Chapter 1031: Dragon Roar Vibrational Explosion

Number 47 rose up into the air before flashing toward Tang Wulin like lightning. This was an agility attack system Soul Master, as well as a seven-ring Soul Sage!

It was undoubtedly the case that all of the participants who had progressed to the round-robin stage of the finals were the cream of the crop of the world of Soul Masters, and it could even be said that they were also elites among the world of battle armor masters. There was no way that anyone could've made it to this point without suits of two-word battle armor.

Tang Wulin's opponent was extraordinarily fast. Even the worse seven-ring agility attack system Soul Masters could break the sound barrier with their speed, so the distance between them was closed down in a flash. A frosty sensation instantly swept over Tang Wulin's entire body, yet he couldn't even lock down the exact location of his opponent.

His opponent was truly astonishingly fast, but so what?

Tang Wulin's eyes suddenly lit up, and if one were to look closely, they'd discover that his pupils had become vertical. A vicious aura instantly erupted from his body, and he only tapped his foot into the ground in a slight motion before a resounding boom rang out. 

The ground in a diameter of 30 meters around him caved in almost at the exact same time, and a thunderous dragon's roar rang out as eight massive dragons emerged from the ground. At the same time, the space within the diameter of 30 meters began to warp and twist, and Tang Wulin's opponent was forcibly revealed as a result.

Number 47 appeared to be a woman, and she was holding a pair of green daggers in her hands, both of which were emanating frosty light.

In response to the sudden spatial changes around her, Number 47 reacted very quickly, slashing her dagger through the air to create a black spatial rift.

As a result, the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth was only able to slow her down rather than immobilize her.

She stepped forward and entered the rift, looking as if she were about to disappear from Tang Wulin's field of view in a flash.

In contrast with the difficulty he'd been experiencing in his mecha battles, here in the Soul Master battle discipline, Tang Wulin was already being tipped as one of the hot favorites to become the final champion. He had displayed extremely astonishing combat prowess during the previous three elimination rounds, crushing each of his opponents within seconds. As such, he had been extensively researched by his competitors.

Number 47 had also reviewed Tang Wulin's battle footage before, but the fact that he was her first opponent of the round-robin stage had still left a very bitter taste in her mouth.

Thankfully, each group had two participants who could progress to the next stage, and she wanted to see if she had a chance at securing victory with her Demonic Green Daggers.

Tang Wulin faltered slightly at the realization that his opponent was trying to escape through a spatial rift, but he immediately reacted as he launched his right fist forward.

Another dragon's roar erupted, and space collapsed as a black-hole appeared in mid-air.

Number 47 let loose a howl of agony as one of her legs, which had just entered the spatial rift, was instantly destroyed by the violent spatial fluctuations. However, she also reacted extremely quickly and immediately relinquished her plan to escape using her spatial rift. At the same time, her seventh soul ring lit up, and her body suddenly shrank, transforming into a green streak of light before instantly hurtling toward Tang Wulin.

Her soul spirit was her dual Demonic Green Daggers, and her martial soul true body was the Demonic Greenbird.

It was undoubtedly the case that Demonic Greenbirds were extremely fearsome and vicious soul beasts, and in the past, Tang Wulin would've had a lot of trouble facing such a martial soul true body. However, he had faced a true Demonic Greenbird before, and ever since it became Gu Yuena's pet, he had developed an extremely in-depth understanding of this creature.

Furthermore, he certainly wasn't the person that he once was.

Number 47 was placing all of her eggs in one basket with this attack. She had released her martial soul true body and two-word battle armor almost at the exact same time, and that streak of green light seemed to be capable of piercing through heaven and earth.

Tang Wulin remained standing still on the spot. The eight golden dragons released by the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth virtually instantly appeared before him, right in the path of the Demonic Greenbird.

With the enhancements of the suit of two-word battle armor, the Demonic Greenbird possessed offensive prowess close to that of a Titled Douluo, and this was a kamikaze attack from Number 47, so one golden dragon after another was punctured as the bird drew closer and closer to Tang Wulin.

However, she could only see a cold and calm expression in his vicious vertical pupils.

"Roar!" A loud dragon's roar rang out, and a massive golden dragon head appeared in front of Tang Wulin. In the eyes of all of the spectators, it looked as if the Demonic Greenbird had been instantly engulfed. The green figure vanished in a soundless manner, and after that... it never reappeared!

"The victory goes to Number 33!"

The first round-robin match had concluded in mere seconds, just like all of his previous elimination matches.

Tang Wulin withdrew his vicious aura, and was teleported out of the competition venue with a contemplative look on his face.

His Golden Dragon Roar coupled with his Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion had truly unleashed a devastating attack that had virtually vaporized his opponent's body in an instant.

However, this combination attack had expended over half of his soul power and bloodline power.

The greater his mastery of the Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion became, the more he came to realize just how terrifying this ability was. The opponent he had just faced was a Soul Sage who was among the most elite two-word battle armor masters in the entire federation, yet she was still unable to withstand his bloodline soul skills.

His Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth had weakened her, and his Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion and Golden Dragon Roar had completely destroyed her. There was also that punch that had shattered space itself.

"What an intimidating figure!" the commentator said in an awestruck voice, "Will anyone be able to stop Number 33's advancing footsteps? He's only a six-ring Soul Emperor, but his combat prowess is downright terrifying! His explosive power is too much for even martial soul true bodies to handle!"

The other commentator said, "He's definitely not your average six-ring Soul Emperor. Otherwise, there's no way he could possess this level of combat prowess. At the very least, he has to possess twin martial souls, the other martial soul could be even more powerful than the one he's displayed. His abilities are far more powerful than those of a normal Soul Emperor, and if you ask me, even without his suit of battle armor, he still possesses at least Soul Douluo level combat prowess, and when I say Soul Douluo, I mean the most powerful of Soul Douluos. I'm going to make a bold prediction here; I'm tipping him to be the final champion!"

"I wouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions. There are two contenders from the sixth and third groups who are also very powerful, and the combat prowess they've displayed definitely aren't inferior to his. Looks like we'll have some thrilling matches coming up! I'm really looking forward to seeing their clashes."

"Indeed, I can hardly wait!" The commentators were full of praise for Number 33 while the audience was completely stunned.

Number 33 was becoming more and more badass with each passing match, and a widely renowned nickname had already been coined for him; it was "Golden Dragon King".

After logging out of the Star Battle Net, Tang Wulin sat down onto his bed as usual to meditate and reflect on the match, paying particular attention to his control over his own strength.

After breaking his 10th seal, his already enormous strength was almost doubled once again. His dragon core and soul core resonated with one another, and at this point, his dragon core heart was definitely more powerful than his soul core.

His blood essence was also able to recover at a far faster rate than in the past, and even the amount of energy he'd expended by using the Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion had recovered after just a short while. This was what Tang Wulin held in the highest regard.

According to his own analysis, after releasing his suit of battle armor, his combat prowess was definitely comparable to that of Titled Douluos who weren't wearing their suits of battle armor, and even his soul skills wouldn't be inferior to theirs by much.

As he gradually became more and more familiar with his Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion and Fury of the Masses, he had improved significantly once again during the past half a month. At the very least, he was much more confident in his chances against Blood Nine.

At this moment, he suddenly received a call.

"What's up, Yuxue?"

"Congratulations on winning your first round-robin match." Long Yuxue's voice clearly harbored mixed emotions. There was no way that she would fail to recognize who this Number 33 was. To put it more accurately, everyone in the legion who was familiar with Tang Wulin knew that he was Number 33, but it was exactly because of this that they were even more awestruck by him.

"Thank you," Tang Wulin said with a smile. He was naturally aware of Long Yuxue's feelings toward him, and it was exactly because of this that he had intentionally been avoiding her outside of the times when he was forging.

He already had Gu Yuena, and he didn't want to lead Long Yuxue on and hurt her, so he could only try to distance himself from her.

"Are you in your dormitory room? Can you come out to see me? I have something I have to tell you," Long Yuxue said in a calm voice.

Tang Wulin's heart stirred slightly upon hearing this. "What is it? Can't you tell me through this call?"

"No, I have to speak to you face-to-face," Long Yuxue insisted.

"Alright, wait for me in the resting area; I'll head over right away."

After ending the call, Tang Wulin put on his clothes before leaving his room.

He had only just arrived in the hall of the Blood God Battalion when he bumped into Blood Nine.

Blood Nine wore a rather peculiar expression as he looked at Tang Wulin. "Wulin, I saw your match earlier."

He currently wore a set of senior colonel epaulets, in contrast with Tang Wulin's major general epaulets.

Tang Wulin chuckled, "Are you scared?"

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