Chapter 102 - Golden Palm

Chapter 102 - Golden Palm

Although a blue vine twisted around Wang Jinxi’s body, binding him, in the next moment, a strange scene occurred. The vines came off by themselves as Wang Jinxi’s body became illusory.

At some point in time, Wang Jinxi had activated his second soul skill, the corresponding soul ring shining brightly beneath his feet. He had actually used his soul skills in quick succession.

Zhang Yangzi revealed a smile when Wang Jinxi had utilized his second soul skill. Even if it’s him, it’ll be difficult for him to defeat Wang Jinxi.

It had to be known that Wang Jinxi’s martial soul was actually a first-rate darkness type soul, the Bone Dragon King!

Wang Jinxi’s martial soul was superior to Wei Xiaofeng’s in every single aspect.

First soul skill: Bone Dragon Claw.

Second soul skill: Bone Soul Transformation.

Wang Jinxi’s Bone Soul Transformation could transform a part of his body incorporeal. Although the transformation only lasted for a short duration, he was immune to everything during that time.

Naturally, with his current cultivation, he could only turn a quarter of his body incorporeal. Under his meticulous control, the incorporeal part was precisely the parts that the Bluesilver Grass had latched onto.

Despite his anger, Wang Jinxi was very cool-headed. Zhang Yangzi had told them before the battle that they couldn’t underestimate class five. Naturally, it was because this supposedly trash class had the strength to defeat three classes in a row. As a result, their battle plan was to have Wei Xiaofeng engage one in close combat, while Wang Jinxi went all out, taking care of the other two. Zhang Yangzi was left to clean up.

After all, their goal wasn’t just to defeat those in their grade; it was much higher than that. They had decided to hide Zhang Yangzi’s abilities in this battle. Without a doubt, Zhang Yangzi was the core of their team.

The gigantic Bone Dragon Claw was already in front of Tang Wulin, spreading its claws wide to grab hold of him.

Poisonous darkness came from the Bone Dragon Claw. It possessed an extraordinary strength as it made Wang Jinxi’s bones ten times stronger and his strength five times greater. Furthermore, the amplification effect would be greater as he continued cultivating. One day, if he managed to attain seven rings and reach the level of martial soul true body, he would be able to transform into the Bone Dragon King and reveal its true body.  

Even Zhang Yangzi’s martial soul was somewhat inferior to Wang Jinxi’s. Ye Yingluo had told them before that if they cultivated to become a seven ring Soul Sage, the strongest among them would be Wang Jinxi.

At two rings, although Wang Jinxi could only execute a single claw, he was confident in his chances of winning. Even if he faced a three ring Soul Elder, he would still be confident.

“Wulin, be careful.” Gu Yue moved in a flash, removing herself from Tang Wulin’s back as a burst of light came from her body.

“It’s fine, you have me.” A bizarre radiance appeared within Tang Wulin’s eyes and grew in intensity as he raised his right arm.

He didn’t even try to dodge  the gigantic Bone Dragon Claw; nor did he use his Bluesilver Grass to ward it off. In fact, the hammer in his right hand had disappeared too. In the depths of his eyes, a golden light flickered.

He curled his right hand into a fist and punched straight at the center of the Bone Dragon Claw. By his side, Gu Yue suddenly heard a succession of popping sounds from Tang Wulin’s bones as an astonishing aura suddenly burst forth from Tang Wulin’s body.

This aura had only appeared for a split second, with only two people on the competition stage reacting to it.

Right when Xie Xie was pursuing Wei Xiaofeng, he body went sluggish as he felt an extreme sensation of fear flash from the bottom of his heart. Not only did it slow him down, it also caused him to tremble as his soul power became unstable.

The other person who had reacted was naturally Tang Wulin’s opponent, Wang Jinxi.

Although Xie Xie had reacted to Tang Wulin’s aura, Tang Wulin hadn’t directed it at him. Thus, the feelings invoked within Wang Jinxi were far stronger.

In that split second, Wang Jinxi no longer saw his opponent as a person, but rather, he saw Tang Wulin as a ferocious beast. His power, which originated from his within blood, suddenly turned into a restrictive force. His tremendous strength transitioned into intense trembling while his claw slowed down.

Afterward, he could only stare blankly as Tang Wulin extended his right arm. He grabbed one of the Bone Dragon Claw’s digits, then exerted a tremendous amount of strength to toss him.

How can this be?

In the moment that Wang Jinxi had been thrown, regardless of whether it was the students on stage or the spectators and teachers off stage, everyone was dumbstruck at this scene.

Long Hengxu had just been preparing to intervene and block Wang Jinxi, fearing that the Bone  Dragon Claw would seriously harm Tang Wulin. In fact, he was already rushing forward to intervene when the situation took a drastic turn.

Wang Jinxi’s Bone Dragon Claw had slowed for some unfathomable reason, and in the moment following, he was transformed into a human artillery shell!

Only Gu Yue, who had been right by Tang Wulin’s side, had seen his hand glow a golden color the moment he threw Wang Jinxi. Having seen this, her eyes were somewhat dull.

That aura and power… It resembles…

In the depths of her beautiful eyes, an indescribable look of shock flickered. Within her heart, the same question many others were asking appeared: How can this be?

But there was a difference between her ‘How can this be’ and everyone else’s.

Bang! Wang Jinxi landed in a confused mess in the distance. Despite the disarray he was in, however, he no longer felt that trembling.

Wei Xiaofeng was the most fortunate. He hadn’t been able to use his second soul skill in time as Xie Xie drew closer, but for some baffling reason, Xie Xie had slowed down. This had given him the chance to quickly put distance between them as he dashed towards Zhang Yangzi.

Tang Wulin clenched his fist, his expression radiating with happiness. There really is a chance!

Without pause, he threw the hammer in his left hand straight at Zhang Yangzi with a strand of Bluesilver Grass connected to its shaft, quietly trailing behind it. As it shot towards Zhang Yangzi, the hammer gave off an ear-piercing whistle. In a flash, it was right in front of him.

At that moment, an ominous green light appeared by Zhang Yangzi’s side. He felt his body tense up as he was no longer able to move a single inch.

Gu Yue had used her control over the wind element to bind Zhang Yangzi.

Her binding and Tang Wulin’s hammer attack had happened in perfect concert.

It seemed as if that hammer, which weighed over a hundred kilograms, was unavoidable. Tang Wulin held onto the strand of Bluesilver Grass connected to it. If Zhang Yangzi truly couldn’t do anything to resist, then he would stop the hammer at the last second. After all, this was only a competition.

A trace of shock flashed through Zhang Yangzi’s eyes, but there wasn’t a single trace of panic. Two soul rings lit up beneath his feet and immediately, the loud cry of an eagle came from his mouth. With a shake of his body, he seemed to have overcome the wind element which trapped him, allowing him to take the single step necessary to evade Tang Wulin’s hammer.

Having released his martial soul, a shadow flew out from his back as a pair of black wings appeared from his back.

A flying-type martial soul?

Zhang Yangzi flapped his wings and flew into the sky. The astonishing thing was that his body was now pitch black and he had violet eagle eyes. The build of an eagle wasn’t too large, but its eyes were exceptionally sharp and vigorous.

Rather than attacking Tang Wulin immediately, Zhang Yangzi used his flight speed, which surpassed even Xie Xie’s speed, to arrive at Wei Xiaofeng’s side in a flash. His first soul ring lit up, inducing his wings to suddenly grow ten meters in length, and became an even deeper shade of black. He enveloped Wei Xiaofeng and Xie Xie with his large wings.

This was…

When one saw a flying-type martial soul, the first thing one would think of was an Agility System Soul Master. However, Zhang Yangzi had actually used a control-type soul skill! Could it be that he was actually a Control System Soul Master?

It was at this moment that Wang Jinxi crawled up. After leaving Tang Wulin’s vicinity, that feeling of fear and dread within his heart had disappeared. Despite the unfathomable mystery they had encountered just now, he had still known Zhang Yangzi since childhood, hence knowing that he should immediately run toward the area of darkness.

“This isn’t good. Xie Xie!” Tang Wulin shouted for Xie Xie. His foot made an indent in the ground as he madly dashed straight at that black area. Along the way, he retrieved his hammer and began spreading his Bluesilver Grass in full force, moving it to cover that area.

A green light appeared beneath his feet, lightening his entire body. His speed increased by a margin, but at that moment, a golden light began to shine above that black mass.

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