Chapter 1040: Divine Cloudvortex Fists

"That was incredible! I think even Boss definitely won't be a match for you now." Words of praise rang out from above, and a rift appeared in the air above, following which a figure descended silently beside her.

The person that had been practicing her punches was a young woman. Her appearance was quite ordinary, and she had a tall and slender figure. She wore a metallic grey military uniform with two bars and three stars on each of her epaulets. Even though her appearance wasn't overly stunning, she was looking very sharp in her military uniform.

The person that had just landed beside was a young man who was also wearing the same military uniform, but his epaulets only had two bars and two stars each. His appearance was also rather ordinary, and he wore a faint smile on his face. Even though he was only standing still on the spot, he still struck one with a sense of surrealism, as if this were only a projection of him rather than his actual body.

"Do you have that little confidence in him? In that case, I'll tell him about what you said next time he calls us," the female military official said in an indifferent voice.

A resigned expression appeared on the young man's face. "You can't do this to me! We're family, darling! On a serious note, you really have improved significantly. If you keep progressing like this, when will I ever get to marry you?" The woman before him had told him that she could only marry her if he could defeat her, and just the thought of this was making him rather dejected.

He had already worked extremely hard. However, not long after the woman had joined the military, she was able to observe the transformations of the clouds and mist in the face of the fierce winds on the mountain summit, then incorporate that into her Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon to invent her own soul skill, the Divine Cloudvortex Fists. As a result, she was able to attain enlightenment by fusing with nature, thereby allowing her to instantly make a breakthrough to rank 70 in soul power. If it weren't for the fact that she was currently lacking a soul spirit, she would already be a Soul Sage now.

Ever since she invented her Divine Cloudvortex Fists, her powers had increased by severalfold, and she seemed to have finally found that path that she had been searching for this entire time. Her fists were going to be her ultimate weapons, and she'd already abandoned her pair of massive hammers.

That's right, this was none other than Yuanen Yehui, who possessed the twin super martial souls, Titan Giant Ape and Fallen Angel.

The man standing beside her was naturally none other than Xie Xie, and both of them were currently in disguise.

The two of them had been at the Northern Legion for a few months now, and Yuanen had been promoted to the colonel rank after reaching rank 70 in her soul power. The individual combat prowess that she had displayed had well and truly stunned the entire legion. The martial soul that she'd reported for herself was the Herculean Divine Ape, the same as that of Ma Shan in the Blood God Legion.

The Herculean Divine Ape was rather similar in appearance to her Titan Giant Ape martial soul, and it would be very difficult for anyone to spot the difference unless they were extremely familiar with the two types of martial souls.

Xie Xie had also been improving very quickly, but he still couldn't compare with Yuanen Yehui. However, he was also gradually beginning to find his own path; it was the path of one-shot kills!

This was something that he'd only decided on after joining the legion, and he was currently the vice-commander of the reconnaissance battalion, while Yuanen Yehui was currently the commander of the battle department, as well as the commander of the legion commander's guard battalion.

The Northern Legion was situated in the northernmost region of the continent and was responsible for guarding the northern border. The northernmost region was a place that was impossible for normal humans to live in and adapt to. Furthermore, there was a large number of ice caps here, so humans didn't dare to excessively exploit and develop this place as doing so could raise the air temperature here, thereby resulting in sea level rising, which would lead to massive disasters all over the continent.

The Douluo Continent was the northernmost continent among all three continents to begin with, so the northernmost region of the continent had always been referred to as a land of mysteries.

It was said that there were some extremely powerful soul beasts that lived in the northernmost region, and these soul beasts wouldn't leave this region for no good reason. In order to avoid unnecessary troubles and to guard against the potential emergence of soul beast tides, the federation had established the Northern Legion here.

The conditions in the northernmost region were extremely harsh, and the vast majority of people didn't want to come here. However, the Northern Legion was renowned for its power, and was one of the eight major legions of the federation. It had the least number of troops among the eight major legions, but no one dared to ignore this legion's battle power. The Northern Legion was particularly renowned for its powerful mecha squad, and this harsh environment was great for honing one's mental fortitude, so the members of the Northern Legion had always been renowned as tough and unyielding individuals.

"Who says we're family? You'll have to keep working hard if you want to make that a reality!" Yuanen Yehui scoffed.

"Are you saying that your Divine Cloudvortex Fists wouldn't be powerful enough to defeat Boss?" Xie Xie made his way over to Yuanen with a fawning look on his face as he latched onto her hand.

Yuanen Yehui allowed him to hold onto her hand, and she merely rolled her eyes at him in response. She was already accustomed to his thick skin.

Xie Xie held up her hand before him, and crooned, "Wow, it's really hard to imagine that such a beautiful little hand could unleash such powerful punches."

Yuanen Yehui immediately withdrew her hand. "Can you not be so corny? I'm getting goosebumps!"

Despite what she was saying, there was a hint of amusement in her eyes.

"Come to think of it, you've also made it to the final elimination stage of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition. I wonder what opponent was drawn for you. If possible, it would be best if you didn't encounter Boss in the earlier rounds," Xie Xie said.

Yuanen Yehui countered, "Didn't you just say that I'll be powerful enough to defeat him anyway?"

A sheepish look appeared on Xie Xie's face. "I was just saying that for the sake of it; Boss is way too good at creating miracles. It would be really bad if both of you were to hurt each other."

"Are you an idiot? We'll be fighting in the Star Battle Net; no one's actually going to get hurt!"

"Er..., that's true. I really am looking forward to seeing your Divine Cloudvortex Fists clash with Boss's Golden Dragon King bloodline. Oh, by the way, Zhengyu didn't make it to the final elimination stage, and he's really down in the dumps, haha."

"You make it sound like you made it to the final stage."



"Don't be sad; you were really close, and there really was a huge element of luck involved at the time, so you can't blame yourself entirely for your loss," Xu Xiaoyan consoled as she gently swung Yue Zhengyu's arm from side to side.

Yue Zhengyu wore a dejected look on his face. "Luck is also a part of one's power; the heavens have turned its back on me! Why didn't I notice that there was a battle armor fragment on the ground? If I had noticed it, I wouldn't have lost my balance. Could it be that my spiritual power was insufficient, and that's what led to my inability to correctly assess the terrain? Perhaps my opponent even factored that into his calculations. In any case, the fact of the matter is that I lost, and it wasn't like I lost under any unfair circumstances. I'm just really frustrated that I won't be able to face Boss and the others in the final stage. I was hoping to show off to everyone just how much I'd improved."

Both of them were wearing lieutenant colonel epaulets on their shoulders, and crisp yellow military uniforms. In terms of official rank, Xu Xiaoyan's was even above that of Yue Zhengyu. It was easy to find battle Soul Masters, but ultra-powerful control system Soul Masters like her were very rare. Xu Xiaoyan's absolute control soul skills had stunned the entire Southern Legion, and she had risen up through the ranks at an astonishing rate.

They had chosen the Southern Legion as the legion commander was a member of the Holy Angel clan, which meant that this was essentially the backyard of Yue Zhengyu's family, so they wouldn't have to be afraid of blowing their covers here.

What was making Yue Zhengyu even more frustrated was that Xu Xiaoyan had earned her military rank through her own powers, yet his family ties had contributed somewhat to his current military rank. 

He had planned to prove himself during the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition in order to make himself more worthy of his military rank, but who would've thought that his opponent would turn the tables on him when he'd already gained the upper hand?

Xu Xiaoyan chuckled, "Are you already confident enough to think that you can beat Boss? Don't forget that he destroyed both you and Xie Xie the last time you fought him!"

"Ahem, can we not mention that anymore? Speaking of which, after coming here and going through my clan's holy cleansing, my soul power has been purified, and I'm about to form a soul core soon. Once that happens, I'll reach rank 70 in my soul power, and after I fuse with that 100,000-year-old plant system soul beast from Boss, I should at least be able to put up a good fight against him."

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