Book 3 Chapter 31 - You Won’t Understand Even if I Tell You

“Self Defense Department First Year Student Lin Xi.” Lin Xi replied. Then, he looked at this Thunder Academy student who was previously domineering, asking, “A wolverine with such a huge hole in its leg could still run so far from your face?”

Wanyan Muye understood the meaning behind Lin Xi’s sudden question, but the expression on his face didn’t change at all. He said indifferently, “When one is hungry for too long, there isn’t much left strength left to give chase, so it can run a bit further.”

Lin Xi looked at him, saying, “Even if I am extremely hungry, I still won’t let food run too far.”

Wanyan Muye curled his lips, laughing and saying, “Then perhaps it is Brother Lin who is talented.”

Lin Xi gave Wanyan Muye a look, and said, “These words are quite shameless. Could it be that all Thunder Academy students are this shameless?”

Wanyan Muye didn’t get angry, calmly replying, “Regardless of whether we are shameless or not, in the end, we still have to speak with strength.”

“Then this is undisguised shamelessness.” Lin Xi gave Wanyan Muye a look. “Do you want to fight against me?”

Wanyan Muye smiled and said, “Perhaps you might be the most formidable among these people, but Le Pingjiang isn’t the best of us.”

“Even though I don’t know what motives you all have, we are only properly doing our coursework here.” Lin Xi shook his head, and then said, “What benefits does fighting you bring me? Even if I win against you, what if more people come to our Green Luan Academy, looking for trouble? All of our stamina has to be focused on searching for food, and not used to waste on pointless battles.”

Wanyan Muye frowned. He looked directly at Lin Xi. “You don’t seem to have much of a heart for honor and glory?”

Lin Xi gave Wanyan Muye a somewhat speechless look. “You guys really know how to taunt shamelessly. Just like how you feel that I am the most formidable here, that is only what you’ve assumed. I can promise you that if you come honorably to Green Luan Academy to challenge us, you will definitely be beaten up into a fool.”

“What you say has some reasoning.” Wanyan Muye looked at Lin Xi, his tone starting to clearly become more domineering, “However, you have also made me more and more interested in facing you. Don’t you want some benefits? As long as you can win against me, then that wolverine is yours, all of the remaining food on us is also yours. Also, I can promise you that there won’t be any more Thunder Academy students who will trouble you all here.”

Lin Xi gave Wanyan Muye a look, saying, “I’m actually more interested in why you all came to Heaven Ascension Mountain Range.”

Wanyan Muye shook his head. “I cannot comment on that.”

“Come then.” Lin Xi muttered a bit to himself, and then he made a ‘come’ motion towards this opponent. He also picked up the broken spear with his left hand as well.

Wanyan Muye was completely surprised. “Just this straightforward?”

Lin Xi nodded. “The food you all have on you isn’t something I can refuse.”


Wanyan Muye laughed loudly, and then he didn’t say anything either. With a swing of his sleeve, he removed a large wooden blade from his waist. Without any unnecessary movements, he directly took more than ten steps forward, bringing his weapon down on Lin Xi’s head.


When the wooden blade moved, the air in front of the blade released a light exploding noise.

The face of Qin Xiyue, who originally felt great shock towards Lin Xi’s strength, inwardly filled with guilt, immediately changed greatly.

Just this blade brandishing power already released an exploding sound in the air, the power of this blade was definitely extremely shocking… Wanyan Muye’s cultivation was definitely far above mid level Soul Knight!

This heavy wooden sheet, in the eyes of Qin Xiyue and others was a blade, but in Lin XI’s eyes, it was like a suddenly descending mountain.

Lin Xi could not evade, so he could only twist his body and brandish his blade.


The crazy wave of power that was produced from the tough spear in his hands and the thick wood sheet released an explosive noise, this wave of power completely exceeding his own sent his right hand and the broken spear sword flying out.

However, the moment his figure began to fall slightly, the shorter part of the spear in his left hand also stabbed out like a blade, aimed right at Wanyan Muye’s face.

Wanyan Muye remained extremely calm. He only slightly lowered his body, and then easily avoided this attack. At the same time, he already took a step out, reading another blow.

The thick wooden sheet once again collided with the broken spear sword in Lin Xi’s right hand. Lin Xi’s body leaned greatly to the side, as if he already completely lost his center of gravity. However, his steps were shockingly stable. With a fierce step, he avoided Wanyan Muye’s treacherous kick which was aimed upwards.

Wanyan Muye’s kick already reached Lin Xi’s chest in height, but his movements didn’t stop in the slightest, his entire leg still straight, chopping down onto the ground like a great axe.

Among the martial skills, this type of leg technique was originally called High Leg Cleave, a following move after a kick was already made into the air, used to strike the opponent’s head or shoulder. However, this foot smashed fiercely into the ground, and then his body rose into the air like a see-saw, at the same time brandishing his blade once more.

All of this was extremely clear. It looked slow, but the speed was extremely fast. When Lin Xi’s step had just touched the ground, he already arrived in front of Lin Xi. This blade was swung horizontally, smashing tyrannically at Lin Xi’s waist.

Lin Xi didn’t have any time to evade. With a twist of his body, the two broken spear parts intersected, forcibly blocking this blade.

An explosive pa sounded. While Lin Xi’s entire body shook, Wanyan Muye already locked in on him. His entire body arched forward, like an old bear ramming into a tree, his shoulder immediately sent Lin Xi’s body flying.


Jiang Xiaoyi, Qin Xiyue and the others couldn’t help but release a cry of alarm. The wooden blade in Wanyan Muye’s hands already brandished outwards.

Lin Xi was in the air, but his sense of balance still hadn’t been lost. The short spear in his right hand still hacked out with incredible precision, blocking in front of this wooden blade.


Wanyan Muye spoke a sincere word of praise. However, this blade, with a twist of his wrist, instead became an upward thrust.

This upward thrust seemed like it had struck a jumping large fish, making Lin Xi’s body flip in the air.

Lin Xi now had his back towards him. At the same time, his foot stepped out, kicking against Lin Xi’s left shoulder blade, sending him flying outwards, crashing heavily into the ground.

Jiang Xiaoyi and Qin Xiyue’s expressions immediately became snow-white.

Lin Xi’s fighting prowess already exceeded everyone’s expectations, but the opponent was too domineering, his strength far greater than Lin Xi’s. Just from the very first blade that lacked all tricks, he already seized the advantage. These following strikes were all powerful and direct, exceptionally tyrannical. Forget about the kick that was definitely enough to prevent Lin Xi’s entire left part of his face from moving, even if Lin Xi could fight again, there wouldn’t be any chances.

“Your skill isn’t bad. Unfortunately, your cultivation level is a bit too low.” Wanyan Muye held the wooden blade steadily, shaking his head extremely domineeringly. “You aren’t my match.”

Lin Xi didn’t reply.

“Don’t tell me he fainted?” Wanyan Muye who didn’t receive any reply for quite some time was a bit surprised.

“Lin Xi, are you okay?” Meng Bai panicked, hurriedly running towards Lin Xi, wishing to pick him up.

“Don’t touch me. Ahh… this hurts so much.” However, Lin Xi instead suddenly said this.

Wanyan Muye and the other Thunder Academy students immediately revealed a bit of of a sneer, all of them couldn’t help but shake their heads, thinking that this person really didn’t have much of a heart of glory.

“Wanyan Muye, I thought about it for a bit. I still think I have a chance of defeating you.” Right at this time, Lin Xi’s voice sounded again. This made Qin Xiyue and the others who weren’t far off, and even Gao Yanan who was about to speak out become a bit stunned.

“Oh?” Wanyan Muye was momentarily distracted, but immediately afterwards, he laughed in a brash manner. “Tell me what you think then.”

“Forget it, even though there are some things I don’t really feel like saying again, I don’t want to hear anything else that’ll make my friends become angry.” Lin Xi said another line that left others confused.  Then, he spoke another word.


Under the familiar change of scenery, Lin Xi once again returned to ten minutes ago.

Right now, Liu Ziyu and Le Pingjiang still hadn’t fought yet. As such, Lin Xi just waited, waited for Liu Ziyu to lose, and then pressed down on Qin Xiyue’s shoulder. He then fired an arrow, repeated the same words he said before… then waited for the Wanyan Muye to remove the large wooden blade at his waist.



Compared to last time, in the beginning, Lin Xi didn’t change anything from before at all. Under two muffled explosive sounds, Lin Xi was sent flying backwards by Wanyan Muye.

Then, Wanyan Muye’s right leg hacked down towards the ground again like a great axe, his entire body springing out. He brandished his blade, sending it smashing down. His body pressed ahead, rushing forward, sending Lin Xi’s entire body flying again.


Jiang Xiaoyi, Qin Xiyue, and the others didn’t know that this had already happened to Lin Xi once. They released a cry of alarm at the same time.

Meanwhile, the wooden blade in Wanyan Muye’s hands already changed into an upward thrust motion, directly spinning Lin Xi in midair.

Then, Wanyan Muye’s foot fiercely stomped at Lin Xi’s left shoulder blade.

His movements were still clear and terrifying, every single move clean and powerful. He watched as Lin Xi was going to be kicked flying once again, but what made even Gao Yanan couldn’t help but release a light cry of surprise, was that the short spear in his right arm instead pierced out from his left underarm, stabbing at Wanyan Muye’s sole with incredible precision.

There were no words to describe Lin Xi’s current strike.

The Thunder Academy students whose faces already produced knowing smiles immediately froze.

Lin Xi’s strike not only seemed like he had eyes on his back, his choice of timing to make his move was also extremely terrifying, as if he already knew what Wanyan Muye was thinking beforehand.

In this instant, it was as if Wanyan Muye was the one who chose to ram the sole of his foot into the wooden spear in Lin Xi’s hand!

Wanyan Muye himself couldn’t react in time at all, unable to evade.


The wooden spear stabbed fiercely into the bottom of his foot, releasing a muffled noise. 


An unsuppressable cry of pain erupted from his throat, his entire figure buckling in the air.

He didn’t dare land with this foot. When he landed on his other foot, his figure was unsteady, sitting down on the ground.

Meanwhile, Lin Xi who also fell down supported himself with one hand, instead standing steadily.

This barren wasteland where who knew how many weeds grew became quiet once more, only heavy breathings sounds and the noise of wind blowing around some weeds audible.

Lin Xi stood in the knee high weeds. His right arm was continuously shaking, the space between his thumb and index finger cracked, traces of blood visible.

The broken spear sword in his right hand had already snapped as well, revealing jagged wooden pricks, barely holding itself together and not separating into two pieces.

His figure looked rather bleak, but when it was set off by the pale faces of the extremely arrogant Thunder Academy students, he instead seemed incomparably lofty.

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