she appraised her opponent, and Asura King was also looking at her. At the same time, the crimson light shimmering from his eyes became even more pronounced as Yuanen Yehui hadn't even donned her suit of battle armor before rushing toward him.

She had emerged as second in her group, yet she wasn't even releasing her battle armor against him? He decided there and then that he was going to give his opponent a gruesome death; tearing them apart from limb to limb seemed like an appealing idea.

With that in mind, Asura King also rushed toward Yuanen Yehui, and only now did the latter release her martial soul.

Halos of light began to erupt from her body, and the air around her suddenly began to surge violently. Her body swelled in size as she released her Titan Giant Ape martial soul, and she instantly reached over six meters tall. Her crystalline yellow battle armor also appeared over her body, but it didn't have any wings. 

Asura King suddenly came to an abrupt halt before spreading his arms on either side of his body. Sharp claws emerged from all his fingertips, and the claws extended to around three feet in length. The sharp crimson claws were releasing a faint odor of blood and gore, and Asura King let loose a roar of fury as he sprang up like lightning, instant leaping to right above Yuanen Yehui before swiping his claws down toward her head.

His speed was very fast, and he resembled a bolt of crimson lightning. Not only was this man an assault system battle Soul Master, he possessed speed that was not inferior to that of an agility attack system Soul Master of the same caliber.

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