Chapter 1000: Soul Core Manifestation

Just as he emerged from his room, Blood Three was also walking out of another room.

"Have you sensed it as well, Blood One? Is it him?" Blood Three's eyes were filled with surprise.

Blood One nodded with a smile on his face. "Indeed it is! Shrek's Seven Monsters have never been disappointments, and they'll only continue to create miracles in the future. He was chosen during such tumultuous times, and I believe he was given approval by the will of the heavens to revive Shrek Academy in its most dire time of need. Hence, I won't be surprised to see any miracle being created by him."

Blood Three heaved a long sigh as an elated look appeared on her face. "I can finally see a ray of hope now. I want to help him."

Blood One smiled, and said, "Let's go together."

The two of them stepped onto the elevator and emerged out of the building together. Blood Three glanced at Blood One, and the latter was already rising straight up into the air, arriving directly above the Blood God Legion base in virtually the blink of an eye.

With his lofty status in the Blood God Legion, he naturally wasn't going to be attacked by the legion's defense systems. He waved a hand through the air, and the violent bursts of energy flowing through the air instantly became a lot milder and gentler.

Blood Three also arrived beside him, and only when standing beside Blood One could she sense that the surrounding flows of energy were being severely twisted and warped under his control, and every time the energy was warped, a vast amount of natural energies would be drawn to the scene.

These natural energies were constantly being compressed and purified under Blood One's control, and a layer of white light began to appear around his body, making him appear as if he were a godly being as he hovered in mid-air.

All of the passersby in the Blood God Legion base down below all stopped in their tracks before looking up with astonished looks in their eyes.

Not many of them had actually met Blood One before, but the feat that he was accomplishing now was a sufficient testament to his powers. 

Blood Three turned to Blood One with a concerned expression. "You're gathering this much? Will he be able to handle it?"

Blood One smiled, and replied, "Don't worry, his capacity is far greater than you can imagine. Have you forgotten the motto of your Shrek Academy? They only accept monsters, not ordinary people, and he's a monster among monsters, so this amount of natural energies is nothing to him. Even without my assistance, he'd still absorb just as much energy, but it'll take longer for him to do so."

Blood One extended his left hand down below as he spoke, and the white light around him immediately descended from the heavens toward Tang Wulin's dormitory room.

"Blood One, aren't you afraid that this will backfire?" Blood One and Blood Three weren't the only ones who had sensed that Tang Wulin was about to manifest a soul core; Zhang Huanyun had also risen up into the air and arrived beside the two of them with a befuddled look on his face. 

Blood One smiled, and said, "Just wait and see. I told you that it wouldn't be a good arrangement for him to follow you because you don't know anything about him. Miracles in the eyes of other people are completely mundane when it comes to him. Just you watch, he's definitely going to reach far greater heights than we can imagine in the future. At the very least, he'll surpass all of the masters of the Sea God's Pavilion in the past 1,000 years."

The white light that he was releasing continued to be injected downward as he spoke, and Tang Wulin immediately felt its effects as he cultivated in his dormitory room.

As soon as his body began to absorb the natural energies in the air of its own accord, he entered a very profound state. His dantian was still in a lot of pain, but that sense of pain seemed to be gradually distancing itself from him. His consciousness began to expand outward, and he felt as if there were countless energy particles in the air cheering him on. He could even discern the different attributes of these energy particles, and the water and ice elements were the richest among them.

There was also a large number of darkness elements, and the wind elements were quite fierce and violent.

Compared to the other elements, there were slightly fewer light elements, but the light elements that did exist were extremely pure. This was most likely due to the fact that there weren't many impurities in the air. The thinner the air in a place, the more inhospitable it was, but the benefit of this was that everything was purer in such settings.

Enormous amounts of natural energies of all types of different elements were constantly fusing into his body, and during this process, Tang Wulin's entire body was shuddering gently. With each and every shudder, the air around him would warp more violently.

Right at this moment, the natural energies in the air suddenly became more powerful, and he felt as if he could see every single element with brilliant clarity. It was as if his entire body had been immersed in a sea of elements.

Rich elements of all different types of attributes flowed into his body before fusing into his dantian, making the soul power light ribbons even more vibrant in color. They began to revolve at an even faster speed, and an ovular crystal gradually took shape within his dantian.

The crystalline structure was emanating bright green light, and at the very center of the crystal, there seemed to be a blade of Bluesilver Grass growing in a strong and healthy manner.

What a wonderful feeling this was! In that instant, all of his pain suddenly vanished, and Tang Wulin felt as if a moan of satisfaction had rung out from within his dantian. Rich soul power cleansed his body, and it naturally fused with his entire body under the guidance of his bloodline power. The soul power then surged into his dantian, converging toward the soul core that was about to take shape.

Tang Wulin's heart became more and more tranquil, and he was entirely immersed in the world of elements. He meditated in silence and experienced everything that was happening within and around his body. Every shift in energy was constantly elevating his life force to higher levels, and it was as if he were about to enter another world.

The formation of a soul core was a sign that one's life force had been elevated to a whole new level. From that moment forth, he was no longer an ordinary human; he had truly become a superhuman being.

To a normal human, the formation of a soul core could extend their lifespan by over a century, and it was an extremely important milestone in a Soul Master's cultivation journey. Every single Soul Master had to take this step before they could be considered as a truly powerful being.

Tang Wulin's consciousness was slowly becoming completely immersed in this process, and he could no longer sense the passage of time or anything else in the outside world.

In the air above his dormitory room.

The smile on Blood One's face was widening further and further. He didn't even need to do anything now, and the natural energies that he'd guided to this place were still constantly accelerating as they surged toward that direction. The bridge had been established, and Tang Wulin had now completely taken the initiative to actively absorb this energy.

Zhang Huanyun was also experiencing this process, and the surprise in his eyes also began to become more and more pronounced. At the same time, a forlorn look appeared on his face. How could he have complied with Blood One so easily? He should've been more insistent!

Now that this kid owed Blood One such a huge favor, it would be very difficult to try and take him from Blood One.

Blood One had proclaimed that what he was doing was only reducing the amount of time that Tang Wulin had to cultivate for, but both of them were well aware of the difference between sensing a rich sea of elements compared to only being able to sense sparse elemental power! Blood One was helping Tang Wulin establish a strong foundation. The quicker he could manifest his soul core, the more spare capacity he'd have to facilitate the absorption of natural energies, which would further enhance his body.

Time slowly passed by, and day gradually transitioned into night. An entire day had passed.

In the night sky, the white light around Blood One's body was becoming brighter and brighter, making it appear as if there were two moons in the sky.

With his powers, he could maintain this state for a month without feeling tired. The longer Tang Wulin's energy absorption lasted, the more pronounced the elation in his eyes became.

"He really is a little monster!" Zhang Huanyun couldn't help but praise. Blood Three had been quite concerned initially, but her eyes were already filled with excitement now.

The fact that Tang Wulin was absorbing such an enormous amount of natural energies for such a long time indicated that he had an extremely stable foundation for his soul core, so he certainly wasn't forcing himself to make this breakthrough. The longer this process lasted, the more powerful he'd become when he finally awakened, and the greater the extent to which he could sense soul power. At the same time, the process of manifesting a soul core was also a major turning point for one's martial soul, so his martial soul was going to be undergoing a qualitative transformation once again. The fact that natural energies were being injected into his body for such a long time also indicated that his martial soul required more time to evolve, which, in turn, suggested that he possessed a very powerful martial soul.

The night sky gradually darkened even further, and Blood One turned to Zhang Huanyun as he said, "You can go back if you want. From the looks of things, it appears that this'll stretch on until tomorrow morning."

Zhang Huanyun shook his head in response. "I've been living in loneliness and solitude for so long; now that there's finally something interesting happening, I have to at least see it through to the very end. Let me see just how special this kid is going to be once he forms his soul core."

Blood One chuckled, "Suit yourself, then. Shrek Academy really is a place that produces only monsters!"

Zhang Huanyun harrumphed, "You're just indirectly praising yourself! Isn't he a disciple of your Tang Sect as well? How about you hand him over to me? I'll recommend him to the Battle God Hall and make him the Battle God Disciple."

The Battle God Disciple was the future successor of the master of the Battle God Hall, as well as the most prodigious talent the Battle God Hall had to offer.

Blood One smirked, and said, "It's too bad that you came too late!"

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