Law of Space and Time

Law of Space and Time

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Lackadaisical and rebellious in nature, Erwin Friar, a young noble, whiles away his days in the company of seductive hostesses and his equally lackadaisical friends. Little did he know that his life was about to take a drastic turn after a book by the name of “Laws of Space and Time” was bestowed upon him, seemingly by chance. 
Soon, Erwin finds himself embroiled in the center of a series of sinister plots that tear his life apart by the seams. Armed with the mysterious copy of “Laws of Space and Time” and a newfound sense of purpose, Erwin sets off on a journey to uncover the truth behind his own past and space-time magic itself.
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retired penguin
2 years ago
Three chapters in, this feels like Harry Potter with blackjack and hookers. Also space-time stuff, but that's obvious enough from the title. Looks pretty promising to me, but then again, I work here, so I may be a little biased 😂


- probably an isekai Harry Potter

- blackjack and hookers

- emotional damage

- loooooooong chapters. Long.


- none so far

- except that I have to write a 100-word review, so I need like 20 more words. In any case, if this stays the same throughout the whole book (still ongoing), imma be one happy penguin

2 years ago
Not recommended
To sum it up: unlikable MC (for me, at least); inexplicable/non-existent character developments; unexplained (and meaningless) love affairs; unnecessary spoilers by the author; bad structuring. If you want to turn off your brain and just read something, go ahead -- but don't expect too much if you want to be critical.

There are a bunch of reviews citing the pros, so I'll stick to the cons. Be my guests to skip my rantings altogether.

First and foremost: the MC is a lazy noble who, as the story tells us, spends most of his time and money prior to it in whore houses and pubs. He is spineless, non-committal, disregarding of authority and his professors, but is somehow a student in one of the kingdom's top academies. He sleeps through his classes, disdains his peers who put in the effort, and barely pays any attention to anything magic-related, aside from one book: the ~mysterious~ tome of time and space, which, despite never studying or bothering to read, he masters at a surprising pace, outdoing even his professor.

Second: I'll do my best not to spoil anything, but, in the span of 20 "double-chapters" (11-1, 11-2, etc.), MC has found the love of his life. He nearly died indirectly from it a few times, and there were no steps to it; it just went from 0 to 100 before anything at all happened. Plot is also convoluted as all hell. There are glimpses to some conspiracy, but I'll be damned if I'm going back to check the chapters for every meaningless name that appears mentioned to the side when the only plot was the MC's love life, and a bunch of fillers.

Third: the author just loves giving "glimpses" of the future when writing, such as "this would be talked about for generations to come", or "little did he know, but he would learn this the hard way". And he also happened to spoil the tournament arc when it was halfway. Thank you, author. We all love spoilers.

Fourth: as an added bonus, try not to think any science when the author explains magic. Are there similarities? Yes, but only in the way that a child thinks science happens.

Fifth: author can't keep track of what they write. There are many, many instances of sentences repeating in the same paragraph, but with the words being switched around. There is another problem, but I don't know whether to attribute it to the author or to the translating/editing team: redundancy. "He wasn't still yet ready" is just one example, but there are many others.

2 years ago
Not recommended
[Review at Ch. 79]

I let like 300 chapters stock up and came back to try it again, but couldn't get motivated to, this novel basically squandered all of the potential it set up in the first 5 chapters

[Review at Ch. 78]

Losing interest. The story had a promising start, but it doesn't live up to expectations. Things are just happening and its hard to pin point the MC's motivation to do the things he does. The romance continues to be a downside, like i mentioned before it is moving too fast and for one of the 2 love interests there was zero build up, she was just into him for reasons that were never shown or mentioned, so whenever they are together the story suffers.

Another issue, that is not exactly new, but i somehow missed it originally is the division of chapters, the splitting of most chapters into part 1 and part 2, it negatively impacts transition and just feels like a scam to increase chapter count, technically im only at chapter 45. Not sure if this is the translator doing it or the author doing it, in either case, it is not a good thing. It is not about chapter length, the split has it so every part is ~12k characters which is more than some other novels, but is about fluidity.

I'm going to give it more time to see if it can correct course before i change my vote to a thumbs down. My next update might be my last.

[Review at Ch. 30]

Still enjoying the novel and I will continue reading it when it releases. However, some aspects about it that i don't particularly like are:

- There are times when the novel goes a long while without dialogue which is a negative for me. I like reading characters interact and talk to each other more than i like reading the author's descriptions about what is going on.

- The romance took an unexpected turn, there are seemingly 2 love interest, a bit early to say harem, but even if it is i don't mind harem, what is bugging me is that one of the love interests has zero build up so their relationship doesn't feel organic.

[Review at Ch. 3]

A Promising start. The setting seems to be a fantasy world of martial warriors and magicians and we follow one student who studies the magic of space and time (roll credits). Not much has been shown yet about the main plot of the story since these first 3 chapter are mostly spent introducing the MC and his fellow students as they go about their typical day, but we are made aware of an upcoming tournament that the MC is preparing for. Here are the things i like about it:

- The side characters all seem pretty interesting so far, they seem like legitimate friends instead of the usual boot licking betas with zero personalities that alpha MCs tend to consider friends and are only there to praise the MC.

- Some female characters are introduced, but they are not immediately framed as love interest for the MC, which is refreshing, if anything I'm shipping them with other side characters.

- The tone of the story feels mature, there are scenes with prostitutes but it is presented in a way that feels like it is just a normal part of life in this world and not something particularly shameful.

One concern is that so far there has been no antagonistic character, no bad guy to go after, no rival to surpass, but that might change once we get to the tournament and hopefully they introduce some decent enemies. All that being said, it has only been 3 chapters, it can still all turn to shit.

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