Chapter 1026: Human Sandbag

"Piss off! Are you trying to drive a wedge between us? Who says I wouldn't dare to beat you up? I know you're goading me, but I'll take you up on that offer! However, let's establish the premise first; you won't retaliate, evade, or defend yourself, right?" 

"That's right! I've always been a man of my word. If you don't believe me, we can sign a contract and have the legion be the contract witness," Tang Wulin said with a smile. He was quite excited to see that Jiang Wuyue had taken the bait again.

"Alright, but there's no need for any witnesses; just write an agreement for me, and if you revoke it, you'll earn yourself the reputation of a deceitful snake!" Jiang Wuyue threatened in a menacing manner.

Tang Wulin immediately wrote up an agreement as requested. Jiang Wuyue carefully examined it to ensure that there were no issues before signing the agreement.

He then produced a stack of federal credits before slamming it down in front of Tang Wulin. "I'll go for half an hour first! Let me teach you a good lesson!"

He had suffered horrendous abuse at the hands of Tang Wulin the other day, and he still hadn't gotten over that horrific experience. Now that Tang Wulin had defeated even Blood Nine, he knew that he'd have no other chance to exact his revenge, so he was certainly going to jump on this opportunity!

He knew that Tang Wulin had to have some kind of objective for doing this, but he then recalled just how much of a cheapskate Tang Wulin was, and he immediately identified what he thought to be the reason behind this offer; Tang Wulin was doing this for money!

Tang Wulin accepted the federal credits before raising his eyebrows at Jiang Wuyue. "You better not disappoint me!"

As opposed to going to the Star Battle Net, the two of them went to the competition platform for practical combat drills in the legion. There, Tang Wulin was greeted by a flurry of ferocious attacks from Jiang Wuyue.


After Jiang Wuyue sent Tang Wulin flying with a single slap, he finally believed that Tang Wulin seriously wasn't going to retaliate. In fact, he didn't even release his scales, and he was sent flying for several dozens of meters before crashing to the ground.

He then immediately rolled over and stood up, brushing off some nonexistent lint from his military uniform before raising an eyebrow at Jiang Wuyue again. "Did you not have breakfast? Why don't I feel anything?"

A speechless look appeared on Jiang Wuyue's face. He knew that Tang Wulin had extraordinary physical resistance, but that slap was powerful enough to flatten a metal ball into a pancake, yet he was claiming that he couldn't even feel it!

"You made me do this!"

"Hurry up! You've only got 30 minutes, you know."

"Boom, boom, boom!"

"Slap, slap, slap!"

Tang Wulin's body was sent flying over and over again before crashing heavily down onto the ground each time, but he was always able to rise to his feet as if nothing had happened.

Jiang Wuyue was only beating him with his fists in the beginning. However, he soon donned his suit of battle armor, then summoned his weapons, and even began using his soul skills in order to constantly increase his offensive output. However, Tang Wulin was always able to shrug off his attacks. He was looking a little bruised and battered, but he was completely fine.

After Jiang Wuyue sent Tang Wulin flying with his giant hammers again, he didn't continue to attack. Instead, he appraised Tang Wulin with a perplexed look, and asked, "Are you really alright? You haven't suffered any internal injuries, have you? Money is a good thing, but you have to be alive to spend it!"


Tang Wulin replied in an indifferent voice, "Don't worry about me; watch this." A layer of reddish-golden light lit up over his body as he spoke, and all of his bruises and injuries vanished as if they'd never even been inflicted in the first place.

"Are... Are you really a human?" Jiang Wuyue was completely speechless.

"Please refer to me as god. You can beat me to your heart's content; don't forget that you only have one minute left before you have to recharge."

"I'll pay you the total sum I owe you at the end! Here I come!" Jiang Wuyue rushed forward while swinging his giant hammers through the air.

Was Tang Wulin not in pain? He was being beaten by a strength-type Soul Emperor's full-force attacks, so he'd be lying if he said that it didn't hurt. However, this type of pain brought him more elation than it did anything else.

After Tang Wulin discovered his inability to control his own strength, he gave Mu Ye a call to ask about how he could resolve this issue.

Mu Ye was the master of the Body Sect, so he definitely knew the most body refinement methods. Thus, Mu Ye gave him a suggestion. The problem that he was facing was that he was becoming too powerful too quickly, to the extent that his control was unable to keep up with his strength. All that was required was a period of adjustment and coordination, and everything would return to normal.

 During this adaptation process, the best way for him to speed things along was to further tap into his own latent potential, forcing all of his newfound powers to rise to the surface.

The method for this was very simple; just as metals had to be forged, the human body also had to be refined. The Body Sect's cultivation method had always been a process of constantly refining one's body, transforming it into one's greatest weapon.

Hence, Mu Ye told him that it was best for him to find someone suitable to beat him with all their might, stimulating his body's instinctive reactions through physical trauma, thereby allowing him to tap into more of his latent potential. At the same time, it would allow his body to better fuse with his bloodline power. Every time he was struck, his body would fuse with his own bloodline to a greater extent, and the instinctive reactions his muscles displayed in response to being struck would improve his control over his own body.

As such, even if Jiang Wuyue hadn't come to find him today, he was preparing to call him up. Ma Shan's attacks were a little too ferocious for him to handle without adopting any defensive measures, whereas Jiang Wuyue's offensive prowess was just right.

Tang Wulin was volunteering himself to be a human sandbag, but he was benefitting considerably from this experience.

After being beaten for half an hour, he could clearly sense that his body's reactions had improved, and he had integrated himself to a far greater extent with his own newfound strength. During this process, he had clearly become more proficient at using his own blood essence power, and he also developed a clearer sense of the changes that had taken place within his muscles, bones, and meridians.

As such, he was very happy to continue being beaten by Jiang Wuyue.

Jiang Wuyue was also quite happy to be the enforcer, and he was venting a lot of his frustration throughout this process. However, at the same time, he was becoming more and more astonished. It was completely unfathomable to him that a human's body could become this powerful. He was like an indestructible cockroach!

Even if his body had been constructed using the best uncommon metal, it would've still been smashed into pieces long ago, yet he was completely fine!

It hurt to be beaten, but being the enforcer was also very tiring! After Jiang Wuyue beat Tang Wulin for two full hours, his clothes were drenched in sweat, and he'd exhausted almost all of his soul power.

"I'm done! That's it, I've got everything out of my systems now. How much do I owe you?" Jiang Wuyue panted.

Tang Wulin was still raring to go, and he sighed, "Wuyue! A man can never say that he's done; he can only say that he doesn't want to go on any longer. You need to be able to last as long as possible!"

Jiang Wuyue turned to him with a vicious glare. If it weren't for the fact that he was truly completely exhausted, he really wanted to smash his hammer into that punchable pretty face of his!

"Let's continue this tomorrow." Tang Wulin departed first, and he was feeling extremely limber and relaxed, as if he'd just received a good massage.

Every inch of his body was in pain, but he could clearly sense that following this stimulative process, his blood essence power had forged a far stronger connection with his own body. Now, he just had to go back and meditate to adjust and sense the changes that had taken place within his own body. In doing so, he'd definitely be able to significantly improve his control.

The next day, Tang Wulin had to participate in his first mecha battle of the finals.

Under Ling Wuyue's instructions, Tang Wulin's mecha piloting skills were now a world apart compared to when he first arrived in the legion. The most important aspects of mecha piloting are control, and integration between mecha and martial soul.

With Ling Wuyue's guidance, Tang Wulin was now at least able to control his mecha as if it were an extension of his own body. At the same time, he was able to better integrate his mecha with all of his abilities.

The effect brought to him by his sixth soul skill, Devouring Heaven and Earth, was also extremely potent, and through the use of this soul skill, he was able to triple his own powers for a short time. Otherwise, there was no way that he would've been able to defeat Blood Nine.

These abilities could all be integrated into his mecha battles.

After entering the generic mecha, Tang Wulin chose a spear as his weapon once again. Tang Wulin performed a few experimental movements with the mecha, and he couldn't help but heave a faint internal sigh. It was way too cumbersome!

The generic mecha's massive size allowed it to carry more energy, and its increased weight also improved its destructive power, but that only applied to normal mecha pilots. To a Soul Master of Tang Wulin's caliber, the weight of the mecha was nothing more than that; dead weight!

It was no wonder that most red mechas were under six meters tall; the larger a mecha was, the more cumbersome it became.

Tang Wulin also set a target for himself; he was going to construct a black mecha that was also less than six meters tall. It only had to be just big enough to contain him after he donned his suit of battle armor. To him, a mecha's enhancement abilities and endurance were the most important aspects; everything else paled in comparison. His strength had already reached an extremely fearsome level, so his mecha also had to be able to handle his power.

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