Book 3 Chapter 33 - I Hate Trouble the Most

Gao Yanan and that Thunder Academy student with the green mark on his face quickly appeared from behind the mound.

When he saw Gao Yanan who was in the front, the corners of Wanyan Muye’s mouth twitched again.

Towards his own cultivation, he originally had extreme confidence. Before he entered Thunder Academy, he was already a cultivator, and his cultivation had already crossed the mid level Soul Knight doorstep. Now, he even more so already had high level Soul Knight cultivation.

Yunqin’s three academies never lacked cultivation geniuses. At Wanyan Muye’s age, reaching high level Soul Knight cultivation already made him a true cultivation genius.

That was why he indeed didn’t really place these Green Luan Academy students in his eyes.

However, what he never expected was that he would continuously encounter freaks here… Lin Xi clearly had around mid level Soul Knight cultivation, a huge difference in strength between the two, yet under that type of situation, he could actually stab the sole of his foot.

What he said about a battle not ending on the battlefield until one side was dead, requiring the continuation of the battle, was indeed extremely shameless. It was because even on the true battlefield, if there was a bloody hole that was opened in his foot, Lin Xi wouldn’t have to pay him any attention, because even if he ran, there was no way he could catch up. After losing too much blood, his body would definitely become weaker and weaker.

A high level Soul Knight was defeated with only mid level Soul Knight cultivation, moreover a high level Soul Knight who had experienced true tempering, not a pampered and spoiled flower.

Lin Xi really was a freak.

Meanwhile, the following Gao Yanan was also a freak, her strength actually at a level where he couldn’t retaliate at all, her strength impossible for him to even block… his cultivation was already at high level Soul Knight, so did Gao Yanan’s cultivation already reach Soul Expert level?

Ever since he came into contact with cultivation, Wanyan Muye already knew that in this world, apart from Green Luan Academy’s Clear Truth Pill and the west’s powerful Tangcang Ancient Country’s Spirit Wisdom Pill, there weren’t any other pill medicines or methods to help one cross the dividing line of sensing one’s own soul force. Meanwhile, these two pill medicines were both special goods, not even Central Province Imperial City’s influential officials could obtain them.

Together with one’s spirit and soul force being weaker when one was young, even more difficult to sense soul force, even if one started cultivating from a young age, they were all just wasting their time, really difficult for them to truly become cultivators.

For him to have already achieved high level Soul Knight cultivation at sixteen to seventeen years of age, this was already an extremely astonishing feat.

That was why that day, that expert from Great Mang’s holy land Purgatory Mountain who showed up outside Rudong City, when he discovered Nangong Weiyang’s cultivation, only then was he inwardly filled with mockery, feeling like it was unreasonably absurd, thus falling into the earth, passing away while filled with disappointment and frustration.

There were indeed some freaks in this world, to the extent where there were some who were aware of their soul force from ever since they could remember, naturally joining the ranks of cultivators. However, these types of freaks were naturally extremely, extremely rare.

“Soul Expert level cultivation, perhaps only Brother Helan could deal with her…”

Originally, when he arrived at Heaven Ascension Mountain Range, Wanyan Muye already felt that he could easily bring down Green Luan Academy’s prestige, but with the appearance of Lin Xi and Gao Yanan, these two freaks, it instead completely overturned his way of thinking.

The Thunder Academy student with the green mark on his face, Jian Yong, had similar strength to himself, but now, he was walking with his head hung behind Gao Yanan. Even without asking, he knew the result of his and Gao Yanan’s ‘chat’.

Moreover, even if he asked, he might not even get a reply, because right now, he was just like himself, beaten until his throat was swelling, unable to speak.

“Yanan, what exactly is going on?”

Lin Xi’s side naturally weren’t idiots either, from the extremely ugly expressions on Wanyan Muye and the miserable looking Jian Yong’s faces, they had a vague idea that he was most likely taught a lesson by Gao Yanan.

“Could it be that Gao Yanan’s strength is much more astonishing than even this Wanyan Muye’s?”

Qin Xiyue stared blankly at the still easygoing Gao Yanan, once again feeling like there were many things that weren’t quite like how she imagined them to be.

Jian Yong returned to Thunder Academy’s group, directly leaving all of the food he carried behind before turning around to leave.

The other Thunder Academy students also finally read and understood Wanyan Muye and Jian Yong’s expressions, removing all of the food they carried, and then turning around to leave.

These Thunder Academy students came in a bossy and domineering manner, but they were extremely quiet when they left, full of shame.

A rather strange dispute concluded. The eyes with which Bai Zihou and the others looked at Lin Xi suddenly underwent a subtle change, their emotions extremely complicated. They didn’t know what to say, what to do.

“How did you discipline them? Not only did they become completely convinced, you even made them completely shut their mouths?” Lin Xi didn’t care about the eyes of others, instead looking at Gao Yanan, extremely curious, quietly asking, “Either way, you already took action… why do you still have to go through the trouble of going behind that hill?”

Gao Yanan looked at Lin Xi, shaking her head and saying, “I don’t want to lie to you.”

“Alright.” Lin Xi stared blankly, and then he nodded. However, his brows were furrowed tightly.

Gao Yanan’s words ‘I don’t want to lie to you’ might not be clear to others around them, but Lin Xi understood the meaning of this line well… could it be that her taking action would expose some of her secrets? If this was true, then Gao Yanan’s identity and background might not be that simple either.

“Lin Xi, what you said wasn’t wrong. Our previous criticism was founded on things we didn’t personally see, only founded on our own unreasonable assumptions, I apologize for this. Also, Yanan, I have to apologize to you as well, it was indeed me who was too short-sighted before.” Qin Xiyue watched as Thunder Academy’s people left, and then she apologized to Lin Xi and Gao Yanan seriously. “In the future, I will reflect on this matter.”

Lin Xi laughed and said, “You don’t have to be this serious. Since I already said that I would prove it to you, then that meant that I already accepted your attitude, treated you as a friend. Now that you are seriously apologizing like this, if I say a bit more, I would feel a bit hypocritical, but if I don’t say anything, I’ll seem like I’m too arrogant, so this really leaves me in a bit of an awkward position.”

When he said this, Lin Xi gave Gao Yanan a look. Women might be a bit more petty on some aspects, so he was a bit worried about Gao Yanan’s attitude. After all, back then, Qin Xiyue was extremely forceful in breaking off their relations. However, immediately afterwards, he knew that his own worries were unneeded, because Gao Yanan only gave Qin Xiyue a look, as if to figure out what she was thinking, and then asked, “Qin Xiyue, say, if we pick up the things these Thunder Academy students dropped on their own, it shouldn’t be violating this course’s rules, right?”

Qin Xiyue’s belly immediately released a rumbling noise. She immediately revealed a bitter laugh, and then shook Gao Yanan’s hand.

“Lin Xi!” 

Right at this time, a hoarse and shrill voice sounded, making everyone’s eyes gather over.

The one who spoke was Liu Ziyu, who was currently being supported by Bai Zihou and the others.

His face was exceptionally pale, gaze filled with bitter resentment as he looked at Lin Xi, screaming, “I admit that this time, you’ve brought honor for our Green Luan Academy, but you really are extremely hypocritical… Since you have this type of strength, why didn’t you just show it before, always walking around with the ninety jin heaven’s choice reputation? Could it be that there is someone who doesn’t care about their own reputation? In the end, weren’t you just waiting for this type of moment to step out, use it to humiliate us? Now, today, you finally managed to wait until this moment… Since you have this type of strength, why didn’t you take action first, why did you have to wait until we were defeated first, and then take action to deal with Wanyan Muye? I know that once today’s matter spreads, it will definitely immediately change the way in which many people look at you. However, I am even more certain that your heart is extremely sinister and hypocritical!”

“Are you at all aware that you really are like a fly?”

Lin Xi, whose mood originally became better because of Gao Yanan and Qin Xiyue making up, suddenly felt his brows furrow deeply; his disdain and calmness didn’t mean that he would always have patience. As such, he gave this frustrated and resentful golden spoon a look, coldly saying, “First of all, there is indeed no one who doesn’t care about their own reputation, but if there are some secrets related to the matter that cannot be revealed, then one’s reputation will naturally have to be momentarily ignored. Moreover, I do not admit that your opinion represents the so-called reputation, could it be that your opinions are more authoritative, more important than the academy lecturers’ opinions? In the end, you are only weighing me on your own. Someone like you, there is no way you can understand where my pride and confidence comes from. The so-called waiting for an opportunity to humiliate you all, if you insist on saying this, then it was completely brought upon yourselves. The others who have gossiped about me behind my back would just let it end today, they wouldn’t be as unsightly as you.”

After a slight pause, Lin Xi continued to sneer, saying, “Second, did you really think it was that easy for me to deal with Wanyan Muye? Did it seem like I had a hundred percent certainty in defeating him? According to your words, just now, after you were defeated, I could only just sit still, not take action, not go all out against Wanyan Muye?”

Lin Xi spoke the truth. Just now, everyone saw that Wanyan Muye’s cultivation was much higher than his, while Lin Xi’s pierce was definitely done out of a will to live. In reality, even Lin Xi himself, before he actually did it, couldn’t guarantee that he could defeat Wanyan Muye with this strike.

These words carried even more power because this was the truth. Together with the deeper meanings his previous words revealed, vaguely pointing out that Liu Ziyu and himself weren’t even on the same level in this academy, this even more so made Liu Ziyu’s face go from white to purple, his entire body trembling, yet he couldn’t utter a single word in response.

“The two of us will never like each other, but not liking each other is one thing. There is no need for us to be friends, but there is no need to always look for some reasons to belittle the other party.” Lin Xi looked at Liu Ziyu, and then said, “I’ve always felt that this world has many beautiful things, that there are many things I like to care about, that is why I don’t want to waste my mood on some pointless disputes… In the end, just like a wandering tourist, if there is always an annoying face popping up, it really will ruin the mood. I hate this type of trouble, so from today on, I still wish for you to clearly remember our previous agreement. In the future, even when you see me, please don’t say anything to me, move a bit further away. If you don’t say anything, I obviously wouldn’t go out of my way to humiliate someone like you either.”

“Good! You really are something!” Liu Ziyu’s face completely turned purple. Right now, he already didn’t think about his own wrongs at all, only feeling like Lin Xi’s words brought too much humiliation to his face before everyone’s eyes. He stared viciously at Lin Xi, screaming, “I will respect our previous agreement, but I will also remember the humiliation you have placed on me today.”

However, what made his entire body suddenly become even more rigid was that after hearing his words, Bai Zihou and the other two Medicine Department students who were originally supporting him instead frowned, letting go, leaving his side. They walked not far from Lin Xi, then bowed towards him. Bai Zihou was the first one to apologize seriously. “Lin Xi, previously, we were indeed too disrespectful… Also, just now, I also thought over about our disrespect towards you in detail, realizing that it wasn’t only because you tested ninety jin of strength, but also in your background and heaven’s choice status. We offer our apologies.”

“You all…” Liu Ziyu almost fainted from anger again, feeling like his face had been given another fierce slap.

“Lin Xi, I didn’t expect you to be this formidable. However, I still don’t like you. Aren’t you scared of trouble? I will just continue to make things difficult for you.” Right at this time, Mu Shanzi who didn’t say anything all this time also suddenly spoke, curling his lips and shouting at Lin Xi. “Unless I manage to make you shout loudly ‘I am a pig.’ three times, only then would my resentment be gone.”

Lin Xi laughed, suddenly feeling that this arrogant and despotic golden spoon, his performance from the start until now, always openly expressing his hostility, was still much better than always plotting and calculating in the dark. As such, he didn’t really find Mu Shanzi that annoying. “Is there any need to be this difficult?” That was why right now, he had some mischievous thoughts, he laughed, and then shouted, “I am a pig, I am a pig, I am a pig!”

Mu Shanzi was immediately stunned, staring at Lin Xi in disbelief. “Lin Xi… you really are fierce enough!” A moment later, he spoke this sentence, a bit speechless, and then immediately turned around to leave, saying, “Mother f*cking… a student who is a pig, cultivating together with pigs, this isn’t all that glorious of a thing either.”

Right when little fatty Meng Bai was drooling over the meat strips Thunder Academy left behind, and then heard Mu Shanzi’s words, making him crack a grin and laugh, drool almost falling out of his mouth, on a hill not too far away, Bian Linghan was currently quietly laying in the shrubbery, her body completely concealed.

In her hands was also an improvised bow, at her side quite a few self-made arrows.

Including Lin Xi and Gao Yanan, no one noticed that she was hiding not too far away, nor did anyone know that her bow had always been aimed at those Thunder Academy people.

Just now, Wanyan Muye was completely unreasonable, and as a Windstalker, the most powerful assassin, there was naturally even less of a need to talk reason. That was why just now, if Gao Yanan wasn’t there, Wanyan Muye still insisting on taking action against Lin Xi, she definitely would have ruthlessly released an arrow, to the extent where they momentarily wouldn’t even notice where the arrow came from.

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