Book 1 Chapter 6 - The Academy’s Unique Tradition

“Huh? You didn’t know?” Zhang Ping looked at Lin Xi strangely.

“If there are lecturers, and it is divided into departments, then are there professors as well?” Lin Xi looked at these ‘bumpkins’, he couldn’t help but ask this.

“There are.” Zhang Ping, Meng Bai and the others nodded, feeling like Lin Xi’s expression was extremely strange.

“Just what kind of school is this?” Lin Xi was immediately speechless, a bitter smile on his face as he chewed on the tough beef jerky in his mouth.

Based on his understanding, this was a world that couldn’t be more ancient, no trace of modern language to be found in the outside world, which was why some of the things he said in Deerwood Town were treated as nonsense, Deerwood Town’s people calling him Lin Second. Those from private schools and academies were only called teachers or instructors. However, this Green Luan Academy actually not only called them lecturers and professors, it even had departments, this really was a bit hard for him to accept.

“When I was coming here, I heard that our Yunqin Empire had three great academies. Could it be that the three great academies all call them lecturers and professors, and are all divided into departments like this?” After swallowing the beef jerky that had a unique smell and was difficult to completely chew through, Lin Xi then asked.

“Lin Xi, seems like you really don’t know anything.” The little fatty Meng Bai looked at Lin Xi in shock. “Apart from our Green Luan Academy, none of the other great academies have this way of address. Only after Principal Zhang did our Green Luan Academy have these terms.

“Principal Zhang? Only Green Luan Academy has these titles?” Lin Xi stared blankly.

“Meng Bai, you say ‘our’ Green Luan Academy as if we are already students of Green Luan Academy. In reality, none of us have even seen what Green Luan Academy really is like!” When they heard Meng Bai’s words, Zhang Ping and Li Kaiyun began to roar with laughter.

Meng Bai’s freckled face immediately blushed, feeling rather embarrassed. The quiet Xiang Lin instead smiled towards Lin Xi and said, “Originally, our Green Luan Academy didn’t call the instructors these titles either, only after Principal Zhang became Green Luan Academy’s head did he change everything. Even though it is a bit strange, because of Principal Zhang’s contributions and reputation, it has been continued until now, and likely won’t change either, instead becoming Green Luan Academy’s inheritance.”

Lin Xi stared blankly for a long time again.

“I really don’t know anything about Green Luan Academy. Green Luan Academy, what kind of departments is it divided into?”

“To the best of my knowledge, it is divided into Natural Arts, Medicine, Self Defense, Statecraft, Internal Study, and Spiritual Sacrifice, these six departments.” Meng Bai tore off another strip of beef, saying seriously.

Lin Xi was filled with a feeling of novelty. “What exactly do you learn from these six departments?”

“Natural Arts is the department that focuses on the study of bladed weapons and armor. Medicine is the research of medicinal theory and rescue methods, as well as the department that researches poison. Self Defense is the research of commanding troops, leading armies into war, detecting assassinations. Statecraft is the department that stresses the governing of internal affairs. Internal Study is the department that focuses on the body’s mysteries, releasing the body’s potential. Spiritual Sacrifice is the study of astronomy and meteorology, as well as communicating and controlling spiritual beasts.” Meng Bai explained, “Normally, those who come out of the Natural Arts Department will head for the Ministry of War, those from the Medicine Department might head to the Ministry of Medicine, but might also become assassins. Those who come out of Self Defense will all head to the border army and defend one area. The students who graduate from Statecraft will naturally head to the Ministry of Civil Service, while those who are part of Internal Study will either head to other academies or remain in the academy. Spiritual Sacrifice students all become priests.”

“Which departments do you all think is best, where do you all want to go? Meng Bai, how do you know so much?” Lin Xi looked at Meng Bai. When Meng Bai was talking, the other three ‘bumpkins’ were also quietly listening, not interrupting, so Meng Bai was clearly the ‘bumpkin’ who knew the most.

“If we are talking about the best, it’s obviously Self Defense! After all, our Yunqin Empire is a militaristic one, cities, provinces, the highest commanding officer titles all obtained through military contributions. Normally, students who come out of the Self Defense Department rise up the fastest, and are the most likely to become an area’s high official. However, Self Defense is also the most dangerous, frequently carrying out exceedingly dangerous missions. My family’s inheritance has been passed down from father to son for three generations, and I myself would rather not undergo any suffering, which is why I’m interested in the Medicine or Spiritual Sacrifice department,” Meng Bai said. “As for how I know this much, I can be considered one-third golden spoon, my grandfather was also a student of Green Luan Academy before, part of the Medicine Department. At that time, it was still called Medicine Hall.”

“Your grandfather actually came out of Green Luan Academy?” Lin Xi was shocked. “Then how can you call yourself a ‘bumpkin’?”

Lin Xi’s surprise was quite reasonable, because along the way, Uncle Liu already told him that as long as you come out of the three great academies, then you were already equivalent to a town supervisor. If one could only remain as a city supervisor, this type of position one’s entire life, then for the three great academies’ students, this was already as lacking as it could get.

“My grandfather died early, which is why I became a bumpkin and not a golden spoon.” Meng Bai’s face was red, his cheeks puffed as he said with an ambiguous voice.

“Your luck really was a bit bad.” Lin Xi said sincerely.

“I want to enter the Self Defense Department.” Li Kaiyun suddenly said. This rather thin and weak looking youngster whose hair was yellow had a face that radiated glory and honor, making one couldn’t help but feel great respect.

“I also wish to enter Self Defense.” Xiang Lin also stuck out his chest, saying seriously. His eyes were also shining, this type of radiance reflecting the dreams and sacrifices of a young man, unrelated to the fast promotion Meng Bai spoke of.

“I want to enter the Natural Arts department.” Zhang Ping said.

“Natural Arts?” Meng Bai, Li Kaiyun, and Xiang Lin looked at each other in dismay. “We thought that you wanted to enter the Statecraft Department.”

“No, even though I helped my father manage quite a few businesses,” Zhang Ping shook his head, “The patterns on those soul weapons are much more interesting to me. I like those unique patterns. Ever since I first saw them, I already decided that I had to enter the Natural Arts department.”

“This really is unexpected.” The ‘bumpkins’ sighed at the same time.

“Lin Xi, which department do you have the greatest interest in now?” Before Lin Xi had time to even open his mouth and ask a bit more, Meng Bai already slapped his shoulder, asking full of expectation.

“Me?” Lin Xi hesitated a bit. Honestly, in terms of his opinion towards the entire Yunqin Empire, he was only a tourist. The major political events were distant and unfamiliar to him, which was why he didn’t have the innate longing for honor and glory these youngsters had. The most crucial thing was that these things were all too new for him. “Apart from Statecraft, I feel like they’re all fine…” After hesitating for a bit, this was that he said. Apart from Statecraft being a bit boring, he felt like the others were all not bad.

“Seems like you aren’t all that picky.” The ‘bumpkins’ all laughed.

“Right, what is the meaning of soul weapons? What are the patterns on the soul weapons for?” Lin Xi also laughed. Then, he asked about the question he had wanted to ask about just now.

“Zhang Ping, let Lin Xi take a look at that treasure of yours.” Meng Bai and Li Kaiyun immediately egged on.

“Alright.” Zhang Ping carefully undid the parcel behind him, producing a foot long black dagger.

Lin Xi’s attention was immediately deeply attracted.

The dagger was extremely thin and sharp, moreover extremely cold, the surface quickly covered in a fine layer of mist. On the pitch-black surface that didn’t reflect any light, the patterns were like layers of deep and light waves.

“Lin Xi, you don’t know what soul force is either? That formidable guard who brought you here didn’t tell you about this?” When he saw Lin Xi’s curious expression that clearly belonged to someone who had never seen such a thing before, Meng Bai even began to feel a bit of sympathy.

“I don’t.” Lin Xi directly nodded.

“You really are a bumpkin among bumpkins. Out of all the people here, you are probably the only one who doesn’t know.” Meng Bai laughed and said, “Soul force is the power within every person’s body, the most important part of Green Luan Academy is teaching us how to cultivate our soul force. According to our Yunqin Empire’s conventions, there are nine levels of strength. The first level is called Soul Knight, allowing one to strike with soul force, make one’s strength become a bit more astonishing. The second level is Soul Expert, the soul force distributed throughout the body, spread to the surface of the body. The third level is called Soul Master, able to use soul force as a type of enchantment, spread to weapon surfaces. The fourth level is State Knight, the soul force forming a core, fifth level State Master, allowing the merging of the soul. Sixth level is Sacred Expert, soul force can leave the body, seventh Sacred Master, soul force can be concentrated into weapons. As for eighth and ninth levels, there are no concrete sayings, they are god-like existences.”

Hu. Lin Xi released a light breath of air.

This was this world’s cultivation system? Soul force? It seemed quite interesting...

“The fella who had his nose knocked crooked… since his face could shine, he has at least reached the point where soul force covers his body, a Soul Expert level individual. That formidable guard of yours who could effortlessly break his nose, power so great he couldn’t even crawl back up for some time, is at least a Soul Master level figure.” Zhang Ping was quite satisfied with Meng Bai’s explanation. At the same time, he brandished the ice-cold black dagger that seemed to constantly be covered in a layer of moving ripples in front of Lin Xi’s stupefied face. “Soul Masters can already enchant their weapons, make their soul force spread to this type of soul weapon.”

“And then this type of soul weapon’s penetrative force and destructive power will become greater?” Lin Xi asked.

“Correct.” Zhang Ping nodded, his eyes burning with passion. “If it was a soul master who used this soul weapon, normal leather armor and steel armor would definitely be pierced through.”

“So this is this world’s so-called daoism magic artifacts…” Lin Xi laughed to himself. After remaining silent for some time, he then seriously asked, “What kind of story does that principal have exactly, what kind of person is he? Is he still alive?”

Before he left Deerwood Town, he really wasn’t all that interested in Green Luan Academy, but now, Green Luan Academy’s departments, these ways of calling instructors, filled him with interest. He even wanted to immediately meet this principal who changed the original ‘halls’ into ‘departments’, changing instructors into lecturers and professors.

“I do not know.”

The ‘bumpkins’ all shook their heads. However, even Meng Bai’s face only had a look of respect.

“This type of academy is something the outside world doesn’t know much about to begin with, the academy never releases any information either. If one wishes to know about the principal, perhaps only the talented who are accepted into the academy can find out.” Li Kaiyun explained to Lin Xi. Then, with deep veneration, he quietly sang, “He wanders the world under the heavens with a qilin and divine duck, visited desolate places none others have ever been to, taken the heads of demons, taken the heads of generals of massive armies, his glory at Starfall Lake something none other can match…”

Li Kaiyun’s voice was extremely soft, at first only him alone singing, but a moment later, voices sounded one after another, the entire camp singing in a respectful and solemn manner.

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