Chapter 1018: Breaking the 10th Seal

After forming the yin yang vortex, Tang Wulin's rate of cultivation hadn't actually increased by much. However, his soul power had attained a far higher level of purity. Now, each and every drop of soul power that he materialized was extremely pure, and even though his soul power was only at rank 65, his ability to sustain himself during battle was something that even a Soul Sage couldn't compare with.

As long as he continued cultivating, he shouldn't encounter any major obstacles, at least prior to becoming a Titled Douluo.

Not only did he have to cultivate today, he also had to take a very important step.

If he were to successfully take this step, then he firmly believed that his powers would be significantly boosted once again.

He was now in a completely calm state, and both his soul power and bloodline power were revolving evenly within his yin yang vortex. The process that he'd visualized surfaced in his mind again, and after one final round of confirmation, it was finally time for the moment of truth.

He took a deep breath, and the rotation of his yin yang vortex gradually slowed down. The connection between his dragon core and soul core was temporarily severed by him, and at the same time, he controlled the bloodline power within his dragon core to rise upward, following slowly into the golden world within his heart.

That's right, what he had to do today was break the 10th Golden Dragon King seal.

Old Tang had once told him that it would be best for him to break his future seals as quickly as possible, granted that the situation permitted him to do so. Only then would he have sufficient time to grow stronger using the Golden Dragon King bloodline power that he'd already attained, thereby giving him a chance to break through the rest of his seals during his future cultivation.

After the ninth seal, every successive seal was a trial of life and death, but they also presented him with opportunities for evolution.

Tang Wulin had only heard about this from Old Tang before, but he'd never truly experienced it, and now, he was about to have his first taste.

He had broken his ninth Golden Dragon King seal back when he had drunk the Dragonblood Wine in the blacksmith association headquarters, and since then, he'd attained his dragon and soul cores, and he'd also become a Soul Emperor.

In Tang Wulin's eyes, he already possessed the ability to break this 10th seal; he had already accumulated enough.

He wasn't nervous at all as he was confident in his ability to complete this breakthrough. What was more important to him was the experience that he would accrue during this process. The 10th seal was an extremely meaningful one, and it was going to be an indication of just how difficult it was going to be to break the final nine seals.

Tang Wulin still clearly recalled what Old Tang had told him; if he could absorb all of the energy within the 18 Golden Dragon King seals, then he would be the new Golden Dragon King, which would make him a god.

This was a shortcut that was only available to him, and he really wanted to know just how difficult it was going to be to try and take this shortcut.

His bloodline power rushed upward before crashing into the 10th seal, and all of a sudden, Tang Wulin's entire body began to tremble.

Faint light appeared around him, and fine golden dragon scales appeared all over his body. Immense blood essence erupted forth, and a faint dragon's roar erupted all around him.

Tang Wulin was very calm, and everything that he'd accumulated was beginning to shine through.

The first charge was only an experimental one, and he discovered that the 10th Golden Dragon King seal was very resolute. Now that he'd formed his dual cores, he could see the seals when inspecting his own internal condition.

The seal was like a wall with rose patterns on it, but as he caught sight of the patterns, he was struck by a surprising sense of familiarity. He felt as if these patterns bore a resemblance to his Bluesilver Emperor vines, and he even felt an intimate bloodline connection with the power of these seals!

In that instant, a thought that had never occurred to him suddenly appeared in his mind; where had the seals within his body come from? Old Tang had never told him about this. And where had this Golden Dragon King essence come from?

The thought only flashed through his mind for an instant before it was dismissed. He had to focus all of his attention on breaking this seal, so there wasn't any time for him to be pondering such notions. His bloodline power took on the shape of a golden dragon within his body before crashing into the seal again.

The patterns on the seal began to shimmer with dazzling light to oppose his bloodline power, but Tang Wulin could clearly sense that there was power of the same origins as his own bloodline power vehemently pounding on the seal from the other side as well.

The seal was being attacked from both sides.

An intense feeling appeared in Tang Wulin's body, and he felt as if his body were being compressed. There was no need for him to actively control his bloodline power, and it was still crashing into the seal over and over again of its own accord. The patterns on the seal gradually became more chaotic, and finally, a series of cracks began to appear on its surface.

As the first crack expanded, a burst of reddish-golden light surged forth before instantly rushing into Tang Wulin's bloodline power.

Tang Wulin shuddered violently, and an indescribably vicious aura instantly spread throughout his entire body. It was as if the aura had been imbued with the will to slaughter the entire world.

The Golden Dragon King bloodline power within his body was instantly set alight, and he didn't even need to control it for it to continue crashing into the seal in a frenzy.

The reddish-golden light flowing out of the seal became brighter and brighter, and that vicious aura also became more and more pronounced, making him feel as if his mind were about to be eroded by it.

He immediately focused his attention and directed the enormous soul power within his soul core toward his bloodline power. The neutral and gentle Mysterious Heaven Method began to quickly fuse together with his bloodline power, and both powers slowly fused into his body.

Sure enough, with the inclusion of his Mysterious Heaven Method soul power, the insanity within his bloodline power began to abate slightly. At the same time, Tang Wulin could sense a burst of cool and refreshing energy flowing into his mind from his Saint Blacksmith badge, thereby further helping him calm himself down.

The violent and vicious aura continued to wreak havoc, and the seal was abruptly shattered. Scintillating reddish-golden light instantly spread to every single corner of Tang Wulin's body.

He began to shudder violently once again, and his entire dormitory room had been basked in a reddish-golden light.

The incredibly vicious aura was still rampaging through his body, and a golden dragon projection appeared around him. The projection was very faint and insubstantial, but its eyes were particularly clear. That was a pair of eyes that was filled with ferocious crimson light, and the vicious aura was only continuing to elevate, thereby further stimulating Tang Wulin's body.

In that instant, he suddenly thought of Long Yue. Long Yue would lose control over his emotions whenever he tried to draw upon too much of the Mountain Dragon King's power, but he couldn't allow himself to succumb to that. If he couldn't control this power, then he would become a killing machine!

With that in mind, Tang Wulin bit down on the tip of his tongue, using physical pain to help himself focus. No matter how ferocious the vicious aura became, he continued to forcibly keep it at bay, preventing it from infiltrating his mind. At the same time, he relaxed his body to allow his two major energy cores to form the yin yang vortex again, thereby allowing him to absorb the terrifying blood essence power erupting from his shattered 10th seal.

Old Tang hadn't been exaggerating; the blood essence power surging out of the 10th seal was so immense that Tang Wulin was completely unable to gauge it. He had already prepared for so long and made so many significant breakthroughs, but when the power within the seal truly surged forth, he still felt as if his body were on the verge of falling apart.

Thankfully, both his dragon core and soul core were glowing with dazzling light, and the rotation of his yin yang vortex was just barely able to make the immense influx of bloodline essence begin to rotate as well. Even though it was unable to directly absorb this energy, at the very least, it was alleviating the strain on his body somewhat.

His entire body began to inflate, the blood vessels beneath his skin were beginning to bulge, making it look as if there were countless miniature dragons spreading all over his body.

His skin had also become a reddish-golden color, and his scales had taken on a vibrant red hue, transforming from their original golden color into a crimson color.

His entire body was trembling violently, and the influx of Golden Dragon King energy was also trembling. With each and every tremor, Tang Wulin's body would release a burst of immense blood essence power, filling his entire room with a terrifying aura.

Tang Wulin's powers, mental state, and spiritual power had all improved significantly, yet he could still sense that he was beginning to reach a point where he wouldn't be able to think.

The rainbow gemstone on the bracelet that he'd obtained from the Dragon Valley was flashing with light, and it was also silently absorbing some of this ferocious bloodline power. As a result, it was gradually taking on a reddish-golden hue as well.

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