Chapter 1003: 100,000-year-old Soul Spirit

However, following that period of life force energy absorption, he could sense that the massive bottleneck ahead of him was wavering slightly for the very first time. How could he not be excited?

"Make sure to thank that kid for me; our Blood God Legion owes him a massive favor. Ask him if there's anything that he wants, and satisfy any of his requests as long as it's with reason. I have to go into seclusion for a while; Tianwu, I'll leave it to you to take care of the daily matters in my absence."After that, Zhang Huanyun's body vanished in a flash.

After absorbing so much life force energy, everyone else also returned to their living quarters to cultivate and truly integrate everything that they'd absorbed into their bodies.

The entire Blood God Legion had fallen silent as everyone was digesting the enormous life force energy that they'd absorbed.

Countless green saplings were gently swaying in the frosty winds amid this world of snow and ice, and at the very least, they weren't going to disappear in the near future.

Tang Wulin slowly opened his eyes, and his five soul rings silently faded, as did the light that was shimmering from his skin.

He had never felt so wonderful before. Natural energies were pouring into his body with every single breath he took, and his bloodline fluctuations and soul power fluctuations were fusing together in perfect harmony, increasing his powers in a subtle manner.

He could sense that a string of breakthroughs had taken place during his absorption of natural energies and life force energy, and even though he'd only just attained a soul core, his soul power rank had already reached 64.

"My Lord, I'm ready to begin." The Beautiful Silk Tulip rose to his feet before extending a respectful bow toward Tang Wulin while the other plant system Great Beasts looked on with envy in their eyes.

The seed of nature had sprouted seven leaves, and they were now completely convinced that this Son of Nature was the real deal. Otherwise, how could he have germinated the seed of nature? If it weren't for the fact that this place was very ill-suited for its growth, the seed of nature could've quite possibly taken advantage of this opportunity to take root here already. As the Son of Nature, he was one with the seed of nature, and as long as he was situated within a certain range of the seed of nature, he could directly draw upon natural energies through the power of the seed.

"Let's begin!" Tang Wulin nodded at the Beautiful Silk Tulip.

The man nodded in response, and his body swayed as he instantly transformed into a massive purple flower. Flower petals fluttered into the air before revolving around Tang Wulin.

Powerful energy fluctuations surged through the air, and a peerlessly powerful aura was proliferating in all directions. A faint fragrance permeated throughout every single corner of the dormitory room.

In order to fuse a soul spirit, both parties had to be completely ready and willing. It was undoubtedly the case that the Beautiful Silk Tulip had already cast aside all inhibitions and wanted nothing more than to remain by Tang Wulin's side for the rest of its life.

Pink light began to radiate from the massive flower, and everything seemed so natural, as if this were simply how things were meant to be. Tang Wulin's body had just been nourished by the seed of nature, so it was quite easy for him to accept even the power of this plant system Great Beast. With the seed of nature acting as a bridge between the two, the absorption process was as smooth as smooth could be. Tang Wulin's powerful physical constitution, plant system martial soul, and the seed of nature ensured an absolutely seamless fusion process.

The flower petals began to slowly revolve around Tang Wulin while gradually shrinking in size. In the end, it transformed into a crimson ring of light, and the five soul rings appeared once again to intertwine their light with that of the crimson soul ring.

Tang Wulin's aura elevated once again, and with the addition of the 100,000-year-old soul ring, his entire disposition had changed once again. There was now more of an ethereal quality about him, and at the same time, a faint fragrance was emanating from his body.

After fusing with the Beautiful Silk Tulip, he was now completely impervious to all poisons.

This was a soul spirit fusion, so it didn't provide him with any soul bones, but the addition of this soul spirit was far more beneficial to him than any soul bone.

He closed his eyes and entered a meditative state once again. The soul core in his dantian shuddered slightly, and rich soul power immediately began to circulate through his body according to the route stipulated by the Mysterious Heaven Method. His dragon core also resonated at the same time, and his bloodline power began to circulate in an anti-clockwise direction. 

The two types of powers were circulating in opposite directions, and they were naturally forming a brand new vortex within Tang Wulin's body. All of the natural energies in the air naturally converged toward him, and Tang Wulin had reason to believe that his progression from rank 60 to rank 70 in soul power was very likely going to take the shortest amount of time among all of his major breakthroughs.

Now that he had fused with a 100,000-year-old soul spirit, his soul power had increased once again, and it was elevated directly to rank 65.

During the past few months, he'd already caught up to the average standard among his friends. Furthermore, his overall powers had improved far more than just the degree that his soul power had improved by.

As for just how much more powerful he'd become, that was something that he'd have to ascertain through practical combat. Only through battles would he be able to consolidate the enhancements he'd received.

After such an extensive period of adaptation, his soul power vortex had finally made a breakthrough, and he was now a high-grade Soul Master. This laid a strong foundation for his future rise to the very top.

Only after an entire day did the Blood God Legion begin to gradually reawaken. This was undoubtedly a very wonderful feeling. Everyone felt as if they had been reborn anew after being nourished by the life force energy.

When Tang Wulin appeared in the Blood God Battalion again, Blood One was already waiting for him.

"I know I shouldn't ask, but I still can't help but wonder; where did all that life force energy come from?" Blood One appraised Tang Wulin with a curious look on his face.

Blood Three was also standing beside him, and among all of the Blood Gods, these two had benefited the most from Tang Wulin's breakthrough.

After a brief moment of contemplation, Tang Wulin asked, "Are you two familiar with the ancient Golden Tree?"

Blood Three's expression immediately changed as she exclaimed, "Of course! But wasn't the ancient Golden Tree already..."

Tang Wulin nodded, and explained, "The ancient Golden Tree was the core of nature. I don't know where it came from, but it was most likely left behind by a certain forefather of ours from Shrek Academy. I received the ancient Golden Tree's assistance by chance, and it granted me the power to be close with nature. Perhaps that was because I'm a plant system Soul Master. During the explosion on that day, the Golden Tree gave me its seed right before it was destroyed, and the seed has been nurtured within my body this entire time. 

"When I attained a soul core, the seed awakened, and that was why such rich life force energy had been released. At the same time, it allowed me to absorb a vast amount of natural energies. This place isn't a suitable place for it to grow; after we rebuild Shrek Academy, it will continue to be the core of the academy!"

Tang Wulin spoke the last sentence with great conviction in his voice, and Blood Three's hand involuntarily flew to her mouth as tears began to flow uncontrollably down her face.

As a former high-ranking member of Shrek Academy, how could she not be aware of the existence of the ancient Golden Tree?

That was the foundation of the Sea God's Pavilion, and it could be said that the Sea God's Pavilion only existed because of the Golden Tree! The Golden Tree hadn't completely perished; it had left behind a seed, so there was a chance for it to be reborn. What could make her more excited than this?

If the ancient Golden Tree could be replanted, then there really was a chance that the academy could be revived!

Blood One was also astonished to hear this. The ancient Golden Tree was once the true core of Shrek Academy, and without its protection, Tang Wulin and the others wouldn't have been able to survive that attack. Who would've thought that it had the ability to leave behind a seed? This was fantastic news!

One had to realize that the ancient Golden Tree was the guardian deity of the entirety of Shrek City at the time, so even the Tang Sect headquarters had been under its protection. It was just that the enemy attack at the time had been far too powerful; the destructive power of two Godslayer missiles had far surpassed the limit of its tolerance capacity.

A hint of sorrow flashed through Tang Wulin's eyes. If it weren't for the fact that the ancient Golden Tree had given him a third of its energy, perhaps it would've been powerful enough to avert that massive disaster. His heart had been wracked with guilt ever since the bombing, so he was going to help the seed of nature grow up again no matter what.

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