Book 3 Chapter 29 - Nothing More Than This

“Which one of you is going to come up first? Or are you all going to come at me together?” The grave faced, high cheekbones Thunder Academy student Le Pingjiang first bowed towards Liu Ziyu and Bai Zihou’s group, his bearing extremely graceful, but his tone extremely domineering.

After the bow, Le Pingjiang didn’t give Liu Ziyu and Bai Zihou the chance to speak. He brushed back his sleeves, reaching out a hand and making a ‘come at me’ gesture.

According to Yunqin’s etiquette, this type of gesture was precisely the invitation for a formal fight.

Qin Xiyue’s beautiful brows were furrowed deeply. When she heard Bai Zihou and these Thunder Academy students’ conversation, she originally felt that Bai Zihou and the others might have been in the wrong, but now, these Thunder Academy students were so overbearing, moreover not giving them any leeway, making even her feel a bit upset.

After all, this was still Heaven Ascension Mountain Range.

Even though this Heaven Ascension Mountain Range can’t be said to be Green Luan Academy’s, this was where Green Luan Academy was located after all. It was just like Rolling Thunder Mountain where Thunder Academy was located, not showing any restraint in Heaven Ascension Mountain Range was undoubtedly just like striking their door.

“Who are these people? Bai Zihou, what do these fellas wish to do, acting so fierce?”

Right at this time, a sound of dried grass being crushed could be heard. An arrogant shout sounded.

Lin Xi who was originally also furrowing his brows, thinking to himself, was suddenly shocked. When he turned around, he immediately couldn’t help but shake his head. Another person he didn’t like had shown up, it was actually Mu Shanzi who didn’t get along with him right from the start just because he was a bumpkin.

Hmm? Ninety jin heaven’s choice, so you were here, what a coincidence.”

After speaking loudly in such an arrogant manner, he immediately saw Lin Xi, as a result, he began to laugh loudly. Only after he said this to Lin Xi, did he see the hand gesture of Le Pingjiang, thus finally reacting a bit. He looked at Le Pingjiang and the others with an expression of surprise, saying, “Who are you all? Where did you all crawl out from? You actually dare to challenge our Green Luan Academy’s people in this Heaven Ascension Mountain Range?”

Bai Zihou was already acquainted with Mu Shanzi before. He said with a low voice, “They are people from Thunder Academy.”

“What? Thunder Academy’s people?” Mu Shanzi immediately became stunned. “How is that possible? Why would Thunder Academy’s people be here?”

“Even if you are people from Thunder Academy, you all still have to know your place in our Heaven Ascension Mountain Range. Being this overbearing, don’t tell me you all lack a beating?” After staring blankly for a moment, Mu Shanzi immediately shouted in an aggressive manner.

It wasn’t just Thunder Academy’s people, even Qin Xiyue, Jiang Xiaoyi, and others frowned, thinking that his person really was ignorant. The other party already invited them to fight, could it be that they still feared getting hit? With only this level of IQ and judgment ability, just how did he get into Green Luan Academy?

However, Bai Zihou and Liu Ziyu saw that while Mu Shanzi was shouting aggressively, he was also gesturing secretly with his eyes, the two immediately understanding Mu Shanzi’s intentions. Those who could enter Green Luan Academy were all definitely sharp and intelligent people. Mu Shanzi’s shout was clearly so that more Green Luan Academy students could hear this, so that when the time came, even if Bai Zihou and the others weren’t a match, when Green Luan Academy’s formidable figures came, they could still redeem themselves.

Now that the two academy’s students were involved, this matter was no longer limited to just a wolverine, but included the reputation of their academies too.

“Nothing more than this.”

Le Pingjiang who reached out his hand, his body a bit rigid, already lost patience, uttering these four words that carried deep cold meaning. The tips of his feet tapped lightly, and then his entire body sprung out, leaping towards the wolverine hanging above the bonfire.

Just like Mu Shanzi who, even though he was arrogant and overbearing, didn’t enter Green Luan Academy for no reason, when he saw Le Pingjiang move, Bai Zihou revealed a serious expression, immediately nodding towards Liu Ziyu, and then took a step out to face this individual.

His and the other two Medicine Department students’ fighting strength were quite a bit lower than Liu Ziyu’s. Moreover, since the other party was this forceful, knowing that this individual was definitely not weak either, in his opinion, if Liu Ziyu took action but wasn’t a match, there might be no one here who could be his opponent. Instead of this, it was better for him to test the waters first, that way, Liu Ziyu can see the other party’s strength and moves clearly.

When faced with the incoming Le Pingjiang who was swift like a cunning rabbit, Bai Zihou stood in front of the bonfire. While a bit nervous, he compressed his body like a spring, and then suddenly exerted force, sending a fist in Le Pingjiang’s direction.

An indescribable cold smile appeared on the corners of Le Pingjiang’s mouth. He didn’t change his stance at all, still grabbing forward.


The sound of air and flesh colliding sounded at the same time.

Bai Zihou’s fist landed in Le Pingjiang’s palm. Le Pingjiang’s body suddenly shook, falling heavily into the ground like a weight, while Bai Zihou took three steps backwards.

A look of horror covered Bai Zihou’s face at the same time. His entire right arm was already completely numb, momentarily unable to raise it. Meanwhile, five deep gashes appeared on his back, drenched with blood.

Right at this time, Le Pingjiang’s entire body sprung out without stopping at all, rushing through the air. The moment he leapt out, his body was arched like a prawn, but in an instant, borrowing the momentum of his jump, it already suddenly straightened out in the air. His hands formed claws, scratching at Bai Zihou’s chest.

Bai Zihou hadn’t stabilized his footing yet. When facing this vicious attack, he adopted an extremely standard defensive posture, even his numb right arm forcibly raised, intersecting with his left arm, forming a cross shaped guard.


Bai Zihou’s face turned pale, entire body continuously backing up. Behind him was a burning bonfire, yet even though he himself was also clearly aware of this, he couldn’t stop his momentum at all. When he took five steps backwards, one foot stepped into the fire. After an extremely miserable cry of alarm, he jumped out.

During this process, Le Pingjiang who landed stably on the ground didn’t pursue him further, only standing in place, watching him with a sneer.

He had several gray cloth strips wrapped around his arm, precisely torn off of Bai Zihou’s Medicine Department gray gown. Meanwhile, Bai Zihou’s arms were dripping with blood, the bloody gashes horrifying.

“Nothing more than this.” From within Thunder Academy’s students, that wide forehead leading student spoke these four words ruthlessly, making the face of Bai Zihou who was busy putting out the fire on his feet even more unpleasant.

“You also came?”

Lin Xi suddenly heard a voice next to him. When he turned around, he saw that Hua Jiyue had hurried over from who knew where, already by his side.

“When I was walking over just now, I already heard some of what they said. These Thunder Academy students should be doing this on purpose. These Medicine Department students walked right into their trap.” Hua Jiyue nodded, saying quietly to Lin Xi.

Lin Xi stared blankly. “On purpose?”

“This Thunder Academy student’s cultivation isn’t far above Bai Zihou’s, but it is definitely still higher than mine.” Hua Jiyue looked at the somewhat confused Lin Xi, and then narrowed her eyes, explaining, “Look at the wound on that wolverine’s leg… even with my cultivation, if that wolverine was already injured to this degree by me, just how many steps can it continue running for? Could it be that they would let it run free, right up to these Medicine Department people’s faces?”

Lin Xi immediately turned around. With just a single look at the sword wound on that already skinned wolverine’s leg, he understood what Hua Jiyue was saying.

“You aren’t my match. What about you? Or perhaps we should switch to someone else?”

Right at this time, Le Pingjiang already gave Bai Zihou a look, and then he looked at Liu Ziyu, coldly and arrogantly saying this.

“This one is Green Luan Academy Medicine Department’s new student, Liu Ziyu.” The inwardly slightly chilled Liu Ziyu reached out his hand, pulling out the wooden spear Bai Zihou and the others stabbed into the ground, and then walked forward, making a ‘come’ gesture towards Le Pingjiang.

He understood Bai Zihou’s cultivation and strength extremely well, also clearly understanding that not even he himself would necessarily be able to continuously force back Bai Zihou in such a clean manner. Moreover, judging from the exchange just now, the other party overwhelmed Bai Zihou completely with strength.

The other party’s soul force cultivation might still be higher than his own, which was why Liu Ziyu felt that with a weapon, his chances of victory might be a bit higher than with his bare hands. After all, in the training valley, they always fought with weapons.

When he saw Liu Ziyu approach with a spear, Le Pingjiang seemed to have seen through his thoughts. A hint of mockery flashed past his eyes. He also removed the wooden blade hanging from his waist, brandishing his blade towards Liu Ziyu, at the same time saying with a stern voice, “Thunder Academy’s first year new student, Le Pingjiang.”

Liu Ziyu didn’t say anything else either, only nodding slightly. Then, his knees bent slightly, the tip of his feet continuously tapping on the ground. The distance between the two was immediately pulled close, the sharp wooden spear, following his body’s movements, stabbed at Le Pingjiang’s throat with a strange trajectory.

Neither side had Green Luan Academy’s black armor protecting them. With the wooden spear’s sharpness, if one was struck, then it would be enough to pierce through Le Pingjiang’s body.

However, when faced with the screaming sharp spear, Le Pingjiang didn’t move at all, as if he didn’t feel a trace of worry.

Liu Ziyu couldn’t help but hesitate a bit. However, right in this moment of sluggishness, with a ‘Hah!’ shout, Le Pingjiang held his blade with two hands, exhaling, bringing it smashing down.

It was just one blade. With a thunk sound, the wooden spear in Liu ZIyu’s hands was knocked to the ground.

Le Pingjiang took a step forward, brandishing his blade again.

Liu Ziyu lost his spear, now quickly backing up.

Le Pingjiang didn’t stop, swiftly chasing after him, swinging the blade.

“You are a cheater!” The now extremely ugly faced Liu Ziyu screamed out.


The wooden blade hacked into Liu Ziyu’s right arm. Liu Ziyu’s body buckled, and then soon afterwards, he rolled out on his own.

Le Pingjiang withdrew his blade, saying with a cold laugh, “It was you yourself who didn’t dare… did you think that if you didn’t have any hesitation, I wouldn’t be able to avoid that thrust?”


Liu Ziyu’s face was snow-white, charging at Le Pingjiang like a mad tiger. Pa! The wooden blade smashed into his neck with incomparable precision, and then an alarming thick bloody wound quickly appeared on his fine neck. Liu Ziyu wanted to take a step forward, but almost all of the blood in his brain seemed to have been immediately sucked dry. His entire body lacked strength, kneeling weakly not far in front of Le Pingjiang.

Ah… uh…” He wanted to say something, but his hands were on his throat, momentarily unable to breathe, unable to display any sound.

The wide forehead leader of the Thunder Academy students calmly and coldly swept his eyes over the kneeling Liu Ziyu, once again spitting out those four words. “Nothing more than this.”

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