Chapter 1011: Who Says Small Wings are Useless?

The Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens was vanquished, and Tang Wulin was revealed. It was also at this moment that Blood Nine was suddenly struck by a strange sense of oppression. This feeling originated from deep within his heart, and it felt as if a sense of immense pressure had welled up in his heart. Furthermore, this pressure was bringing along with it a potent sense of danger.

The dazzling Golden Dragon Spear and countless platinum spear projections appeared before his eyes, and it appeared as if each and every spear projection had been imbued with a golden Bluesilver Emperor vine. The spear projections abruptly compressed the surrounding air, and his body was also severely compressed along with it. Even though his snake spear soul skill had vanquished the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens, it was instantly destroyed by the countless spear projections immediately thereafter. All of a sudden, all of the spear projections instantly fused as one before striking the protective barrier of his suit of three-word battle armor.

A crisp clang rang out from the protective barrier, and immediately thereafter, a speck of platinum light instantly pierced through. Cracks began to expand from that single point, branching out in all directions, and it was also right in this instant that the platinum super projection struck the suit of three-word battle armor.

Blood Nine's three-word battle armor began to cave in, and a strong sense of peril welled up in his heart. He let loose a loud roar as his seventh soul ring finally lit up. All of a sudden, his body flew backward, and at the same time, the snake spear in his hands expanded in size. His body swayed, and he quickly transformed into a giant python that was over 30 meters in length.

The giant python opened its mouth before biting toward Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear Fury of the Masses. At the same time, another giant python appeared soundlessly behind Tang Wulin, and it also opened its mouth before pouncing toward his body.

Blood Nine had unleashed his martial soul true body, which indicated that he was truly beginning to fight with all his power.

Even though Tang Wulin had already attained a soul core, there was no way for him to attain a martial soul true body prior to becoming a seven-ring Soul Sage.

However, right at this moment, Tang Wulin's four golden soul rings suddenly transformed into six soul rings, and the final soul ring in the sequence was a crimson soul ring, while the one next to it was greenish-golden in color.

Green and red weren't exactly complementary colors, but they were somehow in perfect harmony here. The crimson soul ring began to glow with dazzling light, and it could be clearly seen that there were two golden patterns running around the surface of the soul ring.

Immediately thereafter, the crimson soul ring began to transform, changing from its original crimson color to an orange-golden color. The two golden lines running along its surface seemed to have spread over Tang Wulin's entire body, making his suit of two-word battle armor appear even more lavish and exuberant.

A powerful aura abruptly erupted from Tang Wulin's body, and all of the surrounding elemental particles seemed to be instantly flowing toward him. Blood Nine and all of the spectating Blood Gods were stunned to discover that in just an instant, Tang Wulin's powers had swelled drastically, and all of the elemental particles on the competition platform had disappeared.

Brilliant light radiated from Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear, and his Fury of the Masses suddenly separated into countless spear projections again before striking Blood Nine's martial soul true body. One sharp spear projection after another crashed into Blood Nine's martial soul before shattering into bursts of light, and his massive python body was forced to stumble back in retreat.

The second giant python that had appeared behind Tang Wulin was Blood Nine's most powerful soul spirit. It had instantaneous teleportation as its innate ability, thereby allowing it to appear behind Tang Wulin. Just as its gargantuan mouth was about to swallow Tang Wulin whole, a mountainous dark golden figure suddenly appeared out of thin air before crashing down from above!

"Boom!" The massive figure crashed directly down onto the giant python's body, crushing it firmly into the ground.

The Tyrant Dragon had appeared!

Compared to its past form, the Tyrant Dragon had become even more gigantic, and was towering at a height of over 70 meters. What was even more astonishing was that a pair of dragon wings had appeared on its back, but what was quite comical was that those wings were completely disproportionate to the rest of its body. Even after being fully spread open, the wings only had a wingspan of around 10 meters, which was clearly nowhere near enough for its gargantuan body to take flight.

The dark golden light emanating from its body seemed to be brighter than before, and its thick and heavy scales struck the onlooker with a terrifying sense of intimidation. As it crashed down from above, it crushed Blood Nine's soul spirit heavily to the ground.

Generally speaking, the only soul spirits that could have a decisive effect during battles were soul spirits attained by Soul Masters after progressing to the Soul Sage level. This was because the vast majority of soul spirits were incapable of evolution, so the soul spirits that were attained early on in one's cultivation journey simply wouldn't be able to do much in battle.

It was exceedingly rare for one to be able to use their bloodline to nurtured their soul spirits to undergo evolutions, but that was exactly what Tang Wulin was capable of.

Blood Nine clearly didn't possess that ability, so his most powerful soul spirit was this giant python. Not only did he have perfect synergy with his martial soul, it possessed extremely powerful combat prowess, and it was over 10,000 years of age.

Unfortunately, it was coming up against a Tyrant Dragon, the patriarch of the land dragons, the unyielding soul spirit, and the very epitome of absolute strength.

The giant python was enhanced by Blood Nine's powers as a Titled Douluo, so in terms of combat prowess, it may have actually been able to match the Tyrant Dragon. However, the Tyrant Dragon had appeared far too abruptly, and the python had been crushed by the Tyrant Dragon from the very beginning.

It was as if a gigantic steel anvil had crashed down upon a snake. The giant python's cavernous mouth instantly extended even wider, and massive plumes of grey energy were erupting from its body, clearly indicating that it had been severely wounded.

Throughout this entire process, Tang Wulin hadn't even taken a single glance behind him. His separated Fury of the Masses was forcing Blood Nine to stumble back in retreat, and in the next instant, all of the spear projections converged to combine as one once again. It then began to inflict a series of large wounds onto Blood Nine's martial soul true body.

Right at this moment, a streak of golden light also appeared right in front of Blood Nine. Dazzling golden light erupted forth, and the streak of golden light had appeared to be nothing more than a Bluesilver Emperor vine just a moment ago, but it then instantly transformed into a giant golden python that was over 15 meters in length.

The giant python's body was shimmering with a mirror-like gleam as it wound itself around Blood Nine's body, but Blood Nine was able to destroy it right away. It was also right at this moment that another figure silently appeared. This was a very handsome and refined-looking middle-aged man. He appeared like a fluttering flower petal right above Blood Nine's head before opening his mouth to expel a burst of pink energy. The pink energy descended from above before encompassing the giant python's entire body, and all of a sudden, Blood Nine felt as if all the pain and peril that he had been afflicted by had completely vanished.

He was struck by an indescribably comfortable sensation, and all of his pain and frustration were instantly wiped away, making him feel very drowsy and sleepy.

Right at this moment, the Fury of the Masses spear projection abruptly pierced through his suit of three-word battle armor, then puncturing through his body right below his jaw and pinning him firmly to the ground. Scintillating platinum light erupted from the Golden Dragon Spear, devouring all of the surrounding energy in a frenzy. The giant python trembled and struggled, but the drowsy sensation and gentle fragrance wafting through the air completely numbed his sense of pain.

Tang Wulin descended from the sky with brilliant golden light radiating from his body, lashing out at the giant python's body with his Golden Dragon Whips its Tail before unleashing another Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws right into the python's head.

"Thump!" The giant python was slammed into the ground, and the five deep claw wounds almost punctured through his skull.

Only then did the intense agony that was shooting through Blood Nine's body make him return to his senses, and a look of shock and fury appeared in his eyes as his ninth soul ring lit up. At the same time, his entire suit of battle armor also took on a crystalline quality.

However, there was no way that Tang Wulin was going to allow him to turn the tables.

Brilliant golden light erupted from Goldsong's body as it bound Blood Nine's body with all its might. Extremely dazzling platinum light also radiated from the Golden Dragon Spear as it devoured his life force energy in a frenzy.

Tang Wulin's soul power also erupted forth like an overwhelming flood as his yin yang vortex rotated at an insane speed, dragging his Golden Dragon Spear straight from the giant python's neck toward its head.


A gigantic figure descended from above, and the scenes that were currently unfolding had all of the spectating Blood Gods struggling to pick their jaws up from the ground.

The Tyrant Dragon behind Tang Wulin had sprung up into the air. With its enormous body, the distance it had to cover to leap over to Tang Wulin certainly wasn't something to be scoffed at.

However, its tiny dragon wings were flapping rapidly with all their might, and they actually managed to give the Tyrant Dragon a bit more hang time, thereby allowing it to fly a little further.

Its massive feet stomped directly down onto the giant python's head, shattering it like a watermelon.

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