Chapter 1032: I Love Her No Matter Who She is

Blood Nine scoffed, "Of course not! However, it looks like I really won't be able to hold back during our next battle. Let's go to the battle net again when the time comes so neither of us gets hurt."

As a member of the Blood God Battalion, the former Blood Nine definitely possessed exemplary mental fortitude and battle intent. As such, he wasn't disheartened by Tang Wulin's rapid power increases in the slightest. Instead, this was only working to further stoke the flames in his heart.

"Sure." Tang Wulin nodded in response before departing from the Blood God Legion and quickly arriving at the resting area.

Tang Wulin caught sight of Long Yuxue from a distance. She was sitting in the corner of the cafe with a cup of hot steaming coffee in her hands. What came as quite a surprise to him was that she wasn't wearing her military uniform today. Instead, she wore a high-collar white woolen jumper, and her long hair was arranged into a ponytail, giving her a very casual and refreshing appearance.

From the side, he could see her beautiful facial features and her faintly fluttering eyelashes.

Compared to her normal appearance, she had lost some of her heroic spirit, but gained a bit more delicate beauty.

Tang Wulin strode over to her before sitting down across from her. She had applied some light makeup, which only made her appear even more gorgeous.


"What's up?" Tang Wulin asked.

"Do you want something to drink?" Long Yuxue avoided his question as she asked a question of her own, and she also seemed to be avoiding his gaze.

Tang Wulin asked for a cup of black coffee from the waiter. He had never liked milk ever since he was a child, so he didn't like to add anything to his coffee, either.

Soon, a cup of rich fragrant coffee was presented to him.

There was clearly something on Long Yuxue's mind, and Tang Wulin cast a curious glance at her, but didn't ask any further questions. He took a sip of rich coffee, and its warm and bitter fragrance spread through his entire body.

Long Yuxue suddenly raised her head and looked directly into Tang Wulin's eyes as she asked, "Wulin, I heard from Jiang Wuyue that you already have a girlfriend. Is that true?"

Tang Wulin faltered slightly before chuckling, "I'm such a handsome guy; isn't it only normal that I already have a girlfriend? Why do you ask?"

Indeed, it was very normal for an exceptional man like him to have a girlfriend. Long Yuxue knew that all of the female military officials in the legion who had met him were very fond of him, and he certainly had no lack of female admirers who were of a similar age to him. It was just that he was extremely reclusive and very rarely appeared in the resting area, which was why none of them had much of an opportunity to approach him.

"Do you love her? What is she like?" Long Yuxue asked.

Tang Wulin nodded, and replied, "I do! I really love her. As for what kind of person she is, to be honest, I don't really know. When I first met her, she had taken the initiative to try and get closer to me, and I didn't know what was going on at the time. We were students of the same class, and we cultivated together every day, so I gradually became accustomed to having her constantly by my side. As time passed our relationship slowly began to blossom, but for some reason, she suddenly began to try and distance herself from me one day. I don't understand why she did that, but whenever I was in danger, she would also appear before me, and she would even risk her life to protect me.

“At the time, we were both quite young, so I didn't know what kind of feelings these were, but I knew that she had become an indispensable part of my life. Before I knew it, she had become the most important person in my heart, and we've endured countless hardships together. She left me once, and I was unable to find her, but in my direst hour of need, she returned to my side and shielded me with her own body. She's too complex for me to understand, so I don't know what kind of person she is, but I do know that she loves me, and I also love her, and that's enough. I love her no matter who she is."

I love her no matter who she is.

It was a very simple sentence, but it was quite clear from Tang Wulin's voice that these words harbored an awe-inspiring love story.

Long Yuxue had initially harbored a hint of hope in her heart, but now, her face had become deathly pale, so much so that it was a little scary to look at.

However, Tang Wulin seemed to be completely oblivious to this. He took another sip of coffee, and continued, "I love everything about her, and all I want to do is to become stronger so I can protect her, rather than have it be the other way around. Are you listening to me, Yuxue?"

"Huh? Ah, yes." Long Yuxue nodded with difficulty.

Only then did Tang Wulin ask again. "So what did you want to tell me?"

Long Yuxue shook her head vigorously and rose to her feet. "N, nothing. I have something urgent that I have to take care of in the special service department; I have to go."

She then rushed away as quickly as she could.

Tang Wulin didn't look on at her departing figure. He merely lowered his head and continued to sip his coffee.

"You bastard! How could you hurt her like that?" A large hand suddenly grabbed onto the front of his clothes before dragging him off his chair.

Jiang Wuyue was standing before him, looking like an enraged lion, yet Tang Wulin merely looked back at him with a pair of clear and pure eyes.

"I don't want her to be hurt even more than this in the future, which is why I have to tell her the truth. I can't change her feelings toward me, but at the very least, I have to tell her who I like. Don't you understand that this is a better resolution than if I were to lead her on and drag her through the coals? Are you asking me to be with her now?"

Jiang Wuyue faltered slightly before releasing Tang Wulin and sitting down in the seat that Long Yuxue had been sitting with a dejected look on his face. He placed his hands over his head, and muttered, "I knew she liked you. Even after I told her you have a girlfriend, she still refused to give up on you."

Tang Wulin sighed, "That's why I have to make her understand that there's no way her feelings can amount to anything!"

Jiang Wuyue scratched his head with a wry smile on his face. "Sorry, I was too rash just now; I just can't bear to see her in pain. Is there really no possibility at all that you could accept her feelings?"

Tang Wulin picked up his coffee cup, and said, "A person's heart is like a cup; it has a limited capacity. My heart is already filled to the brim and can't even take a single drop."

Jiang Wuyue grumbled, "You could've just said no! Why are you trying to make yourself sound like a poet?"

Tang Wulin rolled his eyes. "What are you even still doing here? Don't you know that this is an opportunity for you? Hurry up and go after her! She's a good girl, so you better not pass her up."

Jiang Wuyue was rather hesitant. "You think I should go after her? Is that really a good idea?"

Tang Wulin was feeling rather speechless. "If you go after her, at least you have a chance. Otherwise, you'll have no chance. It's up to you."

Jiang Wuyue was still quite hesitant. "You sound like you know a lot about this; have you had many girlfriends in the past?"

Tang Wulin's expression stiffened slightly. "That's beside the point! In any case, I already have a girlfriend, and this comes from natural talent, it doesn't have anything to do with how many girlfriends I've had in the past."

"Alright, I'll go!"

Jiang Wuyue rose to his feet before walking away as if he were trudging toward his own execution. A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. It appeared that it would not be an easy task for Jiang Wuyue to convince Long Yuxue to accept his feelings.

After finishing his coffee, Tang Wulin gradually calmed down. In reality, he had already had a feeling before coming here that Long Yuxue was preparing to confess to him. As such, he knew that he couldn't delay any longer. Dragging this out would only result in more pain for everyone, so it was best to lay everything on the table.

As such, he was currently feeling as if a burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

He stood up and did some stretches, then paid the accolades required for the coffee before exiting the resting area.

Instead of returning to his dormitory room, he made his way toward the highest point in the entire Blood God Legion base.

The air temperature was extremely low, and the fierce winds buffeted his body like scathing knives. If a normal person were in his shoes, it wouldn't take long before they'd be completely frozen solid. However, Tang Wulin found it to be quite refreshing and comfortable here in this world of snow and ice.

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