Chapter 1002: The Budding Seed of Nature

There was no need for them to guide the natural energies in a downward direction, as the terrifying suction force down below was like a black hole that was absorbing the natural energies in a violent frenzy.

Tang Wulin had no idea what was going on at this point as he'd temporarily lost control over his own body.

He was unable to contact the Beautiful Silk Tulip, and he felt as if a massive, bottomless black hole had opened up on his own forehead. The black hole was devouring all energies in the surrounding area in a ravenous frenzy, and all of that energy was being directed toward his seed of nature.

The seed of nature was releasing rich life force energy to nurture his body, and this energy was also spreading outward to nourish everything else in the outside world. At the same time, it seemed to be struggling to search for something.

The rich life force energy undoubtedly benefited Tang Wulin the most as it was only released after his body had absorbed the most essential part of the energy.

Tang Wulin's greenish-golden soul ring had become extremely exuberant at this point, and more than a third of the rich life force energy was being absorbed by the soul ring.

Tang Wulin had initially completely given up on this soul ring, and he'd only ever been able to truly use it with the support of a Limit Douluo. At the time, he had sensed that this greenish-golden soul ring was able to control all of the plants in a vast area, then absorb an enormous amount of energy into his body.

In his eyes, he may not be able to control that energy even after reaching the Titled Douluo stage, let alone in his current form.

However, right at this moment, he could clearly sense that the greenish-golden soul ring was beginning to fuse with his body. He was beginning to be able to sense its power, and he could feel that he was gradually gaining the ability to control it.

Was this a benefit of manifesting his soul core? Ultimately, regardless of how powerful the greenish-golden soul ring was, it still existed as a subsidiary to his Bluesilver Emperor martial soul. As such, the formation of his soul core had most likely had a certain stimulating effect on it.

In any case, at this point in time, he had no control over his own body and could only sense the changes taking place in the outside world. At the same time, he could feel his own body being nurtured by the life force energy he was absorbing, and both his soul core and dragon core were also being fortified.

The dragon core displayed a very strong reaction to this life force energy; it was initially slightly smaller than his soul core, but after absorbing all of this life force energy, its size quickly caught up to that of his soul core.

Life force energy acted as a bridge between the two major energy cores, allowing them to communicate for the very first time. There was no fusion between the different energies, but they were resonating with one another. Tang Wulin was sensing the changes taking place between them while being immersed in life force energy.

He could clearly sense that his entire body was in a process of evolution, and he suddenly became aware of just how beautiful and profound life was.

Time slowly passed by, and these feelings were only becoming more and more pronounced. At this very moment, all of the soldiers of the Blood God Legion were benefiting from this rich life force energy, and they were also experiencing changes within their own bodies.

Long Yuxue was sitting on her bed with her legs crossed, and there was a layer of faint light emanating from her body. Her skin was becoming fairer and smoother, and she seemed to have become more beautiful. Her soul power was being elevated to a higher level, and her body was also changing in subtle ways through the nourishment of the life force energy.

A layer of dark golden light was emanating from Jiang Wuyue's skin as he absorbed the life force energy in the air in a greedy manner, using it to nourish his body, which was already extremely powerful. He was always pushing his limits, so he had inevitably accumulated some chronic injuries and niggles over time. However, all of these chronic injuries were slowly but surely being healed by this life force energy.

Ling Wuyue was also experiencing the nourishment of the life force energy. Her pursuit was extreme offensive prowess, and for the sake of this pursuit, she had even been willing to sacrifice her own defensive abilities. Her sharp boomerang had harmed her countless times while she was releasing it, and there were several dozens of unsightly scars on the surface of her skin beneath her clothes.

However, at this moment, all of these scars were also gradually fading away under the effects of the life force energy.

Every single member of the entire legion was also reveling in the benefits brought to them by the nourishing life force energy.

At this point, Blood Two, Blood Four, Blood Five, Blood Six, Blood Seven, Blood Eight, and Blood Nine, as well as all of the other Titled Douluos in the legion had already risen up into the air.

With their power levels, they didn't even need to meditate, and they could still absorb the extremely rich life force energy in the air.

At the same time, all of them were also releasing their own powers to gather more natural energies even without being instructed to do so. Almost all of the natural energies within the entire Skyend Mountain Ranges had already converged in the sky above the Blood God Legion base, and these energies were being devoured at a rapid rate.

The richer the natural energies gathered, the more potent the life force energy being released became.

There were even traces of greenery that were gradually beginning to emerge out of the thick snow on the ground below. In the beginning, no one had noticed them, but they soon became alerted to this as more and more specks of green began to appear on the snowy ground.

Blood One's expression stiffened slightly, and there was an extremely spectacular look in Zhang Huanyun's eyes.

They had never seen any traces of greenery in the Skyend Mountain Ranges during the six decades that they'd been here! In order to allow their soldiers to still be able to experience greenery, they'd spent a huge sum of money to construct a greenhouse in the legion base in order to nurture some plants. However, that was the extent of the greenery within the entire legion base.

However, at this very moment, specks of green were beginning to appear on the snowy ground of the Skyend Mountain Ranges. They were only tiny seedlings, and no one even knew what kind of plants they were, but it was such a moving scene to witness them sprouting from the snow.

What a beautiful green color!

They may not be able to survive for long in the snow, but just the fact that they existed at all in this place still stunned all of the onlookers present.

Under the continued injection of rich life force energy, these small green seedlings slowly began to grow, and even the frosty conditions were completely unable to suppress their growth. Instead, they were being nurtured by the rich water elements in the snow along with the life force energy.

Sunlight and water were nourishing them in their growth, and the seedlings began to grow into saplings.

These saplings were absorbing life force energy, but they were also guiding more natural energies toward the core where the life force energy was being released from.

"Ding!" A shattering sound rang out within Tang Wulin's mind, and he could clearly see that the seed of nature seemed to have cracked open a little further. Under the nourishment of the life force energy, the tiny golden seedling that had sprouted from it struggled to squirm out of the seed, then gradually unfurled to reveal a golden leaf. The leaf was also very small, and it looked as if it could be snapped at the slightest touch, but the life force energy that was being released was becoming more and more powerful.

The seed had germinated!

Streaks of light silently appeared beside Tang Wulin. They were the six plant system Soul Beasts that he'd fused into his body. As soon as they emerged, they sat down around him with their legs crossed, silently absorbing the life force energy being released by the seed of nature. At the same time, they released their own auras to help the seed of nature purify the life force energy.

Tang Wulin's greenish-golden soul ring lit up even further, radiating scintillating light. He could suddenly sense the entirety of the Skyend Mountain Ranges through the saplings that had just emerged from the snow.

Time slowly passed by, and the output of life force energy continued. One leaf after another emerged from the seed of nature, and only after the seventh leaf appeared did the golden light abruptly recede, and at the same time, the release of life force energy also ceased. However, a seven-leaf golden insignia had appeared on Tang Wulin's forehead.

The life force energy receded, and the natural energies also naturally dissipated. If one were to look down at the Skyend Mountain Ranges from above, they'd discover that saplings that were over a meter tall had appeared all over this world of snow and ice.

Even though there was no way for them to truly survive in this harsh environment, at the very least, they had once existed here. They were like fireworks that had added a fleeting moment of beauty to the entire Skyend Mountain Ranges.

In the air above, the high-ranking officials of the Blood God Legion were taking one deep breath after another while opening up all of the pores all over their bodies to absorb the final traces of life force energy in the air. All of them looked as if they'd suddenly become more youthful.

At this point, it was already noon. During the past few hours in which they'd been nourished by life force energy, not only had all of their chronic injuries and niggles disappeared, all of their life spans had also been extended by at least five years!

This was the main benefit of absorbing life force energy. Blood One, Blood Three, and Zhang Huanyun had been here since the very beginning, so they had absorbed the purest life force energy, and as a result, they had reaped the greatest benefits among everyone. In particular, Zhang Huanyun was feeling extremely elated. His soul power rank had remained at 98 for several decades now, and that was exactly due to the fact that it would be very difficult for his body to handle the final breakthrough.

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