Book 1 Chapter 13 - Heaven’s Choice

All of the students were extremely nervous, even the hands of those ‘border barbarians’ who had definitely experienced many dangers, recommended from Desolate Border, were trembling slightly.

Green Luan Academy was Yunqin Empire’s holy land, many people coming here with the mindset of making a pilgrimage. However, apart from Lin Xi, everyone understood clearly that Green Luan Academy’s entrance exam was always eccentric and harsh, preferring to go without rather than to resort to shoddy options. They would only accept twenty to thirty percent of the examinees at most.

Lin Xi, Zhang Ping, Li Kaiyun, Xiang Lin, and the still pale-faced Meng Bai, these five ‘bumpkins’ stretched out their necks as well, staring at that black-robed middle-aged man who was reading out the names of those who were accepted.

An unsuppressable cheer of joy would sound after almost each name that was called, drawing many looks of envy.

“Xiang Lin, composite score 16 points, chosen to enter Statecraft Department…”

Suddenly, Xiang Lin also couldn’t restrain his emotions, screaming out, about to shed tears of joy. The black-robed middle-aged lecturer called out his name!

“Congratulations!” Lin Xi, Zhang Ping, Li Kaiyun, and Meng Bai all cheered as well, hugging Xiang Lin.

Even though Statecraft wasn’t the most ideal department in the hearts of many hot-blooded and ambitious youngsters, as long as they can enter the academy, it was already an incomparable honor.

“Liu Huajun, composite score 17 points, chosen to enter Medicine Department… Qiu Xiaoling, composite score 18 points, chosen to enter Statecraft Department…”

All of a sudden, Li Kaiyun couldn’t help but jump, screaming out in joy. Hot tears poured out from his eyes, because the black robed middle-aged lecturer called out his name. “Li Kaiyun, composite score 18 points, chosen to enter Self Defense Department!”

Not only did he pass Green Luan Academy’s examination, he even entered the Self Defense Department he wanted to enter the most!

The black-robed middle-aged lecturer continued, already announcing more than fifty names in a flash. After cheering for joy, Zhang Ping and Meng Bai became more nervous, especially Meng Bai, drops of sweat even hanging from the tips of his hair. His lips were moving slightly, no one knowing what he was mumbling.

“Meng Bai, composite score 20 points, chosen to enter the Internal Study Department.”

Right at this time, the black-robed middle-aged lecturer suddenly shouted Meng Bai’s name.

The little fatty Meng Bai was too nervous, to the point where he almost lost track of what was going on right now. When he heard his name called out, in a daze, he thought that it was time for him to take a test, which was why he didn’t immediately cry out, instead staggering towards the black-robed middle-aged lecturer in a flustered manner. Before everyone saw what he was trying to do, he even tripped and fell.

Ah!” After falling down, he instead became clear-headed, screaming out, “I passed the test! I entered the academy! I actually made it in!”

Normally, when others saw Meng Bai’s current appearance, most people would probably mock him, but right now, most of the students were so nervous the tips of their noses were sweating, inwardly thinking, “Even this type of gluttonous little bumpkin fatty can enter the academy, is there any reasoning left in this world?”

“Qiu Lu, composite score 20 points, chosen to enter the Self Defense Department.”

While Lin Xi was watching Meng Bai smile endlessly, he suddenly felt eyes full of rancor directed at him.

“He also passed the test?” Lin Xi turned around, noticing that the gaze originated from the tender-faced golden spoon youngster who he had previously had a conflict with when first arriving here.

From this golden-clothed youngster’s elated and proud look, it seemed like the Qiu Lu the middle-aged lecturer just called out should precisely be him.

Lin Xi also made a face at this golden-clothed youngster, and then turned around, not paying him any more attention.

“Zhang Ping, composite score 20 points, chosen to enter the Natural Arts Department.”

At this time, the black-robed middle-aged lecturer called out Zhang Ping’s name. Meanwhile, Zhang Ping immediately cheered, hugging Lin Xi right away.

Lin Xi chuckled, patting Zhang Ping’s back, only to discover that the center of Zhang Ping’s back was already completely drenched in sweat.

The black-robed middle-aged lecturer’s serious voice continued. The atmosphere became more and more tense, especially for many who felt that their performance wasn’t as good as they had hoped, their expressions already becoming pale. It was because even though most of the examinees didn’t understand what kind of standard Green Luan Academy used to calculate the score too well, what was easy to see was that the higher the score, the better one’s test went. The further they went on, the more distant the hope of their names being called would become.

“... Mu Shanzi, composite score 23 points, chosen to enter the Self Defense Department.”

“Lin Xi, it’s him.” Li Kaiyun and Xiang Lin both reminded Lin Xi.

The one named Mu Shanzi was precisely the one in the silver robes with the embroidered silver flowers, hair combed until it was glossy, that ‘golden spoon’ youngster Lin Xi had previously made a wager with.

Zhang Ping’s face immediately changed. “His surname is Mu, is he someone from Xixia Province’s Mu Family?”

Lin Xi quietly asked, “Is Mu Family that amazing?”

“Mu Family’s Mu Liang is precisely Xixia Province’s province supervisor.”

“It seems like even until now, I haven’t heard your name called.” At this time, a complacent-faced Mu Shanzi already walked over, saying this to Lin Xi with a cold smile. Zhang Ping subconsciously took a step back.

Lin Xi laughed in an extremely easygoing manner. “Should be later on.”

“Is that so?” Mu Shanzi stared blankly for a moment, and then immediately afterwards, undisguisable anger appeared on his face. He didn’t expect Lin Xi to have this type of reaction even at this time.

Then, Lin Xi’s following reaction even more so made his little face produce an abnormal flush of redness from anger.

It was because Lin Xi earnestly nodded, saying as if it was but a matter of fact, “That is so.”

“Good, good, don’t regret it now.” Mu Shanzi held himself back, slowly spitting out these words.

“Really is slow[1]…” Lin Xi turned around, muttering to himself out of habit, but the corners of his lips couldn’t help but curl up into a slight smile.

From the start until now, the number of passed examinees the black-robed middle-aged lecturer called out had already reached more than a hundred and sixty, so there wouldn’t be that many more names. Meanwhile, among these hundred and sixty something accepted examinees, ninety percent of them had composite scores of under 20 points, which was to say, this Mu Shanzi had obtained quite the high performance results.

Only, it was unfortunate that his opponent was Lin Xi. Lin Xi had absolute confidence. The longer he had to wait for his name to be called, the more Lin Xi knew his score could only go higher.

“Leng Qiuyu, composite score 27 points, chosen to enter Medicine Department… Yuhua Tianji, composite score 27 points, chosen to enter Spiritual Sacrifice Department…”

When the black-robed middle-aged man reported these two names, many students already couldn’t help but cry, sounds of sobbing echoing through the lakeside.

Most people personally saw Leng Qiuyu and the golden haired Yuhua Tianji’s aptitude tests. Regardless of how arrogant they were, these youngsters all understood inside that there was no way they could surpass Leng Family and Yuhua Family’s heirs.

“Her name wasn’t called? Don’t tell me she wasn’t accepted?”

Under the sobs and cries, Lin Xi’s gaze instead passed through the crowd, landing on that tall and slender green-clothed young woman.

Apart from the ‘bumpkins’ at his side, his attention had always been focused on this green-clothed young lady who made his heart rate quicken.

Now, it was already close to the end, but the black-robed middle-aged lecturer still didn’t call out this green-clothed young lady’s name. Yet what was even more strange right now was that this green-clothed young lady still had an extremely natural expression, full of radiance, as if she was just calmly sightseeing.

Those facial features from which Lin Xi couldn’t pick a single flaw from and the easygoing and natural attitude made Lin Xi become a bit stunned again.

“Are you still going to tell me that your name will be called later?” An angry shout interrupted Lin Xi’s thoughts. When he turned around, a furious Mu Shanzi was glaring at him with a cold expression.

“By now, all those who passed the test have pretty much all been called out, yet you still have the face to say that you are still later?” When he saw Lin Xi turn around, Mu Shanzi coldly spoke once more.

Lin Xi’s brows also furrowed, his face a bit perplexed. Meng Bai, Zhang Ping, and the others all looked at him, unable to say anything.

It was because at this time, the black-robed middle-aged man already stopped. It seemed like those who had passed the examination really had all been announced.

When Lin Xi’s stunned and surprised expression entered Mu Shanzi’s eyes, inwardly feeling pleased, the expression of ridicule on his face also became stronger, his tone also becoming more harsh. “It seems like if I didn’t come here to watch you, you definitely would have ran away when no one is paying any attention right?”

“What are you talking about…” Meng Bai’s face was entirely red, wishing to speak out in Lin Xi’s place, but right at this time, the black-robed middle-aged man who had already stopped instead spoke up. “Gao Yanan, composite score 30 points, heaven’s choice…”

“Heaven’s choice?” Everyone was stunned. Lin Xi stared blankly. Before he had time to think about what these two words meant, the black-robed middle-aged lecturer already continuously read out, “Lin Xi, composite score 31 points, heaven’s choice. Wen Xuanyu, composite score 31 points, heaven’s choice.”

“What? Lin Xi, you!”

Cries of disbelief sounded. Meng Bai, in particular, almost immediately screamed out.

Mu Shanzi’s cold expression immediately went rigid, face falling ashen. “Composite score 31 points… heaven’s choice… how could this be?!”

“Lin Xi, how did you do it?”

Zhang Ping, Xiang Lin, and Li Kaiyun also entered a complete state of shock. Even though they all hoped for Lin Xi to pass, this type of result really was something they truly never expected.

“Heaven’s choice… how could this be?!”

Mu Shanzi’s face went from ashen to abnormally pale, as if his soul left his body.

He, who was born a golden spoon, knew far more than the one-third golden spoon Meng Bai and bumpkins like Zhang Ping.

He knew that this composite score was a sum of the scores from the first cultivation aptitude test and the following examination’s results. Meanwhile, Lin Xi’s aptitude was only two, which meant that his following examination result was even higher than Gao Yanan and Wen Xuanyu’s!

Normally speaking, when faced with the six professors, as long as one or two of them were interested in you, then this examinee would basically be able to enter the academy. However, this heaven’s choice meant that the number of professors who were fond of him was too many, fighting over him to the point where they couldn’t come to a decision, only then would it become heaven’s choice!

A bumpkin like him with normal aptitude, just what was so special about him, for so many professors to fight over him, carry out heaven’s choice?

“Hey… what is this heaven’s choice?” What even more so made him almost vomit blood was that at this time, Lin Xi was still acting like this, asking him this kind of question.

1. second

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