Book 1 Chapter 9 - Feeling This Way For the First Time

Inside the tent pointed out by the wizened elder in charge of the examination were sheets of blankets.

The examinees who had their aptitude measured were mostly sitting on the blankets. This tent was connected to another large tent. A black-robed middle-aged lecturer with a strict looking expression was standing there, whenever a name was called, that person would immediately enter the next great tent.

Inside that large tent sat seven academy elders.

Among them, six were sitting behind a long table, the half person height long rosewood table having all types of things arranged on it. These six academy elders all wore black robes as well, but there were silver stars engraved on their chests and cuffs.

There was another elder who sat on a cotton padded chair in the corner, seemingly listening from the side. However, on his chest and cuffs, aside from golden stars, there was also a qilin and mandarin duck imprint. His hair was dried yellow, face covered in knife-like wrinkles, left arm empty, a single-armed elder.

When Lin Xi began the examination, the test being carried out in the large tent came to a momentary pause. When a young man was sent to the next tent, they didn’t immediately call for the next youngster to enter the tent.

“Aptitude is only second level?”

The soundproofing in the large tent was extremely good, not even the youngsters gathered in the closest tent could hear the voices in this tent. However, when that wizened elder reported Lin Xi’s aptitude level, these seven elders seemed to have all heard him perfectly clearly. It was an academy elder with brown pupils and an ash gray beard who frowned and said this softly.

A married woman with an amiable face also frowned, but she gave the brown-pupiled academy elder who spoke just now a look, instead saying quietly, “Since it was her who recommended him, even if his aptitude isn’t great, he definitely has other special areas.”

“Let’s continue.” The single-armed elder who watched from the side said indifferently, “There is no need for us to care who the recommender is. Even if the other party is worth our respect, it is enough as long as we continue in an impartial manner.”

The other six academy heads with extraordinary bearing were all full of respect. “Yes! Next!”

“I really seem to be fated with this ‘second’.”

Lin Xi laughed self-mockingly as he walked into this tent with blankets on the ground, sizing up his surroundings. When he was in Deerwood Town, he was already called Young Master Lin Second, and now, when he came to the entrance examination, his aptitude was also a ‘second’ level.

No one told him what to do from here, but the attitudes the other examinees sitting on the rug had, as well as that black-robed middle-aged lecturer’s strict expression immediately allowed him to understand what he had to do. Moreover, when his eyes scanned this place, he saw that Zhang Ping was also sitting on the rug waiting, the other party nodding towards him, which was why he decided to quietly walk over to Zhang Ping’s side, sitting down on a rug next to him.


Originally, Lin Xi felt like in this rather hot and stuffy weather, sitting on this type of thick blanket would be extremely uncomfortable, but when he sat down, he was surprised. The blue blanket was cool, extremely soft and refreshing.

“What level?” When Lin Xi sat down, Zhang Ping immediately asked quietly.

Lin Xi stuck out two fingers.

“Second level?” Zhang Ping stared blankly for a moment, and then quietly consoled, saying, “It’s not a big deal, the academy’s exam isn’t all about aptitude.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t really feel that upset or anything either. However, it seems like your chances of entering the Natural Arts Department are quite promising. From what I saw, there aren’t many who have four levels of aptitude.” Lin Xi nodded, quietly chatting with Zhang Ping. He saw that the ice princess Leng Qiuyu who left Li Kaiyun speechless was also sitting at the side. At this time, cries of surprise suddenly erupted from the examination area outside, the noise so loud they could even hear it somewhat in this tent.

Soon afterwards, the tent’s curtains opened. What left Lin Xi and Zhang Ping stunned was that it was actually Meng Bai who walked in.

“What is going on?” Lin Xi and Zhang Ping asked Meng Bai who sat by their side.

Meng Bai’s freckled round face was completely red from excitement. “My aptitude test just now was a five.”

“Five?” Lin Xi and Zhang Ping immediately looked at each other in dismay.

Before Lin Xi came in, there were only a few who could reach fourth level, fifth level aptitude was naturally the highest. However, when he looked at this chubby, freckle-faced little fatty, Lin Xi just couldn’t associate him with those exceptionally talented geniuses no matter how he tried.

Lin Xi who was greatly shaken then couldn’t help but ask, “What kind of color is fifth level aptitude?”

Meng Bai smacked his lips, “It’s purple.”


Right at this time, another commotion suddenly erupted outside.

“Don’t tell me another person had an aptitude of five?”

The eyes of everyone in the tent immediately concentrated at the tent opening. Soon afterwards, the thick tent curtains were lifted open, a tall and slender black-clothed young lady walked in.

This black-clothed young lady had her hair in a ponytail. Individually, her facial features weren’t all that stunning, but together, they made her look indescribably pretty. In addition, the way she put herself together was concise and stylish, full of youth and liveliness.

Lin Xi’s breathing stopped, heart rate speeding up uncontrollably. At this moment, he experienced the love at first sight Li Kaiyun felt.

This was purely an attraction of intuition, truly making one tremble. Even in his previous world, he had never felt something like this.

This young lady full of natural beauty really was like the most gorgeous scenery, instantly shaking him down to the soul, also like an arrow, shooting straight into his heart.

“Lin Xi, don’t tell me you are just like Li Kaiyun with that love at first sight bullshit right?” Meng Bai couldn’t help but jab at Lin Xi’s waist. The current Lin Xi looked a bit stupid.

Lin Xi didn’t refute it, laughing and saying, “Perhaps you can say that.”

Meng Bai curled his lips. “I feel like she’s not even as good as Leng Qiuyu. If I had to pick, I still think Leng Qiuyu is better.”

Lin Xi laughed, not defending himself. Everyone’s tastes differed to some extent, just like how some people in his world thought Fan Bingbing was good-looking, while others thought Li Bingbing was more attractive. For him, this black-clothed young lady was just prettier than Leng Qiuyu. Even though he was already no longer looking at her, her face was just as clear as before in his mind.

“That annoying golden spoon came in.”

Right when he was about to ask Meng Bai and Zhang Ping if they knew anything about the black-clothed young lady, Meng Bai suddenly muttered this.

The tent’s curtains were raised again. The white-clothed, silver flower robed, glossy hair combed behind his back ‘golden spoon’ walked in.

Towards this golden spoon whose hair was glossy and shiny, as if he was a movie star, Lin Xi didn’t have much interest. He couldn’t help but sneak another look at that black-clothed young lady who made his heart pound like never before.

That black-clothed young lady looked around her, her face calm, expression natural and relaxed.

“Even a toad wants to eat swan meat?” A low voice of disdain entered Lin Xi’s ears.

Meng Bai shot out a look. “What did you say?” The one who spoke was precisely the ‘golden spoon’ who sat down not far from them.

The ‘golden spoon’ with the glossy hair suppressed his voice, saying with a sharp and unkind tone, “A bumpkin with only an aptitude of two even dares to look down on me? Her aptitude has reached five, entering the academy is but a trivial thing, yet trash like you who probably won’t even get in has the nerve to be carried away by wishful thinking?”

Lin Xi stared blankly, immediately realizing that when Li Kaiyun clashed with this golden spoon, the ‘Don’t bother with him’, ‘When the time comes’ and ‘He is nothing special, I wonder what things will be like then’ he said were heard by this golden spoon.

Meng Bai released a snort, “Is your aptitude all that great?”

The ‘golden spoon’ youngster gave him a look, calmly sneering and saying, “Even though it is only fourth level, a bit inferior to yours, it’s still far better than his second level.”

“Second level doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s no chance of passing.” Lin Xi tugged at the entirely red-faced Meng Bai. He then looked at the ‘golden spoon’, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Then what if I smoothly enter the academy?”

The ‘golden spoon’ sneered in ridicule. “Then it only proves that you are a lucky bastard. Even though the chances are small, it’s not zero. Even if it is Green Luan Academy, there will unavoidably be some trash students.”

Lin Xi revealed a faint smile. “If I smoothly enter the academy, and my performance results are even better than yours, then what?”

The ‘golden spoon’ youngster frowned. That pretty and tender little face produced a trace of coldness and gloominess that didn’t match his age. “You want to make a bet?”

Lin Xi laughed. “Correct.”

The ‘golden spoon’ looked at Lin Xi with an expression of ridicule. “Fine, then what’s at stake?”

Lin Xi was smiling to the point his eyes were even about to close. “Let’s go a bit simpler, when the time comes, the loser has to shout in front of everyone: ‘Actually, there is something I wanted to tell everyone for some time, the truth is… I am a pig!’. It’s enough as long as everyone can hear it.”

“You’re crazy.” The golden spoon stared blankly for a moment, but soon afterwards, he nodded with a cold smile. “Fine, we’ll just do it like you said.”

“Lin Xi, do you really have that much confidence in entering the academy, moreover with better performance than him?” Meng Bai and Zhang Ping looked at Lin Xi with doubtful looks, quietly asking.

Lin Xi revealed a faint smile, saying in a deemphasized manner, “In Deerwood Town, no one has ever won a wager against me unless I wanted to lose on purpose.”

“But this is an entrance examination, how can it be compared to a normal wager?” Zhang Ping really was worried, originally wanting to say this, but right at this time, that black-robed middle-aged lecturer with the strict expression shouted his name. “Zhang Ping!”

Zhang Ping immediately got up from the ground. After giving Lin Xi and Meng Bai a look, he quickly walked up to the black-robed middle-aged lecturer, pulled aside the heavy curtain, and then entered the next great tent. His flustered appearance drew another sneer of ridicule from that golden spoon youngster.

One of their companions entering the big tent made the atmosphere suddenly become tense, even Meng Bai no longer saying that much.

The interval between when examinees entered didn’t seem to be that long, and it wasn’t in the sequence at which the tests outside were completed. Soon afterwards, only one person in between, the black-robed middle-aged lecturer with the strict face shouted Lin Xi’s name.

“Lin Xi!”

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