Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society

Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society

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The second moon marked the beginning of a revolutionary change.
With the emergence of monsters and dungeons in modern society, and the ability users who fight against them, the world faces a shift in its paradigm.
It heralds the advent of a new energy source and the decline of traditional occupations.
Common sense thus becomes warped, and imagination becomes reality.
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Original work copyright ⓒ2018 ToyCar All rights reserved.

Translation re-edited by Sanguine.

38 Reviews
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2 years ago
One of Toika's first novels, and while it has been the subject of a constant comparison to its little overpowered sibling "Everyone else is a returnee" this is a very solid read.

Toika has always a way using systems, be it to hype the reader with glorious level ups, describing gear, or setting the mood when a really big fight is about to begin, if you like stories where the system is one of the core elements, you will like this.

Also, an important point to consider, As far as I know, Toika only writes harem. The girls are nice, and some would be more than worthy, can't say more without spoiling, but always be aware that *any* Toika novel will end in harem, no matter how unlikely it can look.

Very recommended, I would consider it a fun timewaster.

2 years ago
This is a great story by a great author as done by a great translator. As Capid notes in their review, every story by this author involves a harem, even if it initially appears unlikely. That said, this is a great story that I've read to completion multiple times and cannot recommend enough - and I don't like harem stories.

I really like the lore for this story, and I like the systems the author creates. On this point, I think the translator has done a wonderful job translating the system. This story isn't for everyone and I'm sure some people would find it repetitive, but I don't care about that.

I only have one criteria for a story: do I enjoy reading it?

The answer for this story is: yes. I like this story, a lot. Does it enter my top 5? No. It's a good story though and I don't think you would consider your time wasted for having read this story.

2 years ago
I swear I already read it on here before? Having complete deja vu. It's an amazing story as well as being hilarious in many ways.

This is definitely a perfect read for literally anyone. There won't be one person that doesn't laugh at this story. I'm happy that it's on here again it's definitely going to be worth it to all the individuals.

The characters in all the cast have their own personalities that are pretty well developed. Rather just gets funnier and funnier as a serious progresses while making you root for the main character even more. Hope you all enjoy it.

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