Chapter 1022: Arrival of the Star Battle Net Finals

He recalled back to what he'd felt when he'd released that soul skill, and that sensation played out in his mind over and over again. To his surprise, even his memory functions seemed to have improved, and he was able to clearly recall every single minute detail during his recollection.

This was a very clear feeling, and he recalled that at the time, he had purely released his fifth Golden Dragon King soul skill on its own, rather than combining his soul power and blood essence power to unleash a blood soul fusion skill. He had only drawn upon his bloodline power, and it began to produce some kind of strange high-frequency vibration. These vibrations created waves that stacked on top of one another in a relentless manner, and the string of explosions that Ma Shan had been afflicted by had come from none other than those vibration waves.

This meant that the attack had been unleashed solely by the vibrational force of his own bloodline, and it possessed extremely potent explosive power, but also required a vast amount of energy to support. What was even stranger was that through his recollection, Tang Wulin discovered that when he was unleashing this attack, he had released it in all directions, so the energy expenditure had been extremely severe. When his bloodline power had been about to run out, his dragon core had violently contracted, drawing all of the soul power from his soul core and converting it into blood essence power so it could continue to maintain this output of explosive vibrational force.

Did this mean that after breaking through his 10th seal, his soul power and blood essence power were now interchangeable? If so, then that undoubtedly indicated a closer connection between his two major energy cores.

Just unleashing the soul skill on its own had produced such a powerful effect; what if he were to unleash it as a blood soul fusion skill? The rate of energy expenditure would definitely become faster, but surely the explosive force would also be increased.

He had to give that a try later on!

He entered a meditative state and constantly assessed the details of his fight against Ma Shan, benefitting immensely in the process.

This was a very direct type of improvement, and it directly connected to his overall combat prowess.

However, it would not be so easy for him to completely control his newfound power; that was something that required more time and practical combat experience. Thankfully, the finals of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition were about to commence!

Several days later, Tang Wulin logged on to the Star Battle Net again, and was surprised to find that the scenes he was greeted by had changed.

After logging on, the first thing that appeared before him was a shimmering golden door of light. He stepped into the door of light, and in the next instant, he was teleported to a completely different place.

"Welcome to Star City," an electronic voice announced.

Star City? Was this the city of the Star Battle Net? This artificial intelligence system had only just begun being used in a practical setting, so it was still quite unrefined, but it was undoubtedly the case that everything was improving.

This Star City looked far better than their western competition region. At the very least, it looked more like an actual city. The nickname "Little Tang" was hovering above his head alongside his win/loss record, but unfortunately, he no longer had a 100% win record.

"Please go to the Star City Soul Battle Arena to announce your arrival and prepare for your upcoming match. The first round of the finals is going to be an elimination match, and you will be assigned a random opponent." The electronic voice rang out once again.

Indeed, the first three rounds of the finals of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition were all elimination matches, and only the top 32 could progress to the round-robin stage.

Tang Wulin had his mission etched firmly in his mind; a berth in the top three wasn't good enough anymore; in the Soul Master battle discipline, he had to become the champion.

Strangely enough, he had felt that there was no chance for him to even secure a berth in the top three in the past, but ever since he defeated Blood Nine, becoming the champion no longer seemed like an impossible task to him. In particular, after he broke his 10th Golden Dragon King seal, this feeling of hope and anticipation only became more pronounced.

The only thing that was troubling to him was that he was still unable to fully control his own power, but practical battles were undoubtedly the best way to iron out this issue!

Finals, here I come! 

There were a series of arrows of light guiding Tang Wulin toward the Star City Soul Battle Arena, where he announced his arrival. The process was very simple, and he quickly completed it after arriving at the designated area.

However, Tang Wulin had also noticed something rather strange, which was that he hadn't seen any other participants here.

The Star City Soul Battle Arena up ahead was quite similar to the western competition region, except it was slightly larger in area, and it was currently completely empty aside from himself. Why was this the case?

Unbeknownst to him, this was a measure taken by the system to better ensure the confidentiality of all of the participants.

After Tang Wulin arrived in a golden area, the words "Little Tang" gradually faded from above his head, and it was replaced by only a number, which was 33. Was this his participant number?

He wondered if the federation was going to find out his name in the end. In any case, that wasn't a cause for concern as he was at the Blood God Legion.

"Your registration is complete, and a random opponent has been drawn for you. Please prepare for your upcoming match, which will commence in 10 minutes."

As expected, the system being used in the finals wasn't as straightforward and brusque as the one in the regional matches.

Unbeknownst to Tang Wulin, in the future, the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition was going to become an extremely grand competition of massively extravagant proportions. All of the participants who had made it to the finals of this inaugural edition of the competition were going to be remembered in history.

He sat down with his legs crossed and entered a tranquil state of mind. During his cultivation in the past few days, Tang Wulin discovered that his spiritual power seemed to have also increased significantly along with the other aspects of his power. Even though he hadn't reached the Spirit Domain realm, he had definitely progressed very far in the Spirit Abyss realm.

Through his spiritual power, he could sense even the most minute changes within his body, and he could also detect everything going on around him in a very large area. Even more importantly, he was now able to use his spiritual power to identify the invisible energy particles in the air, and that was the most useful aspect of possessing such a high level of spiritual power. According to what he had learned in Shrek Academy, the signature trait of Spirit Domain realm spiritual power was the ability to discern elements.

Even though he only had a murky sense of this at the moment, he didn't seem to be far away from reaching that level.

The Spirit Domain realm was already the very pinnacle for a normal human. It was said that after reaching the Spirit Domain realm, one would attain a spiritual domain, and everyone had different spiritual domains. However, one thing was constant, which was that all spiritual domains were extremely beneficial to one's cultivation and combat prowess.

All Limit Douluos had to possess Spirit Domain realm spiritual power as a foundation, and it was said that without reaching the Spirit Domain realm, one could never become a demigod.

Following the conclusion of this round, he was going to make some inquiries to Blood One surrounding this matter, and he also wanted to check how much spiritual power he currently possessed.

It was undoubtedly the case that as a Limit Douluo, Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi definitely possessed Spirit Domain realm spiritual power.

With the advancements of present-day technology, Limit Douluos weren't as revered as they were in the past, but their reputations definitely hadn't waned by much. The federation didn't dare to completely stomp out the Tang Sect, and the main reason behind this was the fact that the Tang Sect the two Limit Douluos, the Heartless Douluo and the Amorous Douluo, among their ranks. However, in Tang Wulin's opinion, it was most likely the case that even the federation was unaware of the fact that the Heartless Douluo was Blood One of the Blood God Legion.

The Blood God Legion seemed to have its own unique system when it came to confidentiality, and all members of the Blood God Legion had to follow the rules here, no matter where they came from.

Tang Wulin was very much in approval of this. The Blood God Legion had already given so much for the federation, and it would be very disheartening to see them being bogged down by external matters.

10 minutes quickly passed by, and a streak of golden light flashed past, following which Tang Wulin found himself on the competition platform.

The surrounding area was completely silent, and the entire competition platform was emanating a faint white light. Looking around, Tang Wulin discovered that this competition platform had a diameter of around a kilometer, which was extremely extravagant! Even for mecha battles, a kilometer seemed to be overkill.

In the distance, around 300 meters away, his opponent had also appeared. Both of their faces were blurred out to one another, so he could only see the number "118" hovering above his opponent's head.

Tang Wulin's eyes narrowed slightly as he primed himself and awaited the announcement from the electronic voice.

In contrast with the silence on the competition platform, the entire federation was in a state of excitement outside the competition venue.

The federation spent a huge sum of money to televise the finals of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition across the entire federation.

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