Chapter 1012: Blood Nine's Tragic Fate

Who says small wings are useless? The Tyrant Dragon had proved through its actions that even small dragon wings could have a decisive impact.

Blood Nine's body silently dissipated into specks of golden light, and Tang Wulin's face had also turned completely pale at this point. His yin yang vortex had been rotating at a supramaximal speed, and beads of blood were seeping out of his pores. Even his hands were trembling slightly as he held onto his Golden Dragon Spear.

Even he was struggling to believe that this was all real, let alone everyone else.

He had won?

That's right, this was the feeling he had been searching for; this was the feeling of fighting a battle with everything he had. He had finally used everything that he'd attained following his recent breakthrough.

The Beautiful Silk Tulip was very close to 200,000 years of age, but due to the fact that its growth had been accelerated by the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well, it was slightly weaker than a true Great Beast, which was why it had initially only given Tang Wulin a red soul ring.

Since then, Tang Wulin had finally completely consolidated its power. In addition, he'd attained a soul core, and that, in conjunction with the nurturing effect of his bloodline power had allowed the Beautiful Silk Tulip to take a step that had stumped countless soul beasts in the past. In just a short few days after it had become a soul spirit, it had finally become a true Great Beast and given Tang Wulin an orange-golden soul ring.

The platinum light radiating from the Golden Dragon Spear receded, and light flashed from Tang Wulin's body as he also appeared outside the competition venue.

All of the muscles all over Blood Nine's entire body were spasming slightly. Dying was definitely not a good experience, even in a simulated setting. Tang Wulin was also in a very bad condition. His face was completely pale, and he could barely even remain on his feet, but his eyes were particularly bright and glowing with irrepressible excitement.

The other eight Blood Gods stood beside them and stared at the two of them in a speechless manner for a long time.

This was undoubtedly a battle that had completely stunned them.

When Tang Wulin had issued a challenge to Blood Nine, they had thought that this was going to be nothing more than a sparring match to motivate Tang Wulin. Even Blood Nine had been of the same opinion, and the bet that he'd made with Tang Wulin was only a joke. As such, throughout the entire battle, he had never initiated any attacks; he'd been engaged in passive defense the entire time so Tang Wulin could better express himself, but who would've thought that he'd express himself to this extent?

The immense combat prowess that Tang Wulin had displayed made it impossible for him to even turn the tables in the end.

Even when he'd been forced to release his suit of battle armor, Blood Nine still hadn't thought that Tang Wulin would be able to defeat him. However, after his body was completely shattered and the Tyrant Dragon had dealt him that lethal blow, he had been left in complete shock.

How had he lost? He was a Titled Douluo, and his opponent was only a Soul Emperor! No matter how complacent he'd been, Tang Wulin shouldn't have been anywhere near powerful enough to kill him! Theoretically speaking, a Soul Emperor level two-word battle armor master shouldn’t have even been able to break through his defenses!

However, the fact of the matter was that he had lost. He could go on and on about how he had held back or how he had been too complacent, but the undeniable truth was that he'd been defeated. Furthermore, it was a complete and utter defeat where he'd been killed on the spot!

It had to be said that the Star Battle Net was a fantastic piece of technology; people could battle in here without any inhibition, nor did they have to worry about hurting their opponents. But wasn't that supposed to be the sentiment that Blood Nine was experiencing? Why had the roles been reversed?

Blood Two raised an eyebrow and walked over to Blood Nine as he said in an indifferent voice, "Well done!"

After that, he turned and left.

Blood Nine's flesh immediately began to crawl upon hearing this. He was so screwed! His father was clearly fuming and was most likely going to force him to endure hellish training again.

Blood Eight gave him a cold glare, and said, "I'm not paying for your bet!"

She also departed after that.

The astonishment in Blood Three's eyes gradually faded, and she strode over to Tang Wulin's side before draping an arm across his shoulders. "You really gave us a massively pleasant surprise there! Is that orange-golden soul ring of yours from a 100,000-year-old soul spirit?"

Tang Wulin nodded in response.

Blood Five was a man of few words, but he gave Tang Wulin a huge thumbs-up.

Blood Four, whom Tang Wulin wasn't very familiar with, nodded at him, and Blood Six chuckled, "Nicely done. From now on, you're Blood Nine, although you might not be able to hold onto that title for too long."

That's right, in the instant that Tang Wulin defeated Blood Nine, he had replaced him and been promoted from a backup Blood God to a true Blood God.

Blood One smiled, and said, "You are the youngest Blood God in the history of the Blood God Battalion. You'll have one month to prepare; during this one month, he's not allowed to challenge you. However, after that, he'll definitely try to take back his title, so you have to work hard!"

Blood Nine? He had become Blood Nine?

Tang Wulin was rooted to the spot.

He was naturally aware that this stint as Blood Nine was most likely going to be a very brief one. After all, if Blood Nine hadn't held back against him, there was no way that he could've won.

With that in mind, he shook his head, and said, "With all due respect, Blood One, I don't have what it takes to be Blood Nine. He held back against me and adopted passive defense throughout the entire battle."

Blood One smiled, and countered, "No, you won, and regardless of what happened during the battle, you're now Blood Nine. This is going to provide motivation to both you and him. At the very least, you'll get to be Blood Nine for a month."

A wry smile appeared on Blood Nine's face. "You've screwed me over big time, you little bastard! I'm going to wish I was never born during the upcoming month, I won't be holding back when I challenge you after that, so you better brace yourself!"

Tang Wulin turned to Blood Nine, and he didn't know what to say. As the winner of the battle, offering him consolation would just make it seem like he's gloating, wouldn't it?

Blood Seven couldn't help but burst into laughter. "That's what you get! Speaking of which, you really gave us quite a surprise, Wulin; especially when you summoned those three soul spirits of yours. All of them are so powerful and they were instrumental to your victory. On top of that, your offensive power is so immense that even a suit of three-word battle armor is unable to withstand it; that conjoined weapon of yours is extremely useful!"

Tang Wulin was naturally only able to defeat Blood Nine as the latter had intentionally held back, but conversely, the fact that he was able to penetrate the defenses of a suit of three-word battle armor indicated that his offensive prowess had definitely reached the Titled Douluo level.

Tang Wulin had used close to 10 blood soul fusion skills during that, and that final attack had only been so effective primarily due to the effect of the orange-golden soul ring of his.

A 100,000-year-old soul ring could bestow two soul skills, and an orange-golden soul ring could bestow even more soul skills than that.

The soul skill that Tang Wulin had used was called Devouring Heaven and Earth!

The Beautiful Silk Tulip was the patriarch of all immortal plants, and it was also one of the most regal types of immortal plants. It was capable of absorbing and digesting every type of natural energy between heaven and earth, and that ability was converted into one of Tang Wulin's soul skills, which was Devouring Heaven and Earth.

The effect of Devouring Heaven and Earth was that it was able to instantly draw all of the natural energies and elements within a set area into Tang Wulin's body, thereby drastically enhancing his combat prowess for a short time. At his current cultivation rank, the ability could enhance his overall combat prowess by over 60%. As his soul power rank continued to increase, the proportion of enhancement would also increase.

As such, the Devouring Heaven and Earth soul skill had been instrumental behind Tang Wulin's increased powers at the very end, as well as his ability to unleash his Fury of the Masses for a second time. That was an assistance soul skill that was over a 100,000-year-old caliber, and even the enhancements brought to him by his suit of battle armor were factored into its effect. In that instant, Tang Wulin had truly attained the power of a Titled Douluo, which was why he'd been able to puncture the suit of three-word battle armor.

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