Chapter 1015: If You're a Major General, Then I'm the Military Commander-in-chief!

The rules of the Blood God Legion were very strict, particularly when it came to military ranks; no tomfoolery was allowed in this regard. Tang Wulin was able to earn accolades very quickly through his forging, so Long Tianwu immediately released an order prohibiting him from using his forging accolades for promotions.

The last time Long Yuxue saw Tang Wulin, he was still only a mere second lieutenant! The difference between second lieutenant and major general was like the disparity between heaven and earth, so she was naturally completely unconvinced that Tang Wulin had actually become a major general in such a short time.

Ma Shan raised a hand and brushed Long Yuxue aside as he said in a cold voice. "If you've got something to say, then tell it to the military law department!"

He reached out to rip Tang Wulin's epaulets off his shoulders as he spoke.

He had been putting his life on the line for the Blood God Legion for 20 years and even he hadn't been promoted to the major general, yet this newbie dared to prance around with such lofty epaulets; just the mere thought of this filled Ma Shan with fury.

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed slightly as he raised his left hand to resist against Ma Shan's hand.

Ma Shan was over 220cm tall, and he was built like a bear, so he absolutely towered over Tang Wulin. However, they were in the legion, after all, and he couldn't hurt his fellow comrades for no good reason, so he was still holding back as he reached forward. When their arms came into contact with one another, Ma Shan was struck by the feeling that the arm of the handsome man before him had been forged from iron and steel, and his hand was unable to progress even a single inch further downward.

"Hmm?" A faint cry of bewilderment escaped from Ma Shan's mouth, but he immediately exerted more force with his right arm, and his menacing features were made to look even more intimidating by the force of his exertion. A burst of terrifying force instantly began to bear down upon Tang Wulin, and it was quite clear that Ma Shan was truly enraged.

Not only was this second lieutenant imitating a major general, he even dared to resist! This was simply unacceptable. Thus, he didn't hold back any further, and he was preparing to teach Tang Wulin a lesson.

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed slightly as he experienced the immense force being exerted through Ma Shan's hand. However, his left arm remained completely resolute as he said in a serious voice, "Corps Commander Ma, do you realize that you're attacking a superior?"

"YOU'RE my superior? You little sh*t!" Ma Shan was even further enraged, and he continued to exert force with his right arm. Right at this moment, Tang Wulin also retaliated with his left arm.

He brought his left arm upward slightly, and Ma Shan could only feel a burst of tremendous power shooting through his right arm. His body was forced to stumble backward a few steps, and his feet left deep indentations on the ground.

He was truly astonished on this occasion! He had always been renowned for his strength, and the only one who could compare to him in this area in the entire Iron Will Corps was Jiang Wuyue, whom he had very high hopes for. Furthermore, Jiang Wuyue was a direct disciple of his.

However, even though Jiang Wuyue's martial soul was the Tyrant Dragon, there was a significant cultivation rank disparity between the two, and Ma Shan had been blessed with extraordinary strength since birth, so his strength was still superior to Jiang Wuyue's.

Even though he hadn't used his martial soul just now, the force that he was exerting had already far exceeded 10 tons in weight. However, Tang Wulin remained completely unmoved and was even able to force him back; how could he not be astonished?

Could it be that he really IS a major general? The thought only flashed through Ma Shan's mind for an instant before he immediately cast it aside.

How was that even possible? He was still only a second lieutenant not long ago, and even if he did possess sufficient power, he had to accumulate accolades in order to earn promotions; how was it possible that he'd reached the major general rank in a mere matter of days? A major general rank couldn't even be directly assigned by the Blood God Legion, unless one were to become a Blood God. Everyone else would have to receive explicit permission from the federal military before they could be promoted to the major general rank.

"You little bastard!" Ma Shan roared with fury as a cold light flashed through his eyes. His body instantly swelled as he released his martial soul, and he grew to over six meters tall.

He wasn't as burly and intimidating as Jiang Wuyue's Tyrant Dragon, but his shoulders were particularly broad, and in particular, the muscles on his arms resembled solid steel balls. A terrifying aura immediately erupted forth.

Tang Wulin's expression had also darkened significantly. This was his forging workshop; if he were to fight Ma Shan here, this place would be razed to the ground for sure.

"Calm down, Corps Commander Ma; I'm willing to go with you to the military law department to verify my identity to you." Tang Wulin raised the Golden Dragon Spear in his right hand, and the dual cores within his body began to rotate at a rapid speed. Energy was injected into his spear from his yin yang vortex, and a platinum spear projection that was around 10 meters in length emerged, locking directly onto Ma Shan with devastating spear intent.

Ma Shan felt a peerlessly sharp aura instantly hurtle toward him, and he was just about to step forward, but immediately faltered in his footsteps.

He was willing to go to the military law department?

Ma Shan glowered at him, and said, "Alright, if you surrender and hand yourself over to me, I'll take you to the military law department."

Tang Wulin was feeling rather speechless, and he appraised Ma Shan with a resigned expression as he said, "Corps Commander Ma, aren't you going to consider the consequences that will await you if I really am a major general?"

"You're a major general? Then I'm the military commander-in-chief! Quit spouting nonsense! Do you think that little toothpick of yours can hurt me?" Ma Shan waved his right hand and swung it directly toward Tang Wulin as he spoke. His hand instantly turned a metallic grey color, and it swept directly toward Tang Wulin's spear projection. A layer of black light surfaced over his hand, and at the same time, eight soul rings emerged from beneath his feet.

Tang Wulin immediately shot back in retreat to exit his forging workshop. He didn't want to fight Ma Shan in there and risk what was going to be certain destruction of his workshop!

Thus, Tang Wulin's body immediately flashed outside.

Ma Shan was a Soul Douluo, so his speed was naturally quite impressive, but now that he'd released his martial soul, his body had become extremely massive, so it was going to take him some time to build up speed.

After Tang Wulin arrived on the snowy ground outside, Ma Shan also charged out of the workshop, but he did so in a very reckless manner, crashing straight through the wall of the building in pursuit of Tang Wulin. His fists then crashed toward Tang Wulin like a pair of steel hammers.

Tang Wulin had done everything he could to avoid a conflict, but this man simply refused to listen to reason, so he was also becoming quite enraged. Furthermore, he knew that power was always the trait that was most revered in the military, so he couldn't keep allowing Ma Shan to do as he pleased. Otherwise, even if his identity as a major general were verified, if he were to be defeated by an official of a lower rank, he'd be bringing shame upon the Blood God Battalion!

Thus, he didn't retreat any further and raised his Golden Dragon Spear in front of him to block the oncoming attack.

A violent boom rang out, and all of the snow in a radius of over 100 meters was sent flying by the resulting shockwaves. Even Long Yuxue, who was trying to rush out of the workshop after them, was forced back into the building.

Tang Wulin's feet sank into the ground, but Ma Shan was also repelled, and a hint of surprise finally appeared in his eyes.

He was extremely confident in his own strength, yet Tang Wulin had blocked two of his attacks in a short span of time, and this was finally starting to make him have second thoughts. Could it be that this guy really was a major general?

Tang Wulin exhaled as he took a moment to compose himself. In the past, he would've most likely been reduced to quite a sorry state by that attack, but after battling Blood Nine and consolidating all of his abilities, he didn't have any fear of Ma Shan. Blood Nine was a Titled Douluo who was also a three-word battle armor master, yet he'd still managed to defeat him. While it was true that Blood Nine had held back during that battle, the fact of the matter was that he had been defeated. In contrast, Ma Shan was only an eight-ring Soul Douluo with a suit of two-word battle armor, so there was a vast disparity between the two. As such, Tang Wulin was naturally very confident in his chances here. Even if he couldn't defeat this opponent, he definitely wasn't going to lose. Furthermore, he was in the right here, so he had nothing to worry about.

"Not bad! Have another one!" Ma Shan's competitive nature was beginning to reveal itself, and piercing light flowed all over his body as his arms took on a metallic appearance. He then swung his arms directly toward Tang Wulin, but he still held back by refraining from using any soul skills.

Tang Wulin's eyes narrowed slightly as he took a deep breath, and a layer of golden scales instantly appeared over his entire body; it was none other than his Golden Dragon Body. With the enhancements from his Golden Dragon Body, his strength was significantly boosted, and he dug his feet into the ground as he swung his Golden Dragon Spear upward.

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