Chapter 1001: Sudden Eruption of Life Force Energy

Zhang Huanyun harrumphed coldly before falling silent. He was naturally aware that there was no way that Blood One would be willing to hand Tang Wulin over to him.

The nights in the Skyend Mountain Ranges were extremely cold, and the lowest temperature often dipped below -50°C. [Once again, -58°F for mah American homies] Everything was covered under a blanket of snow, yet if someone could use a special device to observe the energy in the air, they'd discover that a vortex had appeared in the air above the Blood God Legion base, one that was constantly absorbing the natural energies in the surrounding air.

This vortex was like a giant funnel that led straight into the Blood God Battalion dormitory building, and it had been in existence for close to a day and a night already.

Finally, a hint of light appeared on the horizon, and the black sky gradually turned into a deep blue color, heralding the arrival of a new dawn.

All of a sudden, Blood One's expression changed slightly as he could clearly sense that Tang Wulin's soul core was about to be completely manifested, as evidenced by the fact that the rate at which he was absorbing natural energies was beginning to sharply decline.

Within the dormitory room.

A layer of delicate lustrous light had appeared over his skin, and there was also faint light circulating beneath his skin.

He was already extremely handsome to begin with, but he had become even more dashing and stunning.

Within his dantian, all of the ribbons of light had already disappeared, and they'd been replaced by an ovular soul core that was shimmering with blue light. The soul core was around the size of a pigeon egg, and it was extremely dense. There seemed to be a blade of bluish-golden Bluesilver Grass sealed within the soul core, and what was even more remarkable was that there seemed to be something revolving around the blade of Bluesilver Grass like a shooting star. 

His soul core was finally complete, and his soul power had naturally also reached rank 60. He was now a Soul Emperor!

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and he'd already prepared a soul ring for himself. He injected his will into the seed of nature, and at this point, the hibernating Beautiful Silk Tulip had already been awake for quite a while.

However, just as Tang Wulin was preparing to fuse with his third soul spirit and attain his sixth soul ring, his glabella suddenly lit up.

In the beginning, it was just a faint speck of green light, but as soon as the speck of green light appeared, five soul rings immediately emerged beneath him.

Four of the soul rings were behaving in a very normal manner, but the fifth soul ring, the greenish-golden one, was glowing far brighter than it usually did.

The soul core that Tang Wulin had just attained suddenly pulsed ever so slightly, and he could sense that something seemed to have trembled deep within his soul core.

His glabella also began to pulse along with his soul core, and the faint energy fluctuations emanating from his body suddenly became more intense.

Tang Wulin felt a burst of unprecedented life force energy instantly encompass his entire body, nurturing every part of his being during the process.

Rich life force energy began to erupt from his body in a frenzy, and for the first time, he truly sensed the existence of the seed of nature that the Beautiful Silk Tulip had told him about.

This was a seed that was entirely green in color, and it was like the most beautiful piece of green jade, shimmering with dazzling light within his glabella. A tiny little seedling was beginning to sprout from the green seed, and the seedling was of an extremely exuberant golden color.

The fluctuations emanating from Tang Wulin's soul core had appeared because of this seed, and he was struck by a vague feeling that something extra had appeared within his own body. The rich life force energy continued to nurture his entire body, and even the dragon core within his chest was benefiting greatly as it also began to radiate scintillating light. Tang Wulin felt as if he were evolving. At the same time, this burst of life force energy was erupting from within his body in a completely uncontrollable manner, forming a greenish-golden halo that was proliferating outward.

In the air above, Blood One was already preparing to go back. Tang Wulin had absorbed such rich natural energies for such a long time, so he had to have forged a fantastic foundation for his soul core already. It was quite obvious that he was going to progress to rank 60 in soul power. For him to have attained a soul core as a mere Soul Emperor indicated that he was going to have an immeasurable future ahead of him, and that wasn't even taking into account his enormous bloodline power.

However, right at this moment, Blood One's expression suddenly changed slightly as he abruptly sensed that something was happening to Tang Wulin.

The absorption of natural energies temporarily ceased, but in the next instant, an indescribably enormous burst of vitality suddenly surged forth from down below.

It was as if a spring of life had suddenly appeared beneath the earth. The water from the figurative spring of life instantly rose to the surface before surging toward all directions, and the entire Blood God Legion base was immediately enshrouded within this thriving vitality.

Blood One had sensed this, and Zhang Huanyun and Blood Three had naturally also sensed this.

It was very easy to sense the aura of the abyss here, but it was so very difficult to sense any vitality in this place. In this land of snow and ice, virtually no plants could survive, and one had to look beyond the entire Skyend Mountain Ranges just to catch a glimpse of any greenery.

However, the rich life force energy at this moment was extremely clear and pronounced. Blood One had only experienced this type of feeling deep within the Great Star Dou Forest.

He turned to look at Zhang Huanyun, and both of them could see their own astonishment mirrored in one another's eyes. It was undoubtedly the case that his burst of life force energy would be extremely beneficial to all of them.

The rich life force energy was nourishing their bodies, and both of them were already over 100 years of age, so the benefits of having such rich and pure life force energy nurture their bodies were simply unimaginable.

They immediately began to absorb the life force energy that was spreading through the air, and the same time, Zhang Huanyun bellowed a thunderous order that was audible throughout the entire legion base.

"Everyone, meditate!"

They didn't know where this rich life force energy was coming from, but it definitely didn't originate from Tang Wulin's body alone. This life force energy was immensely beneficial to everyone, and absorbing it would enhance everyone's bodies; even their soul power ranks and lifespans could be significantly increased. The effects of this were most apparent for those who were carrying chronic injuries or conditions.

The life force energy became richer and richer, yet less than 20 seconds after this life force energy had appeared, a burst of extremely terrifying suction force suddenly erupted from down below.

At this point, the natural energies that Blood One had gathered hadn't completely dissipated yet, and they were instantly drawn downward by the enormous suction force. The life force energy continued to be released, but the suction force that was acting on the natural energies gave even Blood One quite a fright. He felt as if even his own soul power were being sucked away.

"Give him all the energy he needs!" Zhang Huanyun immediately yelled in a decisive manner. At the same time, he swept both hands through the air, releasing his own soul power to gather even more of the natural energies in the surrounding area.

Blood One only reacted a split second slower than he did, and he also began to summon natural energies again.

To them, only a very small portion of these natural energies could be absorbed during their cultivation, and it was extremely difficult for them to increase their powers. However, life force energy was completely different! Life force energy directly nurtured the very essence of the human body.

Not only could it grant them more life force, thereby extending their lifespans, it could also enhance their bodies on a fundamental level.

It was undoubtedly the case that among all types of energy, life energy stood at the very pinnacle. All life forms required life energy. Of course, that was only referring to the Douluo Continent; the same didn't necessarily apply to the abyssal plane.

There was no exchange more worthwhile than exchanging natural energies for enormous life force energy, which was why Zhang Huanyun had decided to fully support Tang Wulin's energy needs.

Blood Three was quite intelligent, and she also unleashed her own soul power to help gather natural energies.

The natural energies vortex in the air immediately expanded to several times its original size under their combined efforts, drawing upon more and more natural energies for Tang Wulin to devour.

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