Book 3 Chapter 32 - Chat Back There

Liu Ziyu’s expression was more pale than anyone else’s, to the extent where the blood red mark on his neck was exceptionally red.

“Just how did he do it… how could he possibly accomplish this?!”

Just now, just from Wanyan Muye’s seemingly clear and slow, but instead incredibly swift, suffocatingly powerful and domineering way of attacking, he knew that there was no way he could face Wanyan Muye, perhaps not even able to block a second blade from him.

However, this type of opponent actually lost under Lin Xi’s hands!

When he thought about how overbearing he was towards Lin Xi before, about his own agreement with Lin Xi, he immediately felt as if he couldn’t breathe. With an ah cry, he actually directly fell backwards, fainting.

“Just how did he do this?”

Qin Xiyue’s beautiful eyes were also completely widened, indescribable shock completely overwhelming her previous feeling of guilt. Lin Xi’s usual calmness, which she previously loathed, now produced the most powerful impact in her eyes. That wasn’t naughtiness at all, but rather true confidence and modesty. Why was it that when he couldn’t even see the other party’s movements, he could still make such a decision, stab straight at Wanyan Muye’s sole?

This had nothing to do with martial skill, strength, or courage. Even if he had eyes on his back, there was no way he could react in time. However, Lin Xi managed to do it, moreover to the extent where Wanyan Muye didn’t even have the time to retract his foot.

There wasn’t a single person here who wasn’t baffled, even Jiang Xiaoyi who had already seen many ridiculous performances from Lin Xi, when he saw Lin Xi defeat such a powerful opponent, he was shaking all over from excitement. This was precisely the strength of a Braveslayer! This was the Braveslayer who was destined to become a hero… however, these were things he naturally couldn’t speak out loud, so he had to bitterly suppress himself, his expression instead becoming incredibly strange.

The part Lin Xi used to stab the sole of Wanyan Muye’s foot with was still the blunt end of the broken spear, but Wanyan Muye couldn’t stand steadily at all, sitting down. Everyone naturally already completely understood who the victor of this battle was.

However, when even Liu Ziyu felt that Lin Xi had already acquired victory, fainting from humiliation and anger, Wanyan Muye who stood back up instead looked at Lin Xi, raising the wooden blade in his hand again, saying with a sunken voice, “Again!”

This place immediately erupted into commotion!

Even the most timid and cowardly Meng Bai and Jiang Yu’er’s faces turned white from anger, reaching out their fingers and pointing at Wanyan Muye. “You’re shameless!”

Lin Xi was also stunned. Even though he had to use his ability to know about the other party’s kick, and he had to think for a long time before feeling that this kick was the only chance in a fight between Wanyan Muye and himself, now that he seized this opportunity, reality was that Wanyan Muye already lost.

“Do you have any sense of shame?” Qin Xiyue was also angered until her entire body was shaking slightly. Moreover, her jade-like face seemed to be covered under a layer of frost as she stared rigidly at Wanyan Muye, saying, “You should also clearly understand that if everyone used true weapons, there’d already be a bloody hole in your foot.”

Wanyan Muye gave Qin Xiyue a look, his expression unchanged as he said, “Even if there is a bloody hole, I will still have the strength to fight. If this was a true battlefield, could it be that you cannot keep fighting just because you have a bloody hole in your foot?”

Lin Xi looked at Wanyan Muye with a completely speechless expression, saying in a distracted manner, “I did call you shameless before, but I never expected you to actually be shameless to this degree… actually saying even this type of words in such a confident manner.”

“Before we fought, I already said that even if everyone is shameless, in the end, strength is the deciding factor. The current situation is that you believe I have lost, but I can’t accept it.” Wanyan Muye still looked at Lin Xi domineeringly. “If you really can defeat me, then if you could knock me down once, you can knock me down again. Moreover, let me offer you a piece of advice. On the battlefield, you should never give your opponent the chance to crawl back up.”

After all of this, not only did he not admit defeat, he instead began to lecture Lin Xi?

Qin Xiyue was simply angered to the point of going silly. She grabbed Lin Xi’s sleeve, saying, “Lin Xi, don’t pay him any attention. If he continues to insist on this, we’ll just call some more people over, beat him up until he can’t crawl back up!”

“Even then, I will seize Lin Xi and fight him.” Wanyan Muye didn’t pay this any attention, making a ‘come’ gesture towards Lin Xi again.

“How can one be shameless to this degree…” Qin Xiyue didn’t realize that her action of tugging on Lin Xi’s sleeves looked rather intimate at all, only this thought filling her mind. However, she knew that she wasn’t Wanyan Muye’s opponent, so even though she was angered to the point of shaking all over, there was still nothing she could do to Wanyan Muye.

Ever since Gao Yanan walked over to Hua Jiyue and Meng Bai’s side with Jiang Yu’er, she only quietly watched.

When she heard this, her brows furrowed tightly. She walked towards Wanyan Muye, then pointed at the mound behind Wanyan Muye and the others, saying to him, “Little mister, let’s go and have a chat over there.”

Qin Xiyue turned around, seeing Gao Yanan step out. She couldn’t help but become stunned, Lin Xi also staring blankly, not knowing what the intention behind Gao Yanan’s words was.

The one who was the most stunned was Wanyan Muye.

He looked at this tall and slender, young and moving Green Luan Academy female student, saying with a sunken voice, “What are you trying to say?”

“Won’t you find out once you follow me?”

Gao Yanan directly walked past him, leaving behind some words. “If you come with me to have a chat, then I can let you fight with him again, but if you don’t dare, then forget it, you’re less than even a girl.”

Wanyan Muye’s brows furrowed deeply. He didn’t say anything else either, turning around and following her.

“Lin Xi and the others, don’t follow me.” What made Lin Xi’s brows furrow deeply was that Gao Yanan didn’t turn around, instead waving her hand, adding this.

“What exactly did you want to discuss with me?” When he climbed over the hill with Gao Yanan, saw that the line of sight behind them was already covered, no way they could hear their conversation either, Wanyan Muye stopped. He looked at this pretty, but rather strange Green Luan Academy female student.

“Nothing much.”

Gao Yanan looked around her, and then at Wanyan Muye, saying, “I just found you too annoying, so I wanted to beat the crap out of you without anyone else looking.”

“Beat the crap out of me?” When he saw the tall and slender Gao Yanan, Wanyan Muye became stunned again, producing an extremely strange feeling.

However, Gao Yanan instead didn’t want to waste any words, directly pressing towards Wanyan Muye, unarmed and defenseless. She suddenly accelerated, her body like an arrow that left a bowstring, also directly charging at Wanyan Muye.

Wanyan Muye’s expression suddenly became serious, leaning to the side, sending a fist smashing towards Gao Yanan in an extremely direct manner.

Even though he felt like this matter was extremely absurd, when faced with an attacking Green Luan Academy student, he naturally wouldn’t stand there and let himself get hit.


Gao Yanan reached out a hand like a blade, bringing it smashing down on Wanyan Muye’s fist.

Wanyan Muye’s face immediately changed, the feeling of absurdity becoming even greater, in disbelief. His arm suddenly became numb, his fist even more so in so much pain that it felt like it was splitting open, losing all feeling.

The shocking force made his entire body continuously back up, deep footprints appearing in the ground one after another.

This seemingly soft and gentle, tall and slender Green Luan Academy female student, her cultivation… her strength, was actually far above his own!

In his line of sight, Gao Yanan’s body flew outwards, and then another palm pressed towards his chest. Her expression was still extremely calm, as if she was just doing something routine and insignificant, but this type of attitude was exceptionally terrifying in Wanyan Muye’s eyes. His face suddenly turned pale, his left arm that could still move suddenly drawing his blade, hacking towards the incoming Gao Yanan.

However, what made his breathing completely stop was that Gao Yanan’s hand blade only drew out an arc, and then the wooden blade felt as if it was rammed into by a tree, flying from his hands,completely out of control.


A muffled sound rang out from his chest. Gao Yanan’s other hand landed on his chest.

His two legs suddenly buckled, a wave of bloodiness and intense pain surging from within his body.

An expression of horror and pain flashed past his eyes. As soon as he opened his mouth, an unsuppressable cry of pain sounded, but right at this moment, Gao Yanan’s light fist struck his throat.

This seemingly soft fist directly stuffed up his cry of pain. His face immediately turned purple, powerlessly falling backwards.

“What exactly does Gao Yanan want to do?”

Lin Xi, Qin Xiyue and the others all looked towards that earth mound not far away.

Right when Lin Xi felt like he couldn’t wait anymore, wanting to head over to take a look… actually not much time had passed at all, Gao Yanan and Wanyan Muye’s figures appeared again.

In front of Gao Yanan, was a somewhat hobbling Wanyan Muye.

“What happened?” The two sides both asked their side’s person.

Gao Yanan’s reply was extremely simple. “I just had an argument with him. He admitted that he lost, saying that he’ll leave all of the food he has with us, and then he’ll immediately leave.”

Wanyan Muye remained silent the entire time, from time to time opening his mouth, but didn’t say anything. Only, his expression was a bit unnatural.

“Brother Wanyan, what is the meaning of this? You have to at least speak up to let us know what exactly is going on! Are you going to remain quiet like this, make us leave behind all of our food?” A Thunder Academy student with a green mark on his face, after not replying after asking several times, instead became impatient, unable to hold back a shout of anger. “Could it be that this woman made you drink some bewitching water?”

“Little mister over there!” The eyebrows of Gao Yanan who was already standing still jumped. She looked at this Thunder Academy student, saying, “Let’s head over there and have a chat?”

“Sure, I want to see what is going on for myself.” This Thunder Academy student responded fiercely, giving Gao Yanan a stare, and then headed towards that earth mountain.

“You all, don’t come.” Gao Yanan waved her small white hand again.

When he saw Gao Yanan and that Thunder Academy student make their way behind the earth mound, Wanyan Muye originally moved, wishing to do something, but when Gao Yanan passed his side, gave him an indifferent look, his face twitched slightly, not daring to move at all.

“What do you want to discuss?”

“Nothing much, just wanted to beat you up…”

Behind the mound, this little mister saw Gao Yanan’s palm fly at him, and then his arms that defended himself felt as if he had been rammed into a carriage. Only now did this Thunder Academy student with the green mark on his face understand what the ‘let’s discuss over there’ meant.

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