Killer Nights

Killer Nights

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daAznSensazn and gchan7127
She is a street-walking prostitute; he is a cog in the law enforcement machine; they live in different worlds, but life has brought them together. This is a beautiful love story, this is a series of mysterious murders, this is the story of a fantastic supernatural power. Perhaps they live right beside us, or perhaps they never really existed at all…
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154 Chapters
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First 121 chapters were translated by daAznSensazn. The rest were finished by Grace and her team.

1 Review
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3 months ago
It’s ok for a free book. The story is odd. It’s about the love story and murder mystery centered around a veteran police officer and the woman he loves, whom he met while she was prostituting herself. The story has a general theme of how people with unsavory careers can also be good people and shouldn’t be judged before you get to know them. It gets a bit preachy at times, to be honest. There are also a lot of prejudicial statements and generalizations about women, men, Chinese people, Japanese people and Americans. Some of them are just wild and ignorant so you can’t take them seriously. For example, they said that Chinese men won’t let their girlfriends or wives engage in non traditional intimate activities. Crazy right? Anyway, the story gets weirdly supernatural at the end and kinda ends abruptly with a bunch of deaths. Like I said, it’s ok for a free book. It’s short and quirky but definitely not great literature. I wouldn’t read it again but I didn’t dislike it enough to give it a thumbs down. Anyway, happy reading ✌🏾

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