Interstellar Survival: Invasion

Interstellar Survival: Invasion

9 Reviews
Year 2090. Li Canyue, filled with dreams of the night sky, lives in a new era. Ten years ago, alien invaders known as Gliesens conquered Earth and subjected humanity to a new rule. When the two civilizations were integrating, humanity gained access to new technologies that sparked the era of space exploration. 
With eyes set on the stars, Li Canyue embarks on an adventure and encounters a chain of inconceivable events that topples the preconceived notions of mankind. By his side is a motley crew of humans and aliens he befriends, and together, they explore the vast universe and all its wonders. Every day is a new mystery and a new beginning.
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351 Chapters
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 Translated by Pokka. Edited by Reckeva.

9 Reviews
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2 years ago
This is an interesting read and a bit different from other novels in this site... It is about a world similar to earth called Blue where aliens have invaded and colonized it... Similar to English colonies in Africa whereby cotton is equivalent to Iron here.... The MC is a young boy who wishes to become a space explorer and takes help of his friend and sets in his path to become an all powerful entity in the galaxy....

Chapter length is great - 5*

Language is clear and understandable - 4*

World building seems fine - 3* (since not many chapters are out yet)

Story Pace is appropriate (even though it just begun) - 5*

Overall I'd suggest you to read it of you want to read something a bit different from other novels on the site... But also remember to read it only after a few more chapters are out otherwise it will just be a pain....

P.S. Please wait for the next edit after more chapters are released

a year ago
Not recommended
Personally, I don't recommend this novel. That is if you have much scientific knowledge. Almost all of the numbers uses by the author are super exagerated. In I think chapter 7 the author mentions a sound being 2000 decibels, that level of sound would create a black hole. It has some interesting parts and overall it is not that bad. The dialouge, world building, and pacing need work. But it does have a very interesting premise and plot.

In the end, with only reading 14ish chapters, I give it a 67%. I hope that it gets better, but I won't be here to find out.

2 years ago
Not recommended
Story moves way too fast, world building is none existant, you don't feel at all for anything for protagonist, so much suspension of belief and bad science (yes I get it that its a science Fiction book, but it must root in Science somewhere, not suddenly appears OPed), just not any where close to Asimov, Heinlein and co standard or any era Sc-Fi.

Read up to Chapter 11, hope it actually improves, I give it up to chapter 30 if it dont improved my then am not going to bother and waste my time trying to read bad Sc-Fi that dont engage.

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