Chapter 1010: Battling Blood Nine

The Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws abruptly faltered in mid-air as if they had plunged into a swamp, and the speed of the attack was significantly hampered.

He took advantage of this opportunity to sweep his snake spear upward, and his sixth soul ring lit up as a giant python projection appeared behind him. Countless light projections immediately erupted from his snake spear, making it appear as if there were countless snakes dancing in a frenzy before clashing with the Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws. 

The claws were shattered as a result, but Blood Nine was also forced to descend onto the ground. If one could see through his visor at this moment, they'd discover that he currently wore a completely stunned look on his face.

Never would he have thought that he'd be forced into such a passive state by a Soul Emperor.

How was this possible? His opponent was only a six-ring Soul Emperor!

He had been full of confidence when he had stated that it would be considered as his loss if he were forced to release his battle armor, but never did he think that he'd actually lose!

However, the fact of the matter was that even though he'd been able to nullify his opponent's attack through the power of his three-word battle armor, he was still forced down onto the ground by the enormous impact. This was downright incredible!

Just how incredibly strong was his opponent?

Tang Wulin was also in a rather sorry state. He felt as if there were something heavy weighing down upon his chest, and even though his battle armor had withstood most of the attack, it was still an attack from a Titled Douluo, after all. Two bursts of soul power erupted from the snake spear and squirmed into his body in a frenzy. Even though his battle armor had kept around 80% of that power at bay, the remaining 20% was still enough to make him feel as if his internal organs were on fire. Thankfully, his yin yang vortex was able to gradually nullify the destructive power of these two bursts of energy through its rapid rotation.

As expected, a Titled Douluo really was something else!

At this moment, all of the eight spectating Blood Gods wore different expressions on their faces, and Blood Eight was the most astonished of all.

Blood Nine had just lost the bet after only a single exchange!

How was this possible? Since when did Tang Wulin become this powerful?

She was the one who had first taken him to the Blood God Battalion, and even though he'd played an important role during the battle against the abyssal creatures, there was no way that he could compare with the Blood Gods. However, only a short time had passed since then, and he was able to force Blood Nine to release his suit of three-word battle armor in a direct clash while sustaining minimal injuries himself.

Anyone would struggle to believe that this was happening, but the truth was right before their eyes.

A faint smile appeared on Blood One's face. This little guy really was unique. That claw attack just now definitely wasn't a simple soul skill.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath to repress his injuries, and the look in his eyes had become even more serious. He was going to be facing a three-word battle armor master from now on, so this battle was only going to become more arduous for him.

Blood Nine's expression had darkened considerably. He was feeling very shocked and embarrassed! All of the other Blood Gods were spectating this battle, and even his father was present.

He had confidently made a bet with Tang Wulin prior to the commencement of the battle, thinking that he'd be able to earn some easy accolades, but who would've thought that he would've already lost the best after just a single exchange? Theoretically speaking, this match should already be concluded with him as the loser. How had this kid become so powerful?

In contrast, Tang Wulin's eyes were currently practically burning with battle intent.

His Golden Dragon Spear had returned to his grasp, and his Dragon Moon battle armor, which had caved in slightly, had also gradually returned to normal. Even though it was only a suit of two-word battle armor, it was constructed from a spirit alloy comprised of three different types of metals, so its offensive and defensive prowess, as well as its self-repair abilities, were far superior to that of normal suits of two-word battle armor.

Tang Wulin pointed his Golden Dragon Spear forward before raising his head and letting loose a long cry. He spread open his wings before flapping them vigorously, launching himself into the air in the process. Golden Dragon Takes Flight!

A thunderous dragon's roar rang out as a massive golden dragon revolved around his body, and the golden dragon was being bolstered by countless Bluesilver Emperor vines. As a result, Tang Wulin's aura was elevated to its very maximum extent in virtually the blink of an eye.

Blood Nine harrumphed coldly before pointing his snake spear in Tang Wulin's direction, and his sixth soul ring lit up once again. The massive python projection reappeared, and dazzling light also erupted from the snake spear in his hands. At the same time, his three-word battle armor domain, which seemed to be comprised of countless giant pythons, had expanded to cover an extremely huge area.

Right at this moment, something was also happening to Tang Wulin's body, and he unleashed several abilities at the same time.

A halo of golden light abruptly proliferated through the air beneath him; this was none other than his Violent Golden Dragon Domain.

The two domains clashed, and Blood Nine's battle armor domain was almost instantly stained a golden color.

The potency of a domain and the area it encompassed was directly related to the Soul Master's powers, but there were also differences in the calibers of domains.

It was undoubtedly the case that the caliber of Tang Wulin's Violent Golden Dragon Domain far outstripped that of Blood Nine's battle armor domain.

As such, despite the fact that Blood Nine held an absolute cultivation rank advantage, his domain wasn't actually able to overwhelm Tang Wulin's.

Tang Wulin's body faltered slightly, but at the same time, Blood Nine was also affected by the Violent Golden Dragon Domain, striking him with a clear feeling that his own aura was being repressed.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin suddenly let loose a thunderous dragon's roar as he hurtled through the air.

The giant golden dragon head formed by the Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Takes Flight suddenly expanded, and it also took on a more substantial form.

An earsplitting roar rang out as peerlessly powerful blood essence fluctuations erupted forth.

Even as a Titled Douluo, Blood Nine was struck by an instant of disorientation, and his bloodline was clearly being dominated by that thunderous roar. The giant python projection behind him displayed an even stronger reaction; it was instantly shattered and vanished into nothingness!

His sixth soul skill had been destroyed by Tang Wulin in an instant!

After letting loose that almighty roar, the giant dragon head abruptly shuddered, and the entire giant golden dragon suddenly became more substantial as it hurtled toward Blood Nine right after it shattered his sixth soul skill.

This appeared to have only been one continuous attack unleashed by Tang Wulin, but in reality, he had unleashed his Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Takes Flight, Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Roar, and Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens in quick succession.

He was facing a Titled Douluo, so he certainly didn't dare to hold back.

Blood Nine instantly returned to his senses, and he was quite stunned that his sixth soul skill had been destroyed so easily, but right at this moment, his three-word battle armor suddenly displayed an emergency reaction. A glittering and translucent grey light barrier appeared over the surface of the lavish suit of battle armor, immediately blocking the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens. At the same time, he swept his snake spear upward, and countless streaks of light abruptly erupted from it. He didn't use any of his soul skill for this attack; instead, it was the purest battle technique. His immense soul power was enhanced by his suit of three-word battle armor, instantly elevating his powers to the Hyper Douluo level. Even without using any soul skills, he was still equivalent to a Hyper Douluo in power!

Their absolute cultivation rank disparity was on full display in this moment. Even after receiving so many enhancements, the Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens was still destroyed by the snake spear, and its residual power could only send faint ripples running over the surface of the three-word battle armor's protective barrier.

However, Blood Nine was still forced back into retreat by the tremendous force behind that attack.

In the face of a three-word battle armor master, it was already very remarkable that Tang Wulin had been able to accomplish this. He only possessed rank 65 soul power and a suit of two-word battle armor, so theoretically, his powers hadn't even reached the Titled Douluo level. However, he was able to force back a Titled Douluo who was also a three-word battle armor master; no one would've believed that this was possible.

Blood Nine's defenses were completely impenetrable, and at this point, he had already calmed down and was appraising his opponent in a serious manner. Light flashed from his snake spear, and his third soul skill was activated once again. A giant python erupted from the spear, hurtling directly toward the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens, which had already been nullified during the clash.

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