Book 1 Chapter 15 - Those Senior Brothers and Sisters Who Have Departed Since

Vice Principal Xia’s words made everyone in Wen Family’s carriage release a great sigh of relief.

Once more, six small sheepskin scrolls were prepared and brought before Wen Xuanyu. He picked one. The moment the black-robed middle-aged lecturer opened it, his face immediately turned pale.

The words on this small sheepskin scroll were ‘Internal Study’.

The black-robed middle-aged lecturer passed over the small sheepskin scroll to Vice Principal Xia and the six professors to take a look, at the same time shouting out, “Internal Study Department!”

A look of happiness flashed past the eyes of the rigid-looking middle-aged man in the hat. Meanwhile, the large middle-aged married woman, the elder with the ash-colored great beard, black-robed old woman and Spiritual Sacrifice wizened elder instead became even more annoyed.

Just now, Wen Xuanyu directly berated Lin Xi for his cultivation aptitude being inferior, yet Lin Xi didn’t seem annoyed at all, completely carefree. This type of easygoing attitude made them feel more and more admiration, but right now, Lin Xi was already Self Defense Department Madman Qin’s student!

Vice Principal Xia’s gaze stopped over the green-clothed young lady. “Gao Yanan, will you accept the heaven’s choice we have prepared, or do you wish to be like Wen Xuanyu.”

“Either way is fine with me. After all, once we enter the academy, if we have an interest, it’s not like we can’t study the contents of other departments, right? Moreover, if the academy students volunteer to head to the border army, isn’t that permitted as well? So what difference does it make?” The green-clothed young lady replied in an indifferent manner, almost making a large group of people faint.

Wen Xuanyu also almost fainted. “This is allowed?”

“What you said is correct.” A rare smile appeared on Vice Principal Xia’s face. He nodded towards the black-robed middle-aged lecturer, and then the latter brought four small sheepskin scrolls up before Gao Yanan.

Gao Yanan randomly chose one, this time, the larger middle-aged married woman’s brows relaxed, because the small sheepskin scroll had the word ‘Medicine’ on it.

“We aren’t in the same department?” When Lin Xi saw the middle-aged lecturer loudly read ‘Medicine Department!’, he couldn’t help but become a bit depressed.

“But I can choose to study Medicine Department’s contents…” However, soon afterwards, the corners of his lips curled slightly upwards.

“These brothers and sisters wish to train in the border army. According to our academy’s tradition, before they leave, they should meet you all.” Vice Principal Zhang’s voice sounded again.

His voice was still not all that resounding, but many people at Lin Xi’s side, including Li Kaiyun, trembled. They looked at the senior brothers and sisters who were organized in a neat and tidy manner behind the six professors, their eyes immediately revealing blazing radiance.

Towards the academy’s traditions, aside from a few ‘golden spoons’, most of the newly accepted students didn’t understand too much, but what Li Kaiyun and the others were extremely clear on was that the various border armies were all extremely dangerous places. Perhaps out of all of these senior brothers and sisters, quite a few of them would forever remain in the desolate border, never to return.

“He wanders the world under the heavens with a qilin and divine duck, visiting desolate places none others have ever been to, taken the heads of demons, taken the heads of generals of massive armies, his glory at Starfall Lake something none other can match…”

A solemn and respectful singing suddenly began. The black-robed academy students behind the six professors and lecturer began to leave, forming a long line, walking towards Four Seasons Plains.

Li Kaiyun and the others straightened their chests. These academy students were pursuing the glory of their seniors, precisely the empire’s pillars and shields. Meanwhile, they were now already official students, so they also shouldered this type of mission.

“Have Yunqin Empire’s border wars always been extremely tense?” Lin Xi thought while frowning.

In this type of setting, even him who subconsciously didn’t feel like he had much responsibility in this empire was unknowingly affected, feeling like he should properly look into what the circumstances of the border armies were like.

“Let’s go, we are returning to Green Luan Academy.” While watching the long black line gradually disappear from his line of sight, Vice Principal Xia said this to Lin Xi and the others. Then, he turned around, moving around Summer Spirit Lake together with all of the professors and lecturers, heading north.

“Are we going to leave?”

Lin Xi was suddenly startled, rushing over to the end of the crowd, waving with everything he had towards the place where the carriages gathered.

The anxious expression on his face quickly disappeared, a happy smile immediately blossoming on his face like sunshine.

It was because at the limits of his line of sight, a shabby looking carriage came out from the endless carriages, that old driver who accompanied him in that journey across half of Yunqin Empire sitting at the very front, seeing him off as he left together with the academy’s people.

In this world, once he left Deerwood Town, apart from his old man, mother, and little sister, he pretty much didn’t have a single friend. The youngsters his age in Deerwood Town knew too little, the amount of things they didn’t understand too many. Even when they really did interact, they treated him like a weirdo, calling him ‘Lin Second’. Even though this old driver surnamed Liu didn’t speak much, nor did he tell Lin Xi too much about his past, in this past month, he had taken care of him extremely well. Unknowingly, this elder surnamed Liu became his first friend after arriving in this world. Then came the freckle faced little fatty Meng Bai, after that Li Kaiyun, Zhang Ping, and Xiang Lin.

As he followed the huge group, watched as Meng Bai and the others’ tender faces become showered in faint golden sunshine, a faint warm smile appeared on Lin Xi’s face, at the same time, the words ‘Principal Zhang’ uncontrollably emerged in his mind once more.

This legendary middle-aged uncle, just what kind of person was he?

Why did he leave behind so many rather eccentric traditions in Green Luan Academy, so many strange terms?

Regardless of whether it was the older driver or Meng Bai’s group, he didn’t think any of them could understand his previous world. If he told them about things from his past world, they would definitely feel nervous, tell him not to speak randomly. When they were at Apricot Blossom Village outside Four Seasons Plains, the old driver already felt that he was telling an utterly absurd story. This was a lack of comprehension and disbelief that came from the bottom of his heart.

This was just like how a traveller had no way of recounting his entire journey to others, sometimes naturally feeling a mysterious sense of regret and loneliness.

If this continued long term, Lin Xi knew that even he might start to doubt whether he really came from a different world, start to really believe that he caught a bad cold, and then dreamt a long and extremely ridiculous dream.

“If he is like me, from a different world, then during these past few decades, he must have felt really lonely, right?”

In Lin Xi’s mind, the scene portrayed by that song inadvertently began to appear again. A middle-aged uncle, together with a grotesquely shaped, huge dog-like beast, as well as a mandarin duck-like strange beast moved through the wilderness. This scene that was involuntarily produced was extremely blurry, but it gave Lin Xi a strange sentimental feeling.

“If he really is like me… establishing legends like this, don’t tell me he has an ability just like mine?” Suddenly, Lin Xi’s body shook greatly, thinking of this possibility.

“What’s wrong?” Meng Bai who was next to Lin Xi sensed that something was off, and thus couldn’t help but quietly ask.

“It’s nothing.” Lin Xi didn’t want to lie either, only saying, “I was thinking about the legendary Principal Zhang’s things…”

“Oh.” Meng Bai whispered into Lin Xi’s ear, “Do you know what I am thinking about?”

Lin Xi shook his head. “I don’t.”

Meng Bai had a bitter expression on his face. He gestured forward, saying, “I am wondering just where exactly did my grandfather provoke that professor. Once I enter the academy, all types of rumors will be made about me...”

Pfft.” Lin Xi directly laughed.

“Where exactly is Green Luan Academy? Where are we headed?” The accepted examinees were all rather young after all, so after they followed Summer Spirit Lake for half a day with no sign of a stop in sight, there was more and more whispering. There was someone who couldn’t help but ask this question.

The academy’s professors, lecturers, and venerable Vice Principal Xia didn’t prevent these new students from having private discussions. They didn’t show any strictness, these individuals not saying much. However, upon hearing someone ask this with a slightly louder voice, that black-robed middle-aged lecturer surprisingly pointed towards the distance. “Green Luan Academy is right there, that is where we are headed.”

The place the black-robed middle-aged lecturer pointed at was an enormous mountain range, everything halfway up these mountains covered in ice and snow. They were incredibly massive, the mountain peaks above the cloud layer, impossible to see the mountain summit.

Heaven Ascension Mountain Range!

“Are we going to directly walk up there?” A commotion broke out between the new students.

There were no lack of individuals who knew that Green Luan Academy was built on this enormous mountain range, but even Lin Xi who knew the least, when he entered Four Seasons Plains, had heard the old driver explain that the Sea of Mountains and Heaven Ascension Mountain Range were the two greatest mountain ranges in Yunqin Empire’s territory. Four Seasons Plains was precisely a basin between these two mountain ranges, while the distance from Summer Spirit Lake to Heaven Ascension Mountain Range, by foot, would take at least three or four days to traverse.

The black-robed middle-aged lecturer’s serious voice didn’t carry any emotional fluctuations or pauses. “All of you are already the academy’s new students. Your training, from this moment, has already begun, which means… your first lesson has already begun. According to the academy’s tradition, your performance is already being noted. Students whose performance are exceptional will be rewarded with points, while the opposite will be punished, have points deducted.”

All of the new students’ minds went cold.

Meanwhile, after the black-robed middle-aged man paused slightly, he then added, “For Vice Principal Xia to accompany all of you on this path to the academy, this is something you all should rejoice and feel honor about.”

The professors and lecturers up ahead suddenly stopped. The group of new students who were now ill at ease almost ran into each other like a clump.

“Come here to receive a cloak, one per person.”

When the black robed middle-aged lecturer’s cold and stern voice sounded, all of the lecturers removed the large bags they carried on their bags. Those tents from before had all been collapsed and left in an orderly pile by the lakeside, looking like others would come later to take care of them. Meanwhile, along the way, Lin Xi originally also tried to guess what Xia Yanbing and the other lecturers were carrying in the large bags on their backs, and now, he learned the answer.

Inside every lecturer’s large bag were bright, pure black cloaks.

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