Book 3 Chapter 35 - Indescribable Killing Intent

Lin Xi stood on the ice, embracing the wind and snow.

“Windstalkers not only possess powerful archery skills, they also understand their surroundings, able to sense and judge the flow of wind. They can clearly sense the wind direction, as well as the effects of the wind on the arrows. This way, the arrows will become more precise, also going further, becoming more powerful.”

Tong Wei had spoken these words before. Now, in Lin Xi’s mind, these words seemed extremely wonderful.

He originally only wished to borrow this extremely vile environment to push his body and spirit to the limit of collapse, increase his soul force cultivation by doing this. However, he instead never expected himself to actually pinch wind and snow, gaining a sudden insight, a breakthrough in his archery.

It was just like a fisherman who originally only intended to catch a single fish in a frozen lake, but apart from a fish, also caught an otter.

That was why Lin Xi was full of joy, completely unaware that his hair and brows had already been dyed white by the ice and snow, looking just like an elder that had been frozen rigid.

“What exactly do you want to accomplish… Cultivating like this, can you endure it?”

Right now, Lin Xi had no idea that in another cave not far from where he was, a petite figure that was so cold it was shaking all over was full of confusion and shock as she stared at this faintly discernible young man in the ice and snow, truly worried that he might be directly frozen to death just like that.

Suddenly, Lin Xi sensed something strange, as if there was a type of powerful aura that changed a certain wind direction in the upper currents.

He raised his head, forcefully blinking his eyes, looking towards the even higher land covered under the ice and snow.

As if he had just predicted the future, he saw a youngster appear by an ice and snow cliff.

That youngster’s appearance was actually a bit similar to the Nicky Wu he was familiar with from his past world, and the figure in the ice and snow was incredibly steady and resolute. That was why Lin Xi’s first impression of this figure was that it was outstanding, and then he felt that it was glorious.

It was because this youngster stood by the upper winds. Not only did he block a bit of wind and snow, the clothes he wore were golden. This was a dazzling color… as well as Thunder Academy uniform’s color.

This was a Thunder Academy student.

There was actually a Thunder Academy student cultivating in this type of extremely vile frozen tundra environment.

Just as Lin Xi was a bit stunned, that Thunder Academy student clearly saw him as well, taking a few steps forward. That was why Lin Xi saw him even more clearly, this was a refined and elegant youngster. His thick and black hair was braided together behind him, continuously swinging about behind him under the wind and snow.

Helan Yuexi saw Lin Xi.

Just like how Lin Xi immediately noticed him, he also sensed that this Green Luan Academy student was outstanding, also leaving him a bit indescribably shocked. There was actually a Green Luan Academy who didn’t hesitate to risk his life, cultivating in this type of place.

Cultivators had many paths before them they could take, but there were some paths only the most outstanding could take. Originally, Helan Yuexi felt like he was the only one on this path, but suddenly, he saw a fellow traveler.

This was an extremely peculiar feeling. Helan Yuexi felt like this Green Luan Academy student would definitely become his predestined most powerful opponent.

That was why unlike Lin Xi’s calmness, his heart immediately became filled with heaven overflowing icy killing intent.

If this was somewhere else, with his own status and the other party’s status, he would definitely hide this wave of killing intent extremely well. However, this was on the barren snowy mountain, completely lacking life. Meanwhile, judging from the other party’s figure, his stamina was also close to its limit. That was why as long as he could kill the other party in a clean and efficient manner before he could release a help signal, he was sure that not even a Green Luan Academy lecturer would notice.

Thus, Helan Yuexi, this most powerful expert from Thunder Academy, immediately made his decision, in this wind and snow covered world, he was going to kill Lin Xi, bury this opponent who might pose a great threat to him in the future.

That was why he didn’t utter a single word. The moment he saw where the other party was clearly, he directly leapt down from the frozen cliff.

After crushing a piece of rigid ice and snow below his feet, his entire body leapt out again, steadily landing on a second piece of ice near Lin Xi.

Because of the harsh ‘foul wind bloody rain’ aura on Helan Yuexi’s body, and because he didn’t utter any other words or try to cover anything up, Lin Xi immediately sensed the hostility and killing intent of this outstanding Thunder Academy student.

Lin Xi immediately transferred the simple and unadorned longbow into his hand, his slightly rigid fingers picking up an arrow.

Even though he didn’t know why the other party would so suddenly display killing intent, since the other party wanted to kill him, then he also had to kill the other party, his rationality was just that simple.

The petite figure that was curled up not too far away also sensed the killing intent released from Helan Yuexi’s body. The other party’s tremendous strength made her feel that the current Lin Xi wasn’t his opponent at all. As such, without even thinking an extra thought, she walked out from the frozen cave, moreover forcefully crushed several icicles, producing quite a bit of sound.

Helan Yuexi’s figure suddenly stopped.

This pressure came from the simple and crude bow in Lin Xi’s hands, as well as that female Green Luan Academy student who was similarly dressed in a black cloak who suddenly appeared.

Even though the bow in Lin Xi’s hands was extremely simple and crude, Lin Xi’s stance made him suddenly feel that this simple and crude bow might be able to inflict harm on him. Even if there was merely a slight injury left behind, it might be difficult to escape the pursuit of Green Luan Academy’s lecturers, and there was no way he could escape conclusive proof. Moreover, under this situation where the other side suddenly had an extra person, even if he truly could kill Lin Xi, the female student who suddenly appeared would inevitably have time to release an emergency signal.

“It truly is a pity.”

Helan Yuexi sighed inwardly, a hint of regret appearing between his handsome and straight brows.

He didn’t continue forward, starting to withdraw his own killing intent. He only looked at the bow wielding Lin Xi in the distance, asking, “What is your name?”

Even though he didn’t understand where the other party’s powerful killing intent came from, Lin Xi obviously didn’t like this type of aggressive person. As such, he coldly looked at Helan Yuexi, asking in return with a voice even colder than ice, “Who are you?”

“I am Helan Yuexi, number one in strength from this group of Thunder Academy students.” Helan Yuexi said while looking at Lin Xi. For normal people, stating his own name, that he was ranked one, would definitely seem arrogant and conceited, but his expression was still extremely natural, as if those words were his to begin with, so he spoke them as if it was inevitable and correct.

Lin Xi looked at Helan Yuexi, saying, “I’m Lin Xi.”

“Turns out you were Self Defense Department’s heaven’s choice.” Helan Yuexi’s brows jumped, his voice sinking. “We will meet again.”

After saying this, this Thunder Academy new student who spoke his title as number one in strength as if it was inevitable and right turned around, entering the ice and snow. After just a moment of time, he vanished without a trace.

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed tightly. The other party’s killing intent and the words he spoke before he left even more so made him feel that Thunder Academy’s appearance in Heaven Ascension Mountain Range carried deeper meaning.

“I wonder if An Keyi knows a bit about the details, if she would be willing to tell me some things.”

Originally, Lin Xi wasn’t willing to spend more time thinking about this, but now, it was different. Helan Yuexi’s expression before he left made him understand that as long as there was a chance in the future, Helan Yuexi might still take action to kill him without any hesitation. This might be the first true enemy he faced in this world.

After putting away the bow, Lin Xi turned around, appearing in his line of sight was a Spiritual Sacrifice Department female student he didn’t recognize. Underneath her black cloak were Spiritual Sacrifice Department clothes, this slim female student’s lips were already frozen to the point where they were a dark purple, hair turning a bit yellow, chin a bit too sharp. Judging from her appearance, the first impression Lin Xi had was that the other party was a bumpkin from birth, moreover came from a destitute family, a bumpkin who didn’t receive proper nourishment before.

Lin Xi looked at this Spiritual Sacrifice Department female student who also looked like she had exceptional willpower, unable to help but ask, “You are from Spiritual Sacrifice Department, what is your name? … What are you doing here?”

“I’m Ai Qilan.” Even though she understood the other party’s meaning and importance to the academy, when she thought about how Lin Xi charged into the wind and snow like a lunatic, and then at the danger just now, Ai Qilan still looked at Lin Xi with a bit of annoyance, saying, “And what are you doing?”

Lin Xi stared blankly, saying, “I was cultivating, of course.”

Ai Qilan gave Lin Xi a look. “I was too.”

Lin Xi sighed with admiration, saying, “You really are formidable as well… daring to come here to cultivation.”

Lin Xi’s words left Ai Qilan momentarily speechless. Turns out he knew there were many dangers here, yet he still came here to cultivate. Even though this was a bit crazy, this Green Luan Academy… indeed had many courageous talented individuals with this type of bravery. Her annoyance immediately completely disappeared, instead replaced by much more strange emotions.

Lin Xi didn’t know that Ai Qilan and himself similarly had some unique secret identities, he just felt like this Spiritual Sacrifice Department female student was a bit introverted, not great with words. However, just from how this Spiritual Sacrifice Department female student appeared, there was no way he could hate her. As such, he turned around to look in the direction Helan Yuexi left, and then as if he was carefreely talking to a friend, said, “Say, that fella from just now, do you think he wanted to kill me?”

Ai Qilan’s body shuddered, pulling the cloak closer around her body. She nodded seriously. “I believe so.”

“Your stamina is already at its limit, just now, why did you still want to use your bow to face him, and not instead immediately release a signal?” After nodding, Ai Qilan looked at Lin Xi. She couldn’t help but add, “He could easily jump down from that cliff, so I reckon he has at least high level Soul Knight cultivation. Where do you get your confidence from, to actually face him?”

Lin Xi naturally couldn’t tell her about his redo ability. After some hesitation, he laughed and said, “The stance he jumped down with was too beautiful, and he really was strong. Just now, I also gained some enlightenment, so I really wanted to fire an arrow at him, see if I can injure him at all.”

“You really are a madman.” Ai Qilan cursed out inwardly. However, when she thought about it, true Braveslayers were… perhaps all madmen like this. She could only shake her head, thinking that if she purely judged from outward appearance, she definitely wouldn’t think that the calm and easygoing Lin Xi would actually have such an unyielding and crazy side.

“Are you still going to continue cultivating here?” After she took a deep breath, she looked at Lin Xi, asking this.

Lin Xi nodded, seriously saying, “Since there’s now this type of opponent who wants me dead, I naturally need to put in a bit more effort…”

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