Chapter 1044: Crushing the Phantom

The cage formed by the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth stood around the needle, while countless spear projections were hurtling toward it from behind. Even if Phantom King could forcibly flee from this perilous situation, he would definitely be severely wounded, so his only chance was to unleash a counterattack.

However, Tang Wulin most definitely wasn't going to give him that chance! The blue needled quickly evaded the spear projections, using its immense spiritual power to predict the trajectories of the oncoming spear projection. All of a sudden, two bursts of purple light erupted from Tang Wulin's eyes like lightning, shining directly upon the blue needle.

It was none other than his Purple Demon Eyes' spiritual attack!

As opposed to being alarmed, Phantom King was ecstatic to see this, and the blue light radiating from the needle brightened even further. Was his opponent trying to engage him in a clash of spiritual power? This had always been his true trump card to begin with!

However, in the instant that their spiritual powers clashed, he was stunned to discover that Tang Wulin's spiritual world was like a boundless abyss. In the next instant, he was struck by an indescribably warm and comfortable feeling as his spiritual power was entirely enveloped by Tang Wulin's mind.

 How is this possible? I've already reached the Spirit Abyss realm! 

It was extremely rare for a seven-ring Soul Sage to reach the Spirit Abyss realm, and didn't this Golden Dragon King's forte lay in strength and explosiveness?


Phantom King didn't get to finish that thought as in the next instant, the immobilized blue needle in the air was completely destroyed by the countless oncoming spear projections.

Phantom King's body reappeared in mid-air, and he'd already returned to his original form. The eight golden dragons from the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth immediately pounced on him before striking his martial soul true body one after another.

Eight resounding booms rang out in rapid succession, and terrifying shockwaves erupted through the air. It had to be said that this Phantom King possessed very powerful physical resistance, to the extent that each golden dragon was only able to minimize its body slightly. Under the protection of his suit of battle armor, he was able to filter out most of the power from Tang Wulin's attack, but unfortunately, this didn't prove to be enough to save him in the end.

 After the Golden Dragon Spear was hurled forth like a bolt of golden lightning and hurtled toward him while radiating immense blood essence power, the battle was already decided.

Phantom King attempted to grab onto the Golden Dragon Spear with his hands, but by the time the Golden Dragon Spear reached him, it had already completely turned into a reddish-golden color. As soon as the reddish-golden spear projection came into contact with his battered martial soul true body, it adopted a gaseous state again, and in the end, the spear passed through him, leaving a massive gaping hole in its wake.

Just as the Golden Dragon Spear was about to strike the other side of the competition platform, it was summoned back to Tang Wulin.

"You..." Phantom King only had the chance to utter a single word before his body instantly crumbled, and he disappeared as specks of light on the competition platform.

"The victory goes to Number 33!" The referee's voice rang out across the entire venue.

Tang Wulin rested his Golden Dragon Spear on the ground with the other tip pointing diagonally up into the heavens.

The entire competition venue instantly erupted into a complete frenzy.

The vast majority of them supported Golden Dragon King, but who would've thought that he'd be able to defeat Phantom King in such a short time. Wasn't Phantom King supposed to have an advantage? Wasn't he supposed to be virtually immune to physical attacks? What had happened?

Phantom King's immunities didn't seem to have taken effect at all, and Tang Wulin had dominated him throughout the entire battle. After an explosive string of attacks, Phantom King was completely steamrolled, and the commentator was so embarrassed that he wanted to bury himself! Was Phantom King really at an advantage during that matchup? Why did it look as if he were at a crippling disadvantage instead?

Phantom King had performed extremely well during the preceding round-robin stage; why did he appear so vulnerable and fragile in the face of Golden Dragon King? This was as crushing a victory as one could imagine, and Phantom King had no chance at all throughout the entire battle.

 Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline had completely dominated him, to the extent that its effect was even more potent than that of light attribute powers.

Phantoms were considered to be existences with no elemental affiliations, and even though they were fearful toward light and holy attributes, they weren't completely powerless against those attributes. They possessed the yin attribute, which was not the same as the darkness elemental attribute. However, Tang Wulin's bloodline was of an extreme yang attribute, and it just so happened to completely dominate Phantom King, which was why such a crushing victory had been achieved.

Not only was Tang Wulin an assault system battle Soul Master, he was also a control system battle Soul Master! Phantom King may have held a speed advantage, but that advantage didn't help him much in the face of Tang Wulin's control skills, and that wasn't even taking into account all of his explosive power. During this match, Tang Wulin had secured victory without even using his blood soul fusion skills, so it had actually been an easier victory than his round-robin matches.

He had secured a berth in the final eight!

He gently waved his Golden Dragon Spear to acknowledge the crowd before being led away by the female server who had brought him to the competition platform.

As he walked, the golden light on his body gradually receded as he withdrew his Dragon Moon battle armor. The female server had been surreptitiously gazing at him this entire time, and even though she was unable to see his true appearance, she managed to catch a brief glimpse of the side profile of his face in the instant that his visor was lifted.

Wow, what a perfect side profile! He must be super handsome! 

The female server's heart rate was accelerating rapidly, and a slightly entranced look appeared in her eyes. He was so young yet so powerful; if only she had a boyfriend like him!

After exiting the competition venue and returning to his resting suite, Tang Wulin silently reflected on the battle that had just taken place. His explosiveness had improved yet again, as had his control over his own body. Ever since he had broken his 10th Golden Dragon King seal, his dragon core had become more than twice as powerful as it previously was, and even without using his Bluesilver Emperor vines, his combat prowess exceeded that of the most elite Soul Sages. As he currently was, he would be able to battle a Soul Douluo in a suit of two-word battle armor with no issues at all, but he still had to keep working hard!

 His goal was to defeat Blood Nine, a Titled Douluo and a three-word battle armor master.

If he could defeat Blood Nine, then he felt like he had what it took to forge the foundational metals for his suit of three-word battle armor.

Tang Wulin was confident that he'd be able to attain his suit of three-word battle armor after reaching the Soul Sage level; the energy provided to him by his two major energy cores would be enough to support the energy expended by a suit of three-word battle armor.

Just as Tang Wulin concluded his match, Ye Xinglan was having quite a difficult time.

A sword projection that was as dazzling as a galaxy swept through the air, crashing into her opponent's massive long saber. A screeching clash ensued, and Ye Xinglan was repelled as she was forced to stumble backward.

She had progressed in the second position of her group, so her opponent was first in another group.

Her opponent had the number "9" above his head, and he was the only one with a single-digit number to have come this far in the competition.

Number Nine, Saber Demon! That was his nickname.

This was a burly man who was no less muscular than the likes of Long Yue. His face was blurred by the system, making it impossible to glean his appearance, but his body was extremely intimidating and exuding a wild and violent aura. The giant saber in his hand was his martial soul, and it was over four meters long. According to official sources, its name was the Dragonslaying Saber.

The Dragonslaying Saber was completely dark red in color, and there were strange patterns running all over its blade; these patterns resembled a series of true dragons with severed bodies. There were eight soul rings around the saber, consisting of four purples and four blacks, indicating that this man was an eight-ring Soul Douluo!

His suit of battle armor was also of the same dark red color as his Dragonslaying Saber, and he only needed to roar into the heavens to make the surrounding air tremor violently.

Ye Xinglan had never encountered an opponent with such an abundant aura. His aura was so powerful that it seemed to be able to shatter mountains and part rivers.

In the face of her opponent's enormous aura, her sword intent was impacted to an extremely severe degree, and she wasn't even able to be one with her sword.

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