Chapter 1005: Platinum Spear Projection

Jiang Wuyue scoffed, "Do you think all of us are part of your Blood God Battalion? We don't all have private Star Cabins at our disposal! Do you know how envious I am? I'm going to buy one once I save up enough accolades, but it's so expensive! It costs 8,000 accolades; I really don't want to splurge so much!"

Tang Wulin chuckled, "Then you'll have to make do with lining up. Let's cut the chit-chat and get straight into it."

Jiang Wuyue harrumphed coldly, "I'm gonna beat you so hard that you'll be crawling around, picking up your teeth from the ground when I'm done with you! I'm telling you, on that day when that enormous burst of life force energy appeared in our legion on that day, my powers have enjoyed a qualitative boost; I made a massive breakthrough and formed my soul vortex! With my soul vortex for support, my Tyrant Dragon is going to become several times more powerful, and I'll never have to worry about running out of energy ever again. Just you wait, hehe!"

Tang Wulin merely smiled with a completely innocent and harmless look on his face. "I'm looking forward to it! I'm not afraid of receiving beatings; being beaten will only help me grow and develop."

Jiang Wuyue urged, "Let's go!"

The two of them issued 2,000 federal credits, and light flashed, following which they entered the competition venue.

Jiang Wuyue was clearly brimming with excitement due to his recent breakthrough, and as soon as the electronic voice rang out, he immediately released his martial soul and battle armor.

Dark golden light swept over his entire body, and Tang Wulin could see a powerful dark golden vortex of light taking shape in front of him.

As the vortex emerged, Jiang Wuyue swelled to over eight meters tall while his thick and heavy suit of two-word battle armor encapsulated his entire body. A peerlessly devastating aura instantly erupted from within his body.

His soul power vortex rotated at a rapid rate at his behest, and even the surrounding air was showing signs of being shattered in the face of the terrifying energy fluctuations emanating from his body.

Jiang Wuyue said in a smug manner, "The soul power vortex that I formed is different from the normal soul power vortex. Due to the tolerance capacity of my body, my soul power vortex rotates at least three times faster than that of the average Soul Master. It provides me with an extremely enormous amount of power, and those enhancements go directly to my strength, so my strength has also tripled. You may have had superior strength to me in the past, but there's no way you can beat me on this occasion!"

"Come at me!" A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and golden light shimmered all over his body as he summoned his suit of two-word battle armor. His visor descended over his face with a crisp click, and at the same time, his Golden Dragon Spear appeared in his hand. He swept his spear through the air beside him, and a seven-foot platinum spear projection erupted from its front tip.

Jiang Wuyue let loose a thunderous roar before storming toward Tang Wulin. He extended his hands, and a pair of giant hammers appeared in his grasp. As the hammers were swung through the air, powerful dark golden light instantly erupted from them, and they were sent crashing down toward Tang Wulin like a pair of miniature shooting stars.

He hadn't been exaggerating; the power behind his hammers had indeed more than tripled. The attack was so formidable that even a three-word battle armor master would be reluctant to take it head-on.

Tang Wulin's eyes narrowed slightly as faint golden light rose up from his battle armor, and in the next instant, he sprang into action.

The dragon wings on his back were abruptly withdrawn, and when he tapped his foot against the ground, his entire body seemed to have suddenly lit up. The wings on his back only flapped ever so slightly, and in the next instant, Jiang Wuyue was greeted by the sight of a streak of light hurtling toward him.

An indescribably sharp sensation flashed past. The power within his hammers seemed to have instantly dissipated, and even his rapidly rotating soul power vortex had momentarily stopped rotating.

Throughout this entire process, all Jiang Wuyue saw was a streak of platinum light flash past. After that, Tang Wulin vanished into thin air.

Immediately thereafter, he discovered that he had lost control over his soul power vortex.

"Boom!" A violent explosion erupted, and Jiang Wuyue's body vanished amid a howl of anguish.

Only then did the golden light emanating from Tang Wulin's body slowly recede. The crystalline substantial-looking spear projection of the platinum Golden Dragon Spear also gradually faded away.

In the instant prior to Jiang Wuyue's self-detonation, a massive hole with a diameter of over a meter had been punctured through his massive body. Even his suit of two-word battle armor hadn't been able to reduce the size of the wound.

Light flashed, and Tang Wulin re-emerged from the combat area before he had a chance to even reflect on the battle.

Jiang Wuyue was standing rooted to the spot with a completely dumbstruck look on his face. Just as Tang Wulin hadn't had a chance to completely experience the changes in his powers during that battle, Jiang Wuyue had also yet to completely return to his senses in the aftermath of that battle's sudden conclusion.

What just happened? He had improved so significantly during the past few days; how had the battle concluded so quickly? He didn't even see any wounds on his body before he was teleported out of the combat area.

"Wulin, you came out as well? What just happened in there? Did the Star Battle Net malfunction?" Jiang Wuyue turned to Tang Wulin with a perplexed expression.

Tang Wulin blinked, and replied, "I don't know! I was suddenly teleported out of the combat area as well. It seems like our match came to a premature end as soon as we clashed."

Jiang Wuyue's brows furrowed tightly as he mused, "I haven't heard about any issues with the Star Battle Net! If something really has happened to it, then the federation will be in quite a bit of trouble. Let's try that again."

He voluntarily issued 2,000 federal credits as he spoke, and the two of them arrived on the competition platform once again.

Light flashed, and both of them appeared at the same time. The electronic countdown commenced, and everything seemed to be the same as before.

"It doesn't feel like anything's changed! So what was that error all about, then?" Jiang Wuyue turned to Tang Wulin with a confused expression.

Tang Wulin replied, "Maybe we should try battling again?"

Jiang Wuyue nodded, and replied, "Alright, let's go again." 

He released his battle armor and martial soul as he spoke, and six soul rings emerged around his body. He then swelled drastically in size, and a pair of giant hammers appeared in his grasp as he charged toward Tang Wulin amid a roar of fury.

Tang Wulin also donned his suit of battle armor and summoned his Golden Dragon Spear. The platinum spear projection appeared once again. With the experience that he'd just accumulated, his essence, energy, and spirit instantly fused as one. Dazzling light erupted from his two major energy cores, forming a yin yang energy vortex. His platinum spear projection abruptly elongated, and when he began to rush toward Jiang Wuyue, the golden light shimmering from his body had become noticeably brighter.

During their last sparring match, he had unleashed his Golden Dragon Takes Flight to enhance his own speed. With the yin yang vortex as support, the Golden Dragon Takes Flight had become a lot more powerful than before, and that, in conjunction with his incredibly sharp spear intent, had allowed him to puncture Jiang Wuyue's body in one fell swoop.

On this occasion, he didn't even bother to use his Golden Dragon Takes Flight and merely charged straight toward Jiang Wuyue. However, when he tapped his feet against the ground to accelerate, his speed had increased to more than twice as fast as before, and he reached Jiang Wuyue in a flash.

On this occasion, Tang Wulin was carefully sensing the changes taking place within his body. Just as Jiang Wuyue's hammers were about to strike his body, the dual cores within his body began to glow even brighter, and he abruptly flapped his dragon wings for a second acceleration. In doing so, he was able to pass through right in between the two hammers, following which his platinum spear projection struck Jiang Wuyue's suit of battle armor.

The defenses of a Tyrant Dragon in conjunction with a suit of two-word battle armor posed quite a stern obstacle, but in the face of Tang Wulin's platinum spear projection, everything seemed to have simply melted away before silently flowing along his spearhead.

Light flashed, and Tang Wulin landed on the ground. Without the enhancement of his Golden Dragon Takes Flight, this battle lasted a little longer than the previous one. At the very least, Jiang Wuyue had enough time to process the intense agony that his body had been afflicted by. He looked down to examine himself, and only after he caught sight of the gaping hole in his chest did the electronic voice ring out again.

"The match is over; Little Tang wins."

Light flashed, and the two of them were teleported out of the competition venue in quick succession.

Outside the combat area, Jiang Wuyue wore a completely flabbergasted expression, while Tang Wulin adopted his harmless look once again.

"What just happened? That really hurt. Did you beat me?" Jiang Wuyue was finally beginning to catch on.

Tang Wulin blinked in response. "Did I win? Everything ended so quickly. I didn't even feel anything; how did I win?"

"Exactly! How did you win?" Jiang Wuyue's expression was filled with befuddlement. He didn't even consider the possibility that a fellow two-word battle armor master would be able to instantly puncture his defenses, which was why he still hadn't figured out what was going on, even though he had felt pain on this occasion.

Tang Wulin adopted a serious expression as he said, "It looks like there are some major issues plaguing the battle net. We have to experiment a few more times, so we can make a timely report to the legion if there really is an issue. Let's go again; I'll pay this time."

Despite how stingy Tang Wulin was, he had offered to pay on this occasion, and that, coupled with his serious expression, convinced Jiang Wuyue that there was indeed something wrong with the battle net. Thus, the two of them entered the competition venue again.

One minute later, the two of them were teleported out one after another.

"Holy crap! That really hurt! What happened just now? What was that platinum spear projection of yours? I made sure to pay close attention on this occasion, and I saw that your Golden Dragon Spear punctured a hole into my chest! What's going on? Are you exploiting a glitch in the battle net? That's cheating!" Jiang Wuyue accused in a furious manner.

Tang Wulin was struggling to repress his mirth, and he coughed as he replied, "I'm not! How could I be exploiting a glitch in the battle net? This is the newest technology from the federation! Could it be that the problem lies with you? Maybe your defenses have become weaker, or perhaps something's wrong with your cultivation, thereby weakening your defenses."

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