Book 3 Chapter 30 - I Think It’s Best If I Go

Le Piangjing didn’t even give Liu Ziyu another look. He walked past his body, heading towards the wolverine hanging over the bonfire.

Bai Zihou and the other two Medicine Department students’ faces were extremely pale. If this was on the battlefield, once Liu Ziyu fell, the three of them might still throw themselves over. However, this was a contest between the two academy’s students. The other party’s strength and arrogance allowed them to clearly understand that they are not this Thunder Academy student’s opponent at all, that they would only bring even greater shame to Green Luan Academy.

Le Pingjiang looked at Bai Zihou and the others who were shaking slightly from unwillingness, the expression of ridicule in his eyes becoming stronger and stronger.

For himself and the other Thunder Academy students, these Green Luan Academy students, even though they were hot-blooded, they really were a bit too tender and immature… In addition, because the opponents were Green Luan Academy’s students, that was why after winning, there was even more of a sense of thrill. Le Pingjiang even felt as if his blood was flowing a bit faster than normal, his condition extremely great.

“I’ll go.”

While watching Le Pingjiang get closer and closer to the bonfire, Hua Jiyue and Qin Xiyue almost spoke at the same time.

Their cultivation and strength weren’t necessarily higher than Liu Ziyu’s, especially that of Hua Jiyue who saw through the other party’s schemes right from the start. However, in this type of situation, neither of them wished to see that wolverine seized so easily before their eyes.

Le Pingjiang’s steps stopped. He turned around, looking at Hua Jiyue and Qin Xiyue.

These two Green Luan Academy female students both had the word ‘moon’[1] in their names, but regardless of whether it was their appearance or temperament, there was a huge difference. The two didn’t expect the other party to speak up at the same time either. After exchanging a look, they then couldn’t help but clench their teeth, both of them repeating, “I will go.”

“No, I think it’s best if I go.” However, right at this time, a voice that left these two girls stupefied sounded. They couldn’t help but turn around.

The one who spoke was Lin Xi.

“You?” Hua Jiyue’s first reaction was frowning deeply, but before she could say anything, Qin Xiyue already shook her head firmly, saying coldly, “No, you cannot.”

Lin Xi naturally understood Qin Xiyue’s intentions. Bai Zihou already lost and Liu Ziyu was also still on the ground, not getting up yet. This was related to the dignity of the academy, it was not the time to be bold for no reason. However, he only looked at Qin Xiyue, suddenly reaching out a hand, patting her shoulder, at the same time lightly saying, “Didn’t you want me to prove myself to you? I can give you proof right now.”

Suddenly patting the shoulders of a female, in Yunqin, was extremely rude, but Qin Xiyue didn’t seem to be annoyed in the slightest. Instead, her body was filled with a wave of shock, her beautiful eyes widening in a bit of disbelief.

Even though the way Lin Xi patted her shoulder was gentle, it felt as if there was a huge boulder crushing down on her body. Even though she couldn’t understand just how great this power was exactly, what she knew for certain, was that Lin Xi’s strength, was far above ninety jin!

Moreover, what left her even more shocked was that apart from Lin Xi’s calm tone and strong confidence, there was still Jiang Xiaoyi at their side. This Natural Arts Department student didn’t seem to carry any sense of shame from the very start. When he heard Lin Xi say he was going, he even more so said happily with approval, “Let him go.”

Qin Xiyue’s brows furrowed even more tightly, but when she saw Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi’s expressions, she instead didn’t try to oppose this any further.

Lin Xi nodded towards her, not saying anything either. He began to walk, moving towards Le Pingjiang.

His calm and confident expression made Le Pingjiang and that wide forehead Lightning Academy student’s brows jump slightly.

“No! How can you all let this trash go out to fight?!”

Right at this time, what no one expected was that Liu Ziyu, who had finally stood back up from the ground with great difficulty, struggling to even speak instead roared out, “Even if everyone in our Green Luan Academy died, we still definitely can’t let this shameful piece of trash represent us!”

This place became momentarily silent. All of Thunder Academy’s students were stunned.

Because of the humiliation he was feelin and, because of his anger, Liu Ziyu’s normally handsome appearance looked sinister, his eyes even more so becoming blood red, like a wounded wild beast.

While looking at the slightly frowning Lin Xi, with a strange and hoarse voice, he once more screamed out, “Don’t tell me that you all wish to lose even more face for our academy because of this type of trash?”

Jiang Xiaoyi’s face completely sunk. If they were talking about losing face, Liu Ziyu was struck until he knelt before his opponent, this is true humiliation. However, Liu Ziyu’s shame and anger were instead shifted to Lin Xi’s body.

Jiang Xiaoyi could not tolerate this. He took a step forward, about to erupt into curses, but as soon as he opened his mouth, there was no sound that came out.

It was because at this time, Lin Xi only made an extremely simple gesture.

He only proficiently removed the simple and crude bow on his body, and then fired an arrow at Liu Ziyu in an extremely simple manner.

This arrow passed through the gap between Liu Ziyu’s legs, entering the weeds behind Liu Ziyu.

At this time, this hilly region became even more quiet. Liu Ziyu’s hoarse shouting also came to an abrupt stop. He lowered his head with disbelief, as if he didn’t dare believe Lin Xi actually dared to shoot an arrow in his direction, moreover in disbelief that Lin Xi’s arrow actually passed through the gap between his legs with incomparable precision.

Even though this hardwood bow was simple and crude, the arrows were extremely sharp and tough. If they landed on one’s body, they would definitely leave behind a deep bloody hole.

Le Pingjiang and the wide forehead Thunder Academy student’s eyes became a bit cold.

Lin Xi’s arrow and his archery skill weren’t even the most shocking thing. The most astonishing thing was his calmness and steadiness.

Even though they didn’t know anything about Lin Xi, all of the Thunder Academy students could still sense the difference between Lin Xi and people like Liu Ziyu.

After firing this arrow without wasting a single word, Lin Xi didn’t look at Liu Ziyu either. He placed the bow and arrow on the ground, and then pulled out a wooden spear from his side, heading towards Le Pingjiang. He forcefully broke the wooden spear, testing out this broken spear that was now the length of a longsword, a somewhat satisfied expression appearing on his face.

“You…” Liu Ziyu still wanted to say something, but he was instead interrupted by Le Pingjiang. Le Pingjiang watched as Lin Xi calmly walked over, his eyes narrowing slightly. “Your archery skills are quite excellent.”

“It isn’t all that special, but if I was hidden and ambushed you, it should be quite difficult for you to evade. However, if I won like this, you definitely won’t be convinced, so I can’t use the bow.” Lin Xi looked at this high cheekboned, outwardly grave looking Thunder Academy student, saying with a nod.


Le Pingjiang didn’t say any more either. He held the wooden blade in hand, giving Lin Xi a ‘come’ gesture.

Lin Xi only nodded. Immediately afterwards, his entire figure suddenly accelerated, moving up the inclined slope, charging with astonishing force.

Grass and earth flew out from behind him.

Le Pingjiang’s left leg took half a step backwards, but his body instead leaned forward slightly, his expression serious. His entire body completed its preparations for engaging Lin Xi.

In an instant, Lin Xi was already not far from him.


Lin Xi’s right leg stamped heavily into the ground, causing waves of heat to erupt. There was suddenly a depression that appeared on the study hillside’s earth.

Le Pingjiang’s entire body immediately went taut, like a bow that was tightened to the extreme. However, what caused him to can’t help but become a bit sluggish, was that Lin Xi’s following attack, actually didn’t immediately arrive.

It was just like a wave that already reached its greatest height, but didn’t come back down.

Meanwhile, precisely during this moment of sluggishness, Lin Xi instead already truly exerted force. A wave of vortex-like power surged from his feet, passing through his body, his arms, all the way into the sword-like wooden spear in his hands.

Lin Xi drew his sword, and then hacked out!

These movements that Lin Xi had already practiced who knew how many times, under the full support of Lin Xi’s soul force, in a situation where he was in peak condition, appeared even more perfect and explosive.


The moment Le Pingjiang’s pupils contracted, the wooden blade in his hands hacked out.

However, when his wooden blade only traveled halfway out, it lost the power to continue… Lin Xi’s wooden spear already stabbed heavily into his right shoulder.

A painful muffled groan sounded. Le Pingjiang directly tumbled backwards, rolling more than ten meters out. Meanwhile, Lin Xi instead stood in place, not chasing after him, only watching as Le Pingjiang rolled further and further. He was extremely excited inwardly, but his face was still calm. “You lost.”

Le Pingjiang’s expression was extremely ugly. After remaining silent for a moment, he nodded. “I lost.”

The part Lin Xi stabbed into his body was only the blunt end of the wooden spear. This meant that Lin Xi was already going easy on his opponent, but despite this being the case, the power of this wooden spear still inflicted shattering pain. He was completely relying on his extreme willpower to barely hold the wooden blade, continuing the battle was already impossible.

Victory was victory, defeat was defeat.

Even if only Lin Xi himself knew that this was the result of using Spirit Vulture’s trick from the training valley and his Braveslayer special training, his victory earned rather treacherously, in the eyes of others, Lin Xi only hacked out once, yet already struck down Le Pingjiang, and then Le Pingjiang lost.

Lin Xi’s blow was incredibly fierce and vicious, and it also directly stabbed into Qin Xiyue and Liu Ziyu’s bodies.

Qin Xiyue clutched her mouth. When Lin Xi struck out, her eyes became incomparably bright, but when that strike landed on Le Pingjiang’s body, her hand clutched her mouth in disbelief, a sense of humiliation and guilt filling her mind.

She understood that she really was wrong.

Everyone knew that Lin Xi didn’t have any sense of shame when facing the ninety jin heaven’s choice mockery, but he really just felt that it was beneath him to argue with them.

“This brat was actually this formidable?” Hua Jiyue mumbled with a bit of annoyance. Meanwhile, Liu Ziyu’s expression became even more pale than before, his entire body shaking, unable to release any sound.

“Why is he…” Bai Zihou and the other two Medicine Department students felt as if their souls left their bodies. It was unknown just how many times they mocked Lin Xi in private, yet only now did they discover that Liu Ziyu and all of them were the ones who are the real targets of ridicule.

“How is this possible?” Mu Shanzi who originally didn’t say anything, preparing to watch Lin Xi make a fool of himself, was also completely stunned. He could also tell just what kind of strength was behind Lin Xi’s strike from the cold sweat that continuously poured out from Le Pingjiang’s forehead and that twitching arm.

“You… you actually had this type of cultivation? Why didn’t you defend yourself?” Suddenly, Liu Ziyu looked at Lin Xi, roaring out.

Lin Xi turned around, looking at Liu Ziyu with a strange expression. “I believe you should still remember our agreement… since you’ve annoyed me to the point where I don’t even want to look at you, who are you to me? Why do I have to waste my time explaining myself to you?”

Liu Ziyu’s body suddenly swayed. Lin Xi’s words were simply like a slap to his face, but this slap was completely brought about by himself. The two of them made an agreement, but right now, this agreement already completely lacked meaning… because he wasn’t Le Pingjiang’s opponent, while Le Pingjiang was struck down by a single blow from Lin Xi… Moreover, when faced with their previous mockery and blame, Lin Xi’s temper was already extremely good.

Two more Medicine Department students appeared on a mound not far out, precisely Gao Yanan and Jiang Yu’er.

“What is your name?” Meanwhile, right at this time, from within Thunder Academy’s students, the wide forehead student walked over, looking at Lin Xi and seriously asking.

Lin Xi didn’t reply, instead also looking at this student, replying with a question, “And what is your name?”

This wide forehead Thunder Academy student’s brows jumped in a bit of annoyance, but he still replied, “Thunder Academy first year new student, Wanyan Muye.”

1. Yue

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