Chapter 1028: Brutal Conclusion

The Number 161 mecha squatted down slightly, pushing its generic shield forward first before immediately unleashing a set of super-powerful defensive techniques.

In the instant that the shield came into contact with the spear, the protective barrier on the surface of the shield was immediately pulverized by the spear projection. However, as his mecha squatted downward, it was able to angle its shield slightly upward, thereby altering the trajectory of the spear.

Of course, these defensive measures alone wouldn't be enough to completely ward off Tang Wulin's devastating attack.

However, right at this moment, a series of shield projections erupted from the round shield, stacking on top of one another in a dense pile beneath the spear. The pile then continued to grow taller and taller, hoisting his spear further and further upward.

Everything had taken place in an instant, and when Tang Wulin's spear reached the opposing mecha, it merely skimmed past the mecha's shoulder, completely missing its intended target of the mecha's torso.

In that instant, the squatting mecha abruptly sprang upward, and the layers of shield projections also rose upward. One layer of shield projection crashed into another, and the projections instantly expanded in size during the process, forcing Tang Wulin's spear upward. At the same time, the martial soul shield in the mecha's hand was instantly swept horizontally through the air, crashing directly toward the chest and abdomen region of Tang Wulin's mecha. The dark golden light around the edge of the shield was particularly sharp.

Tang Wulin gripped onto his spear with both hands and as he internally applauded his opponent's defensive techniques, he adopted a wider stance to lower his center of gravity while bringing his spear down from above toward the oncoming shield.

The shaft of the spear crashed into the shield amid a resounding boom. It appeared that his opponent's generic shield had expanded to over twice its original size, but all that additional mass had only come from the dark golden shield projections, so a soul skill had undoubtedly been used.     

The shield was swept horizontally through the air, aiming for Tang Wulin's spear on this occasion.

After all of the shield projections had stacked onto one another, the offensive power of this attack had risen to a whole new level.

Tang Wulin harrumphed coldly, and the spear in his hands suddenly turned into a platinum color as a burst of extremely powerful blood essence fluctuations abruptly erupted from his body. His spear remained completely unmoved and kept his opponent's shield at bay.

Was his opponent trying to engage him in a contest of strength?


The projections on the generic shield were shattered, and it was forcibly repelled backward, but Tang Wulin's spear remained completely unmoved. Countless spear projections immediately erupted in front of him, stacking on top of one another to create a forest of projections that hurtled directly toward his opponent.

Number 161's mecha faltered momentarily, clearly taken aback by the enormous strength of Tang Wulin's mecha. At the same time, it forcibly withdrew its shields to try and defend itself against Tang Wulin's spear projections.

However, on this occasion, Tang Wulin had injected his bloodline power into his mecha, and the entire mecha was glowing with platinum light. His opponent's shields possessed immense defensive power, but there was an absolute strength disparity between the two, so Number 161's mecha was still being forced to stumble back in retreat.

All of a sudden, Number 161's mecha abruptly drew back, and a strange roar rang out as the turtle-shell patterns on the surface of its dark golden shield abruptly erupted forth, forming a layer of light that encapsulated his mecha as a ball of light. As the ball of light clashed with Tang Wulin's spear projections, Number 161's mecha was instantly sent flying backward, thereby opening up some distance between the two.

This was excellent practical usage of his abilities!

Just as Tang Wulin was about to continue to set off in pursuit, his vision suddenly blurred, and everything around him abruptly changed as he was struck by a rush of dizziness.

Were these... spatial fluctuations?

Before he had a chance to react, a burst of powerful suction force suddenly erupted from up ahead, forcing his mecha to stumble forward.

From the perspective of the audience, light had flashed from Number 161's mecha, following which Tang Wulin and his mecha had swapped positions. After that, Number 161's mecha waved its shield toward Tang Wulin, and a massive black hand suddenly appeared. The black hand made a grabbing motion toward Tang Wulin's mecha, and the latter was immediately forced to stumble toward the hand.

Was this the legendary melee combat ability, Spatial Displacement?

At the same time, Number 161 swung his shields through the air, conjuring up countless shield projections, and at the same time, a massive turtle projection that was radiating a powerful aura emerged behind the mecha.

Xuanwu Shield!

During the previous few clashes, Numer 161 had already realized that this Number 66 was not an easy opponent to deal with. In particular, his strength exceeded that of anyone he'd ever seen. Both of them were melee combat mecha pilots, so strength was an extremely decisive factor in their battle. However, his opponent possessed such crushing strength than even his shields weren't able to keep him at bay, which meant that his chances would be very slim if he were to fight fire with fire. Furthermore, the battle techniques that Tang Wulin had just displayed weren't inferior to his in the slightest.

Number 161 was an extremely experienced mecha pilot, and he immediately made a decision; he was going to unleash all of his power in an explosive combo to try and secure victory!

As such, he used two of his signature soul skills in rapid succession, first displacing Tang Wulin to cut off his momentum, then unleashing his traction force to draw Tang Wulin's mecha toward him. This traction force stemmed from spatial laws, so one couldn't just resist it through pure brute strength. As such, Tang Wulin's mecha was drawn directly toward him, and at this point, he had already prepared his most powerful attack to end this battle once and for all!

Following a brief stunned stupor, Tang Wulin had already raised his spear horizontally before him. His opponent had unleashed those two soul skills far too quickly, to the extent that by the time he managed to react, the shield projection had already appeared right in front of him, which meant that there wasn't even enough space for him to wield his spear properly. Furthermore, his opponent was putting everything he had into this attack.

Being able to remain calm during sudden turns of events was a very valuable ability in battle, Tang Wulin definitely possessed this ability.

In the face of his opponent's devastating attack, his heart stirred slightly, following which his fifth golden soul ring suddenly lit up. This was the fifth bloodline soul skill that he'd used against Ma Shan once during battle, and he was now using it again. He didn't make this a blood soul fusion skill; it was just a pure bloodline soul skill.

All of a sudden, Number 161 felt as if he were experiencing double vision as he appraised Number 66. Immediately thereafter, his shield crashed into Tang Wulin's spear and mecha, and he instantly sensed that something was wrong. The power of his attack was completely nullified by a string of slight tremors, and the tremors then abruptly intensified in an alarming manner, erupting forth as devastating vibrational shockwaves.

"Boom!" Number 66's mecha was clearly the one that had been struck, but the one that was sent flying was Number 161!

Tang Wulin's mecha only seemed to blur slightly before it returned to normal, and it seemed that it hadn't done anything. The spear in the mecha's hand was also thrust forward, and its devastating spear projection erupted forth once again.

The violent vibrational shockwaves made the Number 161 mecha pilot experience a brief period of disorientation, during which he could feel bursts of terrifying power exploding relentlessly within his body.

One had to realize that even the Soul Douluo, Ma Shan, was sent flying by this soul skill of Tang Wulin's, and even though he'd controlled his power, directing his attack only toward one direction, thereby conserving some energy, it was still a very fearsome attack.

The spear passed through between the two shields, and the spear projection instantly punctured through Number 161's body. Immediately thereafter, the vibrational shockwaves appeared again, and a violent boom erupted within Number 161's mecha. The spectators looked on in astonishment as Number 161's mecha exploded into countless pieces.

Meanwhile, Number 66 drifted down onto the ground, looking like an insurmountable mountain!

All of the spectators were completely flabbergasted. This match wasn't displayed in its entirety on the main broadcast, but people could choose to specifically view this live broadcast, and at the same time, there were many people who had access to Star Cabins logging on to the battle net to spectate this battle.

It was undoubtedly the case that this was a battle that had filled everyone with awe and excitement, and clashes of intelligence and power had constantly been taking place from the beginning to the very end. Tang Wulin's final attack had further stunned all of the spectators present.

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