Chapter 1007: Colonel Military Rank

In the next instant, his dragon scales began to emanate a platinum light, and he tapped his foot gently against the ground. He didn't have access to his wings on this occasion, but he immediately unleashed his Golden Dragon Takes Flight.

A pair of faint shimmering wings appeared on his back, and he instantly reached Jiang Wuyue before sweeping his Golden Dragon Spear upward to meet Jiang Wuyue's twin hammers.

A crisp clang rang out, and without his suit of battle armor, the situation had indeed taken a turn. Jiang Wuyue's hammers were only flicked upward by his spear, but not completely flung away.

However, right at this moment Tang Wulin suddenly let loose a thunderous roar; it was his Golden Dragon Roar!

A massive golden dragon head erupted from his body, swelling to a diameter of over five meters before letting loose an almighty roar of fury.

Jiang Wuyue wasn't far away from the golden dragon head, and he was immediately struck by an extremely terrifying burst of pressure and soundwaves. His body rushed back in retreat, and his mind had gone completely blank while his bloodline was being completely and utterly dominated.

Tang Wulin hovered in mid-air, and a scorching white light erupted from the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand. He thrust his spear forward, and his spear intent manifested into a 30-meter-long spear projection that instantly reached Jiang Wuyue.

In the face of this attack, his suit of battle armor naturally exhibited an emergency response, releasing a protective barrier while also stimulating him to return to his senses. He reflexively raised his hammers to shield himself.


The platinum spear projection punctured through the first hammer and forced the second hammer to crash directly into Jiang Wuyue's chest. His vision went dark for an instant from the force of the impact, and his battle armor was almost shattered.

Immediately thereafter, Tang Wulin flicked his spear, and a massive golden dragon rose up into the air amid a thunderous dragon's roar. The golden dragon instantly caught up to Jiang Wuyue before slamming him into the ground.

Jiang Wuyue only barely had enough time to unleash a soul skill, conjuring up a layer of dark golden light around himself to oppose the golden dragon.


Jiang Wuyue's body was sent flying, and his soul skill was completely shattered. Tang Wulin's body flashed, and he instantly appeared above Jiang Wuyue. Countless shimmering golden Bluesilver Emperor vines surged forth toward the direction that the Golden Dragon Spear was pointing in, and it was as if there were hundreds of Golden Dragon Spears thrusting toward Jiang Wuyue in unison.

This was his Golden Dragon Impaling Array!

Jiang Wuyue felt as if he'd been slammed into a bed of nails, and his body instantly stiffened as countless puncture wounds were inflicted upon him.

Immediately thereafter, Tang Wulin swept his Golden Dragon Spear through the air, and brilliant golden light appeared around his body; it was none other than his Violent Golden Dragon Domain. However, now that Jiang Wuyue was his enemy, the domain was debilitating him rather than providing enhancements.

Countless streaks of light suddenly erupted from the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand, and every single one of those streaks of light seemed to have a Bluesilver Emperor vine adhered to it. The streaks of light then instantly combined as one, and the platinum spear projection immediately began to radiate scintillating light that illuminated the entire competition platform. It then thrust forward in a diagonal downward direction, and to Jiang Wuyue, it felt as if the surrounding air had already completely transformed into spear intent.

Several hundred spears instantly fused as one, and during this process, the surrounding air was also compressed to several hundredths of its original mass, and the sound of Jiang Wuyue's bones being crushed and broken rang out as the air compressed around him. When that spear thrust finally reached him, he felt as if every single part of his being, both his body and even his soul, had already been punctured.


Jiang Wuyue was nailed straight onto the ground, and the platinum spear projection abruptly exploded, reducing his body to dust.

Fury of the Masses!

Tang Wulin was ecstatic. He still couldn't manifest that many substantial spear projections, but with the assistance from his Bluesilver Emperor vines, he was finally able to use a part of the power of Fury of the Masses. This attack was the closest he'd ever been to unleashing Fury of the Masses. It was still very far away from the complete version of Fury of the Masses, but he had found the feeling that he'd been searching for.

Following his extensive period of spear practice and the formation of his soul core, he'd finally made a qualitative improvement. Furthermore, after attaining his soul core, the yin yang vortex that had been produced by his two major energy cores was able to significantly decrease his energy expenditure from using his blood soul fusion skills.

If he could only use his blood soul fusion skills three times in the past, then after attaining his soul core, he was now able to use those blood soul fusion skills 10 times or perhaps even more.

After Tang Wulin left the competition platform, he was greeted by the sight of Jiang Wuyue, who was standing rooted to the spot with a soulless expression on his face.

Tang Wulin was quite alarmed to see this. Fury of the Masses targeted the opponent's spiritual power as well, so could it be that Jiang Wuyue's soul had been damaged? In that case, things would become very troublesome.

Thankfully, the Star Battle Net protected its users to an extremely great extent, so moments later, Jiang Wuyue's body began to tremble slightly.

As the trembling became more intense, a hint of life began to return to his eyes.

He stumbled and sat directly down onto the ground while gasping for air with a horrified look in his eyes.

"How could this be? How is this possible?" He had been completely and utterly defeated. From the instant that Tang Wulin began to attack, he had been completely dominated until the conclusion of the battle.

Even though Tang Wulin hadn't unleashed a blood soul fusion skill with every attack, under the effects of his yin yang vortex, his martial soul and bloodline were fused as one to begin with, and the two of them shared a symbiotic relationship. Even though he only possessed the soul power of a Soul Emperor, his rank 65 soul power wasn't far off from Jiang Wuyue's soul power rank. Furthermore, he had a bloodline advantage, and his blood soul fusion skills were extremely devastating, so even though he hadn't donned his suit of battle armor, Jiang Wuyue was still comprehensively crushed.

Never would Jiang Wuyue have thought that this was possible, yet this was the reality, and he had no choice but to believe it.

"Are you alright, Wuyue?" Tang Wulin asked in a concerned voice. He was truly concerned this time.

"Don't talk to me!" Jiang Wuyue wore a speechless look on his face.

Tang Wulin sat down beside him, and said, "Pressure can be motivation when used correctly. A spring may be soft, but the more pressure it's placed under, the stronger it rebounds. You possess brilliant aptitude, but fighting me is completely unfair to you due to our bloodlines. If I didn't have this bloodline advantage over you, there wouldn't be such a large disparity between our powers."

He was being completely genuine on this occasion, and he knew that goading Jiang Wuyue any further would be going too far.

"Get away from me!" Jiang Wuyue grumbled, "I'm never fighting you again no matter what you say! I have to go back and think carefully about this; there must be something that I'm missing."

He clambered to his feet as he spoke before walking away.

Tang Wulin scratched his head as he looked on at Jiang Wuyue's departing figure. It wouldn't be easy to get Jiang Wuyue to spar with him again in the future. In any case, it really did appear that he was no longer a match for him anyway.

Following these sparring matches with Jiang Wuyue, Tang Wulin had completely identified his current situation.

He had attained a soul core, and the two major energy cores had formed a yin yang vortex, thereby elevating his overall powers to a whole new level. He'd even be able to put up a fight against three-word battle armor masters now, so he had to find another opponent for himself.

There were still a few days left until the finals of the competition.

After logging off from the Star Battle Net, Tang Wulin sat down with his legs crossed to meditate and digest everything that he learned through those sparring matches. However, Jiang Wuyue hadn't been able to place much pressure on him at all, so he hadn't benefitted much from their sparring matches; the battles had only allowed him to better understand himself.

As expected, having a soul core was completely different from not having one!

What he had to do now was to think about how to collate all of his current powers to unleash the full extent of his combat prowess.

His soul power had been improved all the way to rank 65, and he'd attained a soul core; those were both extremely substantial enhancements, and what he had to do next was to accumulate and consolidate.

After Tang Wulin awakened from his meditation, it was already the next morning.

The soul communication ringtone of his Blood God Bracelet suddenly rang out.

"Hello, Blood One."

"Come on over; we're ready to hold your promotion ceremony."

Tang Wulin's heart was instantly filled with excitement upon hearing this. He was going to become a colonel! What a massively pleasant surprise! He had only been here for a few months, and as it turned out, the decision to come here was an extremely correct one. Not only had he become vastly more powerful, he was now about to become a colonel, which was considered to be an intermediate level military official.

After arriving at the Blood God Battalion, Tang Wulin was surprised to find that not only was Blood One waiting for him there, all of the other Blood Gods were also present.

"Greetings, Superiors!" Tang Wulin immediately stood up straight and extended a military salute.

Blood One appraised him with a serious expression, and said, "Following verification from the legion and extensive discussions, we've decided to accept your request and promote you to the colonel rank as a reward for the accolades that you've accumulated, as well as the life force energy you brought to the entire legion. Fringe member of the Blood God Battalion, Tang Wulin, please step forward."


Tang Wulin strode over to Blood One, and Blood Three approached them while carrying a platter in her hands. There was a red cloth draped over the platter, sitting on top of which was a pair of epaulets.

Each epaulet had two bars and three stars, and both of them were shimmering with golden light.

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