Chapter 1019: A Second Heart?

On the bracelet around Tang Wulin's neck, that silver scale had also become extremely hot and was radiating scorching silver light.

Time slowly passed by, and Tang Wulin felt as if his body had already expanded to the size of the entire world, and that it could explode at any moment.

His Golden Dragon Spear tremored and buzzed gently, and he felt as if his own body were about to break through some kind of shackle.

His consciousness gradually began to fade, and the images of countless colossal beasts that connected heaven and earth began to surface in his mind. These gigantic beasts soared through the heavens, and were flying toward a massive palace that contained an entire world.

Loud dragon's roars reverberated through the air, and the giant beasts flew toward the palace one after another. Countless dead bodies plummeted from the sky, and Tang Wulin was struck by an intense sense of pain and indignation.

He seemed to have opened his mouth to let loose a deafening dragon's roar, draping layers of rainbow light over the bodies of all of the giant beasts and allowing them to attack with even greater ferocity.

Right at this moment, a streak of crimson light swept forth and descended from the palace. The army of gigantic beasts was cleaved in half down the middle, and countless giant beasts were instantly reduced to dust.

Following the flash of crimson light, Tang Wulin's consciousness faded into darkness once again. He then heard a string of cracks and pops ring out from his bones in rapid succession. It was as if his body had become a string of firecrackers, and he began to tremble violently amid the sequence of loud noises. 

The blood essence fluctuations within his body also became more violent.

At this point, his dragon core had completely changed in appearance. It appeared to be a crystal in the past, but now, it had turned into a sphere and was no longer transparent. Furthermore, it was constantly expanding and contracting in a relentless cycle.

With each and every cycle of contraction and expansion, a vast amount of bloodline power was being absorbed and expelled by it. The reddish-golden light from the 10th seal was constantly being drawn into it, then expelled outward and flowing into the rest of his body.

Why... did it seem like his dragon core was looking like a heart?

It was slightly smaller than Tang Wulin's actual heart, but the blood essence power that it was pumping was far more potent than that of his real heart.

Was this a second heart?

Tang Wulin was completely astonished! He then turned his attention to his soul core to find that it was also undergoing a transformation. In the past, it had only contained what appeared to be a blade of Bluesilver Grass, but now, a miniature golden dragon was wrapped around it, and it wasn't just in a stationary statuesque form; instead, it was like a living tiny dragon that was revolving around the soul core. The soul core itself had also expanded slightly, and the blade of Bluesilver Grass within it had turned into a shimmering golden color.

The two major energy cores were still resonating with one another, but now, the yin yang vortex had vanished; in its place was a bridge of energy that connected the two cores.

Every single bone within Tang Wulin's body was also undergoing changes. A layer of fine patterns had appeared over the surface of his bones. The patterns were reddish-golden in color, and it looked as if countless thin miniature dragons were winding themselves around his bones. The dragon patterns were quite indistinct, but in that instant, Tang Wulin could clearly sense that he seemed to no longer be a pure human.

The place where the Mountain Dragon King soul bone had fused into had also been covered by these dragon patterns, and his aura had completely changed. Not only that, but this energy was also flowing toward his back in a frenzy, and the bones in his back were clearly becoming thicker and more powerful. In particular, two of his ribs slowly extended outward, piercing through his skin and flesh before emerging from his body.

Tang Wulin felt as if his entire body were being torn apart, and the pain was naturally extremely excruciating, but he was completely powerless to do anything about it.

What is that? 

Intense agony flowed through his entire body along with the peerlessly potent bloodline power. He couldn't control his own body; all he could do was defend his mind with all his might, not allowing even a single wisp of that vicious aura to infiltrate his soul.

Forcing himself to remain conscious would only make the agony even more pronounced, but he had no choice. If he were to allow himself to succumb to unconsciousness, he could end up like Long Yue!

"Splurt!" His back was finally forced open, and his two thick and powerful ribs seemed to have separated themselves from one another. Immediately thereafter, Tang Wulin felt as if his entire body had become lighter, and an indescribable sensation then appeared. This was an extension of his limbs, a type of elation from freedom.

A pair of reddish-golden dragon wings spread open on his back before slowly extending.

His bloodline power seemed to have found a vent to flow through, and it began to surge rapidly toward the two dragon wings, which were still slightly damp. Soon, dragon scales began to appear on the surface of the dragon wings, and they gradually became thicker and heavier. The dragon wings were also constantly expanding before finally reaching their final form. All of the bloodline power in the room surged toward the dragon wings to be absorbed as soon as they took shape.

Tang Wulin transmitted his will into his dragon wings, and he could sense the countless blood vessels and enormous bloodline power within them.

Was he still a human at this point?

Tang Wulin's mental state began to waver slightly. All of the violently fluctuating bloodline power within his body that was bringing intense agony to him finally began to subside after the dragon wings appeared.

His mind entered a tranquil state, and as the pain abated, he gradually entered a meditative state.

All of the dormitory rooms of the Blood God Battalion had extremely potent energy isolation effects, and these measures had been put in place so that the energy fluctuations triggered by the nine Blood Gods during their cultivation wouldn't impact the outside world.

Tang Wulin had moved into the former Blood Nine's room now, so despite everything that had just happened in here, everyone in the outside world was oblivious to what he was experiencing.

After an indeterminate period of time, Tang Wulin finally awakened from his meditation, and when he opened his eyes again, he felt as if the entire dormitory room had become clearer.

He moved his body slightly, and he was suddenly struck by a restricted feeling, as if there were a layer of something that was limiting his body.

He exerted a slight amount of force, and he was immediately struck by the feeling that something had shattered. He reflexively looked down, and was shocked to discover that his own chest had split open!

No, his chest hadn't completely split open; it was just the skin on the surface of his chest. The gash began to quickly extend, and he felt as if he were struggling out of a set of bindings.

A layer of skin began to split open around his body, and Tang Wulin tore the skin off in chunks to reveal his new skin.

The skin had a rosy complexion and appeared to be very healthy. There was also a faint golden light that was flowing beneath his skin.

The vicious aura that he'd experienced after breaking the seal had already completely vanished, and if it weren't for the scraps of skin around him and the giant dragon wings on his back, it would almost look as if nothing had ever happened.

This was truly a complete evolution! Breaking this seal had brought to him far more enormous changes than breaking his previous seals did.

However, now that he had a pair of wings, was he going to become a monster? If only he could put them away.

The thought had only just occurred to him, and the wings on his back were naturally withdrawn. Tang Wulin felt a warm sensation on his back, and the pair of wings really did fuse into his body. The only difference he could sense was that the pair of ribs that they originated from were thicker than all of his other ribs.

A sense of elation welled up in his heart, and he waved an arm through the air in an excited manner.

As he did so, a layer of reddish-golden light instantly appeared in the air, and a low dragon's roar also rang out. Within his chest, his dragon core, which now resembled a heart, was beating in a powerful manner, sending rich blood essence power surging throughout his entire body.

A layer of dragon scales instantly appeared over his new skin, and in contrast with his scales of the past, there were two layers of them here. The layers were stacked on top of one another, and they appeared to be thicker and heavier, as well as more resolute than before.

Tang Wulin carefully stepped down onto the ground from his bed and sensed his own body upon which he was struck by an unfamiliar feeling.

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