Chapter 1037: Dual Spear Battle

Tang Wulin was sure that his opponent would've surveyed his battle footage in the past, so he had to be aware of Tang Wulin's strength. As such, there was no way that he would decide to fight fire with fire.

His opponent's spear techniques were simply far too fast. Tang Wulin was trying to evade with all his might using his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, but this was a mecha, after all, so it still wasn't as agile as a human body. As such, it was still struck a few times by his opponent's spear. However, if his opponent wanted to continue in his attack, then he'd be struck by Tang Wulin's sweeping spear, and it was up to him to weigh up his options. Tang Wulin was unleashing an attack that his opponent had to defend against.

Following so many rounds of mecha battles, Tang Wulin had accumulated far more combat experience than before, so he definitely wasn't going to be holding back in critical situations.

As expected, Number 68 immediately reacted to Tang Wulin's oncoming spear strike, controlling his mecha to leap backward. However, at the same time, he raised his spear and evaded Tang Wulin's attack before plunging the tip of his own spear into the ground.

Blue light flashed, and the ground beneath the feet of Tang Wulin's mecha was instantly transformed into a patch of smooth ice. That's right, it was ice, and on a surface like this, it would be very difficult for a mecha to exert any power into the ground. Meanwhile, the opposing mecha had already risen up into the air before unleashing a vast expanse of spear projection that cut off virtually all avenues of evasion for Tang Wulin.

The ice on the ground didn't really affect Tang Wulin's mecha if he were to do nothing but stand on the spot, but if he wanted to move, then he would most definitely be affected. At the same time, countless spear projections were raining down on him from above, making it impossible for his mecha to take flight. It had to be said that this tactic from Number 68 was a very damaging one, and if it were to succeed, Tang Wulin would be placed at an absolute disadvantage.

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed slightly as he controlled his own mecha to squat down. However, as opposed to attempting to spring up into the air, he was simply doing this to reduce the exposed surface area of his mecha. At the same time, he thrust his spear upward, and rather than unleashing a large number of spear projection, this was only a single spear strike.

A platinum spear projection erupted from the tip of Tang Wulin's spear, whistling through the air and looking as if it were about to puncture the very heavens itself. 

Powerful spear intent combined with fierce blood essence fluctuations to create an absolutely devastating attack.

Number 68's heart jolted upon seeing this. He had originally thought that Tang Wulin had controlled his mecha to squat down in order to minimize its exposed surface area, so he had attacked with even greater ferocity. However, what he didn't expect was for Tang Wulin to be able to unleash such a powerful spear strike even as he was squatting down.

He had been swindled!

It was undoubtedly the case that the squatting motion had been completely superfluous; Tang Wulin could've just unleashed his retaliative attack without squatting down first. However, he had done this in order to trick Number 68 into overextending and injecting more power into his attacks, thereby making it difficult for him to adopt any other tactics.

It appeared that Tang Wulin was inferior in terms of skills, speed, and reactions, but this simple squatting motion immediately alerted Number 68 to the fact that his opponent definitely didn't possess inferior practical combat techniques than his.

All of a sudden, an icy blue mirror appeared in the air. The mirror reflected the light emanating from Tang Wulin's spear projection, and in the instant that the spear struck the mirror, Tang Wulin felt the tip of his spear slide along the mirror's surface, and his attack was diverted off to the side. Meanwhile, the spear projections unleashed by Number 68's mecha also reached Tang Wulin's mecha, but they were a lot less powerful than they originally were.

Tang Wulin's mecha then clenched its left fist before unleashing an almighty punch.

The punch appeared to be an extremely simple one, but as soon as the fist was launched through the air, a burst of fearsome unstoppable power erupted forth. This was a pure eruption of Tang Wulin's blood essence power.

The air exploded to form a massive wall of air that kept the oncoming spear projections at bay. The surface of Tang Wulin's mecha was enshrouded by a layer of ice and frost as a result, but Number 68's mecha had also been forced to fly backward before descending onto the platform in the distance.

Their very first clash was already an extremely exhilarating one. Tang Wulin's mecha sprang up from its squatting position, flying out of the area of the platform that was covered by ice. As the mecha landed on the ground, the ice and frost that had settled over it had already been dispelled by his immense blood essence power.

They appeared to be evenly matched!

No one had managed to seize the upper hand during that first clash, yet both of them had displayed the skills they were most adept at.

Tang Wulin slowly raised his spear, and a spear projection was still flickering from the tip of the spear. His opponent also did the same thing. Following that initial clash, both of them had become more cautious toward one another, but at the same time, their respective battle intent were elevating in a frenzy. 

Faint energy fluctuations were constantly rising up around the two mechas, clearly indicating that they were both accumulating power, so the next clash was undoubtedly going to be an earth-shattering affair. 

The commentators were also so nervous that they were unable to say anything. This was the final match of this group, and it was going to decide who took out the first position. As such, it was undoubtedly going to be the most spectacular match of this group, and it was being heavily broadcasted.

Number 66 and Number 68 didn't disappoint the audience, either; they treated all of the spectators to a spectacular show just in their opening clash alone.

Those were only ordinary generic mechas! Anyone who had worked with mechas had used these things, yet the same mecha could display vastly different levels of combat prowess depending on the mecha pilot it was being used by. This gave many mecha pilots who were lacking in cultivation aptitude hope; even generic mechas could be very powerful when used well!

Tang Wulin took a deep breath and reflected on his opponent's spear techniques. At the same time, he was experiencing his own spear intent, and he gradually developed the feeling that he was no longer operating a mecha. Instead, he felt as if he were participating in this battle himself.

Mecha and body as one! That's right, this was the state that Ling Wuyue had told him about. In her original words, if one wanted to be a truly great mecha pilot, then the first thing they had to do was to become one with their mecha. Only when a mecha pilot felt as if a mecha were their own body could they perfectly unleash their mecha's full power and perfectly integrate their own powers and abilities with their mecha.

Both mechas sprang into action at the same time, as if their advances had been choreographed. Both of their propellers were activated to elevate their speed to the very max, and both of them were pointing their spears forward with unstoppable intent.

Number 68's mecha had completely turned into an icy blue color, and countless ice spikes had even appeared over the surface of the mecha. In contrast, Tang Wulin's mecha had turned into a shimmering golden color, and the two mechas had clearly become far more powerful than the average generic mecha. The two of them reached one another in what seemed like the blink of an eye, and both of them thrust their spears forward without any tricks or embellishments.

The spear being wielded by Number 68's mecha had turned into an icy blue color, and countless ice spikes spread along its shaft before exploding violently. It was as if countless ice spears had erupted forth, akin to a massive blossoming ice flower.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin's spear split into two, then into three, then into countless spears as countless Bluesilver Emperor vines also transformed into spears that were hurtling through the air. Each and every vine was imbued with immense blood essence power, as well as the peerless spear intent in his heart.

All of the Bluesilver Emperor vines then instantly converged toward the center and fused into the mecha's spear; Fury of the Masses!

In the face of the immense pressure being exerted on him by his opponent, Tang Wulin unleashed Fury of the Masses again. This wasn't the complete version of the technique, but he was able to incorporate everything that he'd learned to fuse his Bluesilver Emperor vines with his spear.

As soon as each Bluesilver Emperor vine came into contact with the mecha's spear, the former would naturally wind itself around the spear, making the spear thicker and heavier. Spear intent and spear projection also fused into spear before reciprocating the mecha, making the golden light emanating from it even more bright and dazzling.

At this moment, Number 68 was like an icy flower in full bloom, and Tang Wulin resembled a massive rotating sharp drill.

It was undoubtedly the case that these were both devastatingly powerful attacks, and that the battle was going to be decided by this exchange.

All of the spectators looked on with bated breath. No one could've predicted that a conclusion would be reached so quickly in this battle. Tang Wulin and Number 68 had both decided to do this as they knew that they were each facing an extremely powerful opponent. In the face of such a powerful opponent, how could they not unleash the pinnacle of their power?

This was a clash of power and will, as well as their understanding of spear intent.

The icy flower and golden spike clashed. Both of them faltered momentarily, and during that split-second, the commentators and spectators all felt as if their hearts had skipped a beat.

In the next instant, a burst of golden light suddenly erupted from behind the icy flower, and the stationary golden spike hurtled forward once again, instantly reducing the massive ice flower to a vast expanse of ice powder.

This was an extremely dazzling and astonishing sight to behold!

"The victory goes to Number 66!"

Only after three full seconds had passed did raucous cheers erupted throughout the entire venue, and there were also countless people screaming in front of their soul screens.

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