Chapter 1038: Spear King

The direct and violent clash had moved virtually everyone. Even Number 68, who had just lost the match, received a lot of praise from the audience.

The only one left standing at the center of the competition platform was that shimmering golden mecha. The mecha was riddled with countless cracks and damaged areas, presenting a rather sorry sight to behold, but its aura and will still remained.

It was the victor of this battle, and it had truly stunned all of the spectators of this match!

"Spear King, Spear King, Spear King!"

Someone began to chant this name, and even the commentators couldn't help but join in on the chants.

There had certainly been no lack of spear-wielding mecha pilots during this competition, but very few of them managed to progress to the finals. Among them, the two greatest representatives were undoubtedly Number 66 and Number 68.

This was only the final match of the round-robin stage, but it had undoubtedly determined the hierarchy of the spear-wielding mechas. It was undoubtedly the case that Number 66's spear techniques were the most powerful.

At this moment, Tang Wulin was still lying in his Star Cabin with his eyes closed, and his mind was still completely filled with the recollection of the spear strike he'd just unleashed.

He seemed to have truly grasped it.

In the instant that he had unleashed that spear strike, he clearly sensed in his mind that his own figure seemed to have overlapped with that of Old Tang back when he was demonstrating Fury of the Masses for the first time.

Only now could he completely confirm that he'd finally achieved initial mastery of his Fury of the Masses.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. All of the days he'd spent cultivating hadn't gone to waste. Just this one spear technique had taken him so long to cultivate and hone, but he was elated to finally be making substantial progress.

He had progressed to the next stage as first in his group!

He had made it to the final 16 in both Soul Master and mecha battles, and he was a hot favorite to become the final champion in both disciplines. There wasn't as much hype for him in mecha battles compared to in Soul Master battles, but that was only because Tang Wulin hadn't used any of his powerful soul skills during his mecha battles. Instead, he was trying to dedicate more effort into honing his mecha piloting skills.

He had to become the final champion!


"I accept." A deep voice seemed to have rung out across the entire world of darkness. A massive figure sat atop a lofty throne. The figure was entirely inky-black in color, and bore the appearance of a massive humanoid statue. As he spoke, the entire space around him warped and twisted violently. 

In the sky above, a grey figure that was just as enormous nodded in response. "Very good, we'll begin making our preparations, then. This time, nothing will be able to stop us. We have to destroy all potential threats, and your child won't have died in vain. As soon as we take over that world, everything that you've lost will be replenished."

"Cut the chit-chat! We should've already devoured that world long ago. Seeing as a human is now willing to open up a passageway for us, that world is as good as ours."

"Can we form the pact now?"

"Yes! Their objectives have no conflict of interest with ours; they want to kill all of the living beings in that world, and we want to devour all of the energy in that world. They only want baleful aura and destructive power, whereas we want all of the energy, so our objectives do not clash."

"Those humans really are insane; to think that they want to recreate a Divine Realm with destruction and hatred as a core and foundation. If we can obtain enough power, then we'll be able to make our plane evolve, so it's a win-win situation."

"Go and make the preparations. The nine of us will sign a pact with them; they wouldn't dare to go back on their word."

"Alright, then it's settled; let's completely destroy these pesky humans once and for all."

"The passageway has already been connected for so long; it's about time we put an end to everything. If we keep pursuing a conservative route in search of opportunities, who knows how much longer it'll take? Even though we're taking a risk, success will benefit us more greatly than all of the small worlds we've devoured in the past combined."


Tang Wulin was in a meditative state as he silently sensed all of the elemental particles in the world around him. Blood One had told him that it would still take a very long time for one to reach the Spirit Domain realm even after they attained the ability to sense elements.

The ability to sense elements only indicated that there was a possibility for one to reach the Spirit Domain realm, and the true signatures of Spirit Domain realm spiritual power involve being able to clearly sense elements in the outside world, and also to control them with one's spiritual power. It was undoubtedly the case that Tang Wulin was still very far away from reaching that stage.

Hence, he still had to constantly sense elements, and this process was also a great way for him to cultivate his own spiritual power. At the same time, he could gain a better understanding of the special nature of the essence of the world.

Even though he was still only a Soul Emperor, Blood One had already educated him on many areas surrounding Titled Douluos. After reaching the Titled Douluo stage, it would become extremely difficult for one to progress even a single rank. The most important driving force behind one's progression was for one to understand the essence of the world and make their own essence as close as possible to that of the world.

There were no techniques or shortcuts involved during this process; it was mainly about sensing the outside world. The essence of the world was different for everyone, and it was undoubtedly the case that whoever was the closest to the truth would be the closest to the pinnacle.

No one could articulate to someone what the essence of the world was as the essence that one was closest to differed depending on their mental state and abilities. It was an extremely abstract concept that one could only grasp for themselves.

Tang Wulin most definitely possessed super aptitude. He was just a six-ring Soul Emperor, yet he was able to defeat Blood Nine. Of course this was partially due to the fact that Blood Nine had held back against and underestimated him, but that still didn't change the fact that Blood Nine was a Titled Douluo! The fact that Tang Wulin had been able to defeat him had truly stunned the entire Blood God Battalion.

As such, Blood One advised him to immediately begin doing some things that only Titled Douluos would do. In doing so, he would be forging a stable foundation for himself while his best years were still ahead of him, and that would allow him to prepare for reaching the pinnacle of the human race in the future.

Technological advancements had dealt a massive blow to Soul Masters, and Soul Masters were nowhere near as revered as they were in the past. However, it was undoubtedly the case that the most powerful Soul Masters still stood at the pinnacle of the entire world.

During the disaster that befell Shrek Academy, if the Atlas Douluo had tried to escape with all his might, no one would've been able to stop him. He only chose to sacrifice himself so he could protect the final seeds of Shrek Academy, and in the process, he also severely dented the Holy Spirit Cult.

That was sufficient testament to just how fearsome a Limit Douluo who was also a four-word battle armor master was.

After reaching that level, one would be powerful enough to command respect from the entire federation, and that was the true reason why Shrek Academy had managed to stand for so many years.

Tang Wulin definitely had to build up his own forces if he wanted to rebuild Shrek Academy, but at the same time, he also required absolute power.

Tang Wulin meditated for an indeterminate amount of time, and he gradually entered a state of complete immersion. All of his powers and abilities had been improving too quickly recently, so he had to give himself more time to meditate. Following an increase in one's powers, one had to take the time to assess themselves as only then would they be able to better understand and control their own body.

The final elimination stage of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition was about to arrive, and there weren't many matches left, but all of his opponents were going to be the most elite young Soul Masters of the federation. In other words, they were the absolute cream of the crop among those who weren't three-word battle armor masters yet. 

As such, each and every match was going to be extremely arduous. According to his knowledge, two other members of the legion had also made it to this stage, and Ma Shan wasn't one of them.

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