Book 3 Chapter 36 - The Negotiation That Has Finally Arrived

By a small stream.

Meng Bai was currently cooking a jar of soup.

Bian Linghan was roasting a piece of fox meat.

Even though they shamelessly took the meat strips Thunder Academy’s students left behind, the simple and crude pottery he removed from their bodies also helped Meng Bai greatly.

With a pot to make soup with, he could drink hot water that warmed his body at any time. Moreover, right now, the pot of soup he made with more than ten small fish and some roots looked quite delicious as well.

As for Bian Linghan whose archery was excellent just like Lin Xi’s, catching prey was also much easier, so she didn’t starve these two days either.

A pot of rather delicious fish soup was completed.

“Just where did Lin Xi run to? He hasn’t appeared after all this time.” After Meng Bai muttered this to himself, he used two pieces of dried wood to pick up this pot of fish soup, preparing to sit down and properly enjoy it.

However, the moment he turned around, he was immediately stunned. The pot of fish soup rocked back and forth, as if it might just fall at any time.

Bian Linghan turned around in confusion. Only, when she just took a look, she suddenly stood up.

When their eyes moved up a hill, several hundred steps away, a single person stood there.

This person was precisely Lin Xi who had already disappeared for two days.

Lin Xi’s black cloak, the Self Defense Department clothes he wore inside, everything including his hair and brows, was dripping with water. His cheeks were incredibly pale and sallow. When he saw Meng Bai and Bian Linghan who just saw him, he revealed a smile. However, after he took another breath, he fell heavily into the ground like a rock.

Meng Bai dropped a small half of the fish soup, while Bian Linghan didn’t care about the fox meat hanging over the fire, the two’s faces instantly becoming extremely pale. Meanwhile, right when the two were running frantically towards Lin Xi, in a forest to the side, a sorry-looking Mu Shanzi just happened to be holding an egg from who knew what kind of bird, walking out.

When he saw Lin Xi fall, this Self Defense Department golden spoon was immediately stunned as well.

“Lin Xi, just what exactly happened?”

Bian Linghan’s heart immediately tightened. She immediately wanted to support Lin Xi up, but the moment she touched Lin Xi’s body, she instead discovered that Lin Xi’s skin was simply like a block of ice, lacking even a hint of warmth.

Apart from Lin Xi’s breathing that still had a bit of warmth, almost his entire body was cold.

“Don’t worry, I just need to roast some stuff to eat and I’ll be fine… I spent two days cultivating up there, and I didn’t eat anything today either.” Lin Xi laughed with difficulty, and then said in a weak and powerless manner, “Helping me over to that fire shouldn’t be violating the rules, right?”

“You went up above the snow line to cultivate?” The chilliness coming out of Lin Xi’s body and this sentence made Bian Linghan’s breathing stop, she immediately couldn’t help but raise her head to look at the distant snowy peaks shrouded in clouds. They were completely impossible to make out. Meanwhile, Meng Bai, who saw many strips of meat hanging from Lin Xi’s body, really couldn’t understand, inadvertently asking, “You have so much meat on you, why didn’t you eat it?”

“They were frozen too hard up there, I couldn’t chew through them.”


When he heard Lin Xi’s reply, Meng Bai was stunned, finally understanding what Lin Xi did in the two days he disappeared for.

Bian Linghan also finally knew why Lin Xi’s entire body seemed like it had been flung into a frozen sea. The academy’s black cloak had exceptional cold resistance and weather resistance properties, even if rain landed on it, it would quickly slide off, unable to seep through at all. The reason why Lin Xi was like this was definitely because the ice and snow on his body, hair, and brows melted and flowed down.

“Lin Xi, you’ve gone mad! Do you not care about your life anymore, actually running to that type of place to cultivate for more than two days!” Because of alarm, because of pity, Bian Linghan and Meng Bai quickly supported Lin Xi over to the fire, unable to help but sternly criticize him.

Mu Shanzi who stopped at the edge of the forest saw Lin Xi’s current state clearly, he also heard Bian Linghan’s scolding clearly. His eyes immediately went round. “Motherf*cking… Lin Xi, you are a bit too fierce, right?” After this golden spoon whose background wasn’t bad swallowed a mouthful of saliva, he couldn’t help but speechlessly speak these vulgar words. Then, he shook his head, turning around and leaving.

Right at this time, Lin Xi, whose body was still dripping water, looked at the bonfire that was already not far from him, a somewhat satisfied and proud expression appearing on his face. He turned his head slightly, and then with a sound only Bian Linghan could hear, he explained quietly by her ears. “Even though it does seem extremely crazy, it was worth it as well. My soul force has increased quite a bit… I should be able to reach mid level Soul Knight cultivation now… Also, I even pinched wind and snow, my archery should have made great progress too.”

“Pinched wind and snow?”

Bian Linghan’s body immediately shook. These words, even if Meng Bai heard her, he might not know the meaning. However, as someone with true windstalker talent, she, who had experienced wildstalker special training with Lin Xi, naturally understood the significance of this extremely well.

Heaven’s Core Peak, Vice Principal Xia and Xiao Mingxuan who was somewhat nervously patting his belly were currently looking at a drawing on a small scroll.

The drawing had more than ten fragmented scenes in total, drawn in an extremely simple matter. Altogether, it was precisely the final thrust in Lin Xi and Wanyan Muye’s battle, portrayed extremely clearly.

“Can you see through how he was able to deliver this winning blow?” Vice Principal Xia stared at it for a long time, and then released a sigh, turning around to ask Xiao Mingxuan.

Xiao Mingxuan shook his head, his reply still extremely direct. “How could I see through it? With his cultivation, this doesn’t make any sense.”

“Seems like this can still only be summed up with talent.” Vice Principal Xia laughed, and then said, “His speed of cultivation seems to be quite fast.”

“Not just quite fast, but rather extremely fast.” Xiao Mingxuan, who had access to all the real data gave Vice Principal Xia a look, saying, “Even if he doesn’t have any pills to help him, in terms of true soul force accumulation, for his one month of cultivation, others will need at least a month and a half to catch up.”

Vice Principal Xia nodded. “That is why the next time he meets Wanyan Muye, he should still be able to win?”

Xiao Mingxuan became quiet, and then nodded. “Most likely.”

“It’s about time as well.” Vice Principal Xia nodded again, and then stood up. “I am going to meet with them.”

Xiao Mingxuan also stood up, his expression serious as he nodded. “Alright.”

After waiting for seven whole days of time, the fleet that set out from Central Province’s Imperial City consisting of Government Sector Vice Head Yan Shaoqing, Justice Sector’s Great Commander Feng Qianhan and Central Province Guards’ Ye Shaofeng, finally met Vice Principal Xia who could represent the academy.

The green stone bricks on the ground were like a green river in this great hall. Vice Principal Xia’s wrinkle-covered face looked at these three Yunqin influential officials, opening his mouth and asking, “Coming all the way here to meet me, what do you all wish to say?”

Even though the other party waited for seven whole days, Government Sector’s number two, Yan Shaoqing, who with just a stamp of his feet, would leave who knew how many people shaken, didn’t show the slightest bit of impatience. He looked at this true great figure, and then slowly recounted Imperial City’s decree. “I believe Vice Principal Xia should already be aware that the imperial princess suffered an attack in Rudong City, among the attackers were two assassins from Great Mang. The reason for this, is related to our Yunqin no longer being as powerful as before, or else Great Mang and Tangcang wouldn’t dare publically treat us as enemies. His majesty is quite worried, because the one who was ambushed was the princess, so the next one might be him… that is why his highness wishes to ask Vice Principal Xia, ask Green Luan Academy to help him a bit with the worry, lend more support.”

Because the implications should have definitely been understood by the other party, and this already dragged on for seven days, that assassination suddenly seemed a bit distant, lacking as much impact, yet now that he spoke about it, even Yan Shaoqing felt a bit awkward, unable to help but feel like even though he was already a carp that passed through the trial to become a dragon, the one he was facing was a true old Flood Dragon, already an existence who wasn’t on the same level.

However, what needed to be said still had to be said . “His majesty’s intention is that Green Luan Academy’s cultivation methods and the pill medicines used for cultivation, are all Yunqin Empire’s true treasures. During these years, the three great academies have all produced many top-notch talents. If cultivation methods and pill recipes were granted to the best of the best among the three great academies, then for the students who will bring the greatest contributions to Yunqin, as well as those who are forever loyal, the effects might be even better, thus possibly improving the present situation a bit.”

Vice Principal Xia listened to everything like still water. He shook his head, gently saying, “Vice Head Yan, please pass on a message to his highness from me in my place, we do not agree with his viewpoint. Doing things this way might produce even more formidable cultivation geniuses, but some cultivators who originally might serve great uses, will instead fall prematurely. When our Green Luan Academy offers our resources to our students, we will already make careful considerations, offer them to suitable people, moreover allow the resources to display the most effects they can.”

This was a completely expected response. Yan Shaoqing’s eyes stopped over Ye Shaofeng beside him, it was now precisely the moment for this Central Continent Guards leader to speak up. All he hoped for was for this new wave Central Continent guard, after being beaten down by this academy’s lecturer, was for him to still speak with a bit of strength.

Ye Shaofeng coughed twice, and then slowly said, “Vice Principal Xia, however, his highness has already given the imperial decree, and Zhou Shoufu and the others have already agreed… whether it is correct or not, as subjects, we can only listen, still have to try it out first.”

Vice Principal Xia still gently shook his head, saying, “His majesty should listen to my opinion.”

“But his majesty has already made his decision.” The lines on Ye Shaofeng’s face became firm again, making Yan Shaoqing and Feng Qianhan feel that for Zhou Shoufu to send this type of person here, there was still a bit of reason. “Forget about the other things, many of the materials for the pill medicines were provided by his majesty. Now that his majesty has difficulties, wishing for the academy to provide a bit more support, could it be that Vice Principal Xia is not even willing to listen to his majesty’s words, give it a try?”

When Vice Principal Xia heard these unyielding words, he instead laughed, asking in return, “Do you feel that what we invested and contributed towards Yunqin is still not enough? If you can find someone who has done more than me, then I can accept some of the words you have just spoken.”

Ye Shaofeng immediately became speechless, because facts were the hardest to retort against. Even if he searched the entire Yunqin Empire, those who paid more than him, had greater glory, perhaps there was only Principal Zhang. However, if Principal Zhang was still alive, then he would even more so refuse the words he spoke.

“The current emperor is wise and capable, he won’t pass on a completely baseless decree.” Yan Shaoqing respectfully spoke, looking at Vice Principal Xia and saying, “He has already anticipated this opinion of Vice Principal Xia, he only wishes for me to convey to Vice Principal Xia that your respected self and some other lecturers might have this opinion on this matter, but the academy still has many other professors who previously brought up objections towards the education of Green Luan Academy. Moreover, this time, Government and Justice Sectors have also specially calculated the military contributions and promotions of Thunder and Green Luan Academies’ students. What cannot be refuted is that in the past decade, the performance of students from Thunder Academy has completely surpassed Green Luan Academy’s students.”

After a slight pause, Yan Shaoqing looked at Vice Principal Xia, saying, “His highness believes that the reason for this, is a certain classified teaching reform in the past decade.”

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