Immortal of the Nine Realms

Immortal of the Nine Realms

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Dao Buyi
Martial arts and cultivation. Two different systems in a single world.
Fang Chen had reached the peak of power in the Grand Xia Empire. He was a mighty Qi Core Stage martial artist, and he led an army of 600 000. Yet he fell prey to the schemes of the Qingsong Empire, and he was defeated at Three World Mountain. His army fell; his vision was taken away from him; his sea qi was shattered, and he became nothing more than a cripple. In his final moment of clarity, a blazing sun and the figure of an immortal were burned into his mind. 
The defeated general thus returned, only to face endless humiliation. However, something changed the day he was defeated—Fang Chen realized that his soul could leave his body and roam the world.
For five years, he endured mockery and insults. For five years, he observed everything going on around him without anyone knowing. Five years was neither a short nor long time, but it was enough for him to reach a state of enlightenment.
“Oh, there’s actually a fellow Daoist who received such enlightenment in such a small empire!” - Daoist Yun He, Central Continent Empire.
… Daoist Yun He raised his hand and sent a ray of spiritual light into Fang Chen’s forehead… Those memories constantly intertwined and gathered into a bright golden manual called the [Introduction to the Three Thousand Daos]
How will Fang Chen’s path change and what exciting adventure awaits? Follow Fang Chen in his path of cultivation to become an Immortal of the Nine Realms!
Official blurb:

The path to immortality is mysterious and strange, while humans remain insignificant. The hearts of immortals are as cold as frost. To them, all living beings are but little mayflies, frail and short-lived. Young Fang Chen stumbled upon this path of immortal ascension by chance. Even so, he had only one wish. With a divine sword in hand, Fang Chen wish to establish peace in the Nine Realms!

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14 Reviews
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2 months ago
There are only 6 chapters available right now, so this is a tentative recommendation. So far, though, this novel has really grabbed me! The setting is almost familiar, but with enough of a twist to be fresh. The story thus far is shaping up to be quite fun, and the characters all seem fairly well developed. There are not really enough chapters to make a fair assessment of that yet, though. Mostly, I am recommending it because I have really enjoyed it thus far. I read all six chapters in one go and was surprised when I ran out.

If my opinion changes, I'll update this, but my hopes are high for this one!

2 months ago
I’m fifteen chapters in and I’m already hooked on this novel. The main character is a wounded tiger but a wounded tiger is still a tiger. He has an unexpected encounter and is now on a mission to right some wrongs before he starts his journey into cultivation. So far, there are plenty of despicable people and the main character is fond of face slapping. The world building is standard so far but it is still early days. The early novel is heavy with political intrigue both inside and outside of the current royal family. Fortunately, the mc has an awesome ability that lets him discover who is friend and foe. I recommend giving this one a try. Happy reading ✌🏾.

a month ago
As of this review there are only 15 chapters released however they've been 15 amazing chapters!

There seem to be two different types of cultivation, a body and a soul/Qi, cultivation path.

The main character was a very famous person in his kingdom known as the Divine General. He lost a fight and was crippled, but that opened up another cultivation path for him.

He spent 5 years mocked and laughed at behind his back, after his crippling. But eventually, through a lucky encounter, learned of the second path of cultivation.

The story has been very high quality through these opening chapters, and has consistently moved forward without feeling rushed. If this level of writing keeps up throughout the whole book, then this will be an amazing one!

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