Book 3 Chapter 37 - Everyone Has Weaknesses

“Ten years ago, Professor Tang, Lecturer Xu and others had proposed a change in Green Luan Academy’s way of teaching. At that time, the most important proposal was to use some unpardonable death convicts and captives to carry out a life and death struggle, use this to raise the true fighting ability of students. This proposal, because of your respected self and some professors’ opposal, was directly rejected.” Yan Shaoqing still spoke with a respectful and low voice, declaring, “However, according to his highness’ wishes, this education modification was implemented in Thunder Academy. In the past decade, it has indeed produced clear effects.”

Yan Shaoqing’s words, even though the tone was flat, still made everyone here, Feng Qianhan, Ye Shaofeng, and even Vice Principal Xia’s eyes develop a trace of coldness.

It was because everyone understood it clearly, behind these words, were real lives..

“Thunder Academy really has quite the methods, these things actually even hidden from us.”

Vice Principal Xia’s consistently gentle face displayed a trace of coldness. He and some others in the academy, would always be the most loyal followers of Principal Zhang’s view of humanity, this was something that touched the bottom line of him and some others in the academy.

There were some things that might be difficult for outsiders to understand… but in this world, there was perhaps no one who understood Principal Zhang better than himself and a few academy elders. In the outside world, others might think that Principal Zhang marched through the world with a sword in hand in pursuit of imperishable glory in Yunqin, but they knew that Principal Zhang’s natural disposition was to live a simple life. From start until end, he wasn’t an existence on the same level as some influential officials of this world. The so-called fame and profit of this world, also completely didn’t matter to him. The reason someone like him stood out, was only because in this Yunqin Empire, there were many people he cared about.

When one falls in disgrace, the whole family is doomed. He fought for these people.

Something that he always said, was that if one didn’t have a basic respect and mercy for life, then that person couldn’t be said to have humanity, and these people without humanity would often do many terrifying things.

The current emperor and imperial court always believed that the academy didn’t place the highest imperial power in their eyes, all because of the academy’s strength. In reality, the root of the reason why they didn’t understand… for those who have always followed Principal Zhang, this imperial power, this empire, weren’t things they cared about at all. They only cared about those they needed to protect, as well as the radiance they persisted with inside.

That was why from the very first lesson the academy taught, the loyalty all of the new students vowed to uphold, was only loyalty to their comrades, and not loyalty to the current emperor.

This could be said to be disgraceful and unfilial, but this was what many people in the academy persisted with… because if they couldn’t even remain loyal to their own companions who they fought through life and death with, what kind of humanity was there left?

“I understand the emperor wishes to exert himself vigorously to build a strong country, but I never expected him to be this impatient.”

Vice Principal Xia looked at these three important figures who came out from Central Continent’s imperial court, saying, “However, do you all really think that in these ten years, Thunder Academy’s performance being more outstanding than Green Luan Academy’s students is only because of the so-called modification of teachings? Compared to sixteen years ago when Principal Zhang was still here, how much resources do we receive now? Could it be that you all believe that a momentary performance can prove anything? Sprouts spoiled through excessive enthusiasm might momentarily seem taller than other sprouts, but after a decade, two decades, can you guarantee they will grow taller?”

After a slight pause, Vice Principal Xia released an aura that made this incredibly spacious great hall’s temperature immediately drop a few degrees. “You all are all cultivators as well… but I fear there is some fundamental reasoning you all do not understand. If you aren’t even clear on why you are fighting, what you are even persisting with… could it be that cultivators who are only incited by fame and profit, can exceed cultivators who truly understand the reason for cultivation?”

Vice Principal Xia’s words were spoken extremely impolitely, but Ye Shaofeng instead didn’t get angry in the slightest, instead suddenly staring blankly, as if he suddenly realized something crucial to his own cultivation.

Feng Qianhan’s white brows furrowed slightly, while Yan Shaoqing instead released a bitter smile, looking at Vice Principal Xia and saying, “Vice Principal Xia, these things you are talking about, I naturally understand them all… I fear that it is perhaps precisely because I understand them, that Zhou Shoufu would make me preside over things, come discuss this matter with your respected self. I believe your respected self understands even more clearly than us that the one we are ultimately facing in this matter, the one we must convince, is the current emperor. Even if we understand that he is wrong, perhaps your respected self is the only one who can openly state that he is wrong… during these years, the academy has done so much for Yunqin, so your respected self definitely doesn’t want to see Yunqin fall into the abyss. As such, your respected self must prove it to his highness.”

“Since even before you all arrived, Thunder Academy’s new students have already begun cultivating in Heaven Ascension Mountain Range,” Vice Principal Xia gave Yan Shaoqing a look, “Then he naturally should have already prepared how he wishes for me to prove myself. What is this way of proving he wishes to see so badly?”

When he heard Vice Principal Xia’s words, Yan Shaoqing, this Government Sector Vice Head who had long grown accustomed to not showing happiness or anger on his face couldn’t help but freeze up, inwardly sighing, knowing that the other party already completely understood those undercurrents that are almost impossible to see, as well as the will of those individuals in the imperial court. Even that figure on the dragon throne with similarly powerful ambition and intelligence, before this elder, seemed a bit lower, this type of powerful figure making him inwardly produce a powerful feeling of defeat once again.

After a deep exhale, Yan Shaoqing said, “His highness has indeed foreseen that Vice Principal Xia would find this very hard to accept, that he has to give you all a chance to convince him… that is why his highness’ intention is that Green Luan Academy and Thunder Academy will each pick five new students, and then carry out a true practical training… the two academies’ current students’ methods are entirely different, and so the shorter the time, the easier it is to see entirely different results… moreover, the current situation is quite pressing, so the emperor’s intention is that the earlier this confrontation is held, the better. When he heard that Vice Principal Xia wasn’t willing to meet with us during these days, yesterday, his highness already set out for Heaven Ascension Mountain Range, wishing to personally discuss things with Vice Principal Xia.”

Vice Principal Xia gave Yan Shaoqing a look, and then said, “Fine, you all can tell him that before he comes, our Green Luan Academy will choose five new students.”

Yan Shaoqing stared blankly for a moment, not expecting Vice Principal Xia to agree so easily. It was because according to the calculations of those individuals behind the heavy layers of curtains, Vice Principal Xia’s display should be much more forceful than this.

However, after staring blankly for a bit, this Government Sector Vice Head immediately stood up, showing Vice Principal Xia an extremely serious and sincere bow of respect. It was because he understood extremely clearly, that if Vice Principal Xia didn’t agree, there would inevitably be even greater bloodshed, and most of this blood wouldn’t be from the academy’s people. Regardless of whether it was the academy or Vice Principal Xia’s actions during these years, it was all enough to earn his respect. However, Vice Principal Xia was already extremely old… moreover, the academy had so many people who shared different opinions. As such, not only the current emperor, even he himself couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if someone like Vice Principal Xia left this world, if the academy was still as powerful as before, if the academy no longer did things the same way, would they get involved with imperial power then?

In the depths of Tangcang Ancient Country’s imperial palace.

The swaying milky-white oil lamps illuminated the court floor’s scarlet-yellow colored glass. When the radiance shone on some of the walls’ gorgeous buddhist paintings, an extremely peaceful and sacred scene was formed.

A palace maid dressed in ordinary hemp clothes was currently carrying a bowl of medicinal soup, carefully feeding a haggard-looking old lady.

The old lady was clearly seriously ill, her face covered in a layer of gloominess that didn’t go away, eyes powerlessly sunken. However, her appearance was kind, in her hands gripped a string of red coral buddhist beads, shaking from time to time.

The young emperor Feng Xuan appeared from behind the layers of golden curtains. He waved towards the palace maid who carried a bowl of medicine soul, indicating that she didn’t need to greet him, and then received the bowl, personally feeding this older woman one spoon after another.

The moment he appeared, this old woman smiled in an extremely relieved manner. Only after extremely patiently drinking all of the medicinal soup, did she breathe slowly, look at the young emperor with a doting expression, at this individual who had the highest authority in all of Tangcang Ancient Country, asking, “What troubles you today?”

“Mother empress.” Emperor Feng Xuan placed his own hand on the old woman’s hand, looking at his sickly mother who, while being constantly conspired against and falling ill, in the end still completely passed down the imperial throne to himself, with great love and respect. With a slight frown, he said, “Green Luan Academy’s news have come back, they actually refused our proposal, actually not wishing to use Nan Gongmo to exchange for him…”

When she saw the frowning young emperor, Tangcang Ancient Country’s empress dowager revealed a smile, opening her mouth to say something, but what first came out was instead a wave of intense coughing, to the extent where her entire body continuously shook. In this quiet palace, it seemed especially piercing and worrisome.

Emperor Feng Xuan bit his lips, his eyes revealed an expression of self blame, thinking that he shouldn’t have come to discuss this matter with his mother. However, his hand slightly tightened, the coughing empress dowager instead using a bit more force, consoling him.

“During these years, the place where he is imprisoned is something only us few know about… Green Luan Academy was always unable to rescue him… their refusal is naturally because they know how much he has suffered under our hands, to seek a bit of a price back for him…” After the coughing stopped, the empress dowager looked at Emperor Feng Xuan, saying, “However, we must complete this exchange.”

Emperor Feng Xuan began to think deeply to himself, asking, “Mother empress, why is that?”

“Nan Gongmo is a cultivation genius, and he also has many of Green Luan Academy’s cultivation secrets on him. Meanwhile, Gu Xinyin hasn’t spoken after so many years, we cannot receive anything of value from him, so this kind of exchange in itself cannot be considered a loss.” Tangcang Ancient Country’s empress dowager looked at Emperor Feng Xuan, benevolently and slowly explaining, “However, you must not forget that your uncle’s only son also died under his hands, and he also might have some of our Sanskrit Temple’s cultivation methods, so we can complete this exchange with Green Luan Academy, but we cannot let him return to Green Luan Academy alive. Your uncle definitely won’t let him return to Green Luan Academy alive either.”

“If it wasn’t for your uncle’s only son dying under his hands… perhaps you might not have so easily succeeded this imperial throne. However, even without a male offspring...I understand him extremely well, if I die, he definitely won’t be as content with his place as he is right now. If you ordered him to help you do something else, he definitely won’t really put in the effort, but Gu Xinyin is someone who personally destroyed all of his dreams… His son who he loved so dearly, who he fostered for more than twenty years, placed all of his hopes on, died under Gu Xinyin’s hands, this hatred, even if it was me, I might not be able to maintain calmness. That is why on this matter of Gu Xinyin, he definitely can’t be allowed to return to Green Luan Academy alive, he will definitely truly go all out, because this is something that will forever bother him. Perhaps for him, before he has gotten rid of this sore point… this sore point will be even more important than the imperial throne.”

Because she spoke so much in one breath, the empress dowager rested for a long time, and only then did she slowly say, “You have to remember, no matter how powerful you are, there will still be a weak point… even me, even if it is a great master in Sanskrit Temple, they all have weak points. This was your uncle’s only weak point, that is why this time’s exchange must be completed… let him and Green Luan Academy’s people fight to the death.”

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