Book 3 Chapter 28 - Overbearing

This fierce shout in these quiet surroundings immediately made all eyes gather on Liu Ziyu’s body.

In reality, Liu Ziyu wasn’t someone truly narrow-minded. His city supervisor father was about to be promoted to the rank of provincial supervisor while still in his robust years, not needing to wait for an opportunity through auxiliary positions at all. This type of great rank skipping ascent, apart from needing extraordinary military achievements and displaying an exceptional performance while serving as a city supervisor, he truly had the ability, a wise and farsighted extraordinary individual.

This type of exceptional individual naturally also understood just what kind of qualities his own child should have extremely clearly, and naturally fostered him in that direction.

However, Liu Ziyu was still young after all. He just couldn’t understand why the more calm Lin Xi was, the more undisturbed Lin Xi was, the harder it was for him to keep his cool, instead forcing him to become narrow-minded. This was like a great river encountering a great sea, forced to display how small it was.

Qin Xiyue’s figure froze momentarily, the displeasure in her expression finally impossible to conceal, her jade-like face seemed to have been covered in a layer of early morning frost. The reason she replied to Liu Ziyu was only out of courtesy to him as a fellow student from the Medicine Department, yet Liu Ziyu loudly shouted out the contents of their conversation. For her, this was naturally extremely disrespectful.

In reality, the moment Liu Ziyu’s words left his mouth, his hands and feet went cold, also immediately feeling great regret.

There were only two weeks or so left from his agreement with Lin Xi, so why was he so restless, moreover having to say this out loud? He naturally also sensed Qin Xiyue’s annoyance.

This naturally made him feel even more angry.

That was why he couldn’t back off, because only by exposing this continuously indifferent ninety jin heaven’s choice, this youngster who was always putting on an act, could Qin Xiyue and the others’ opinions of him change a bit.

Lin Xi always felt like the highest honor in an argument, was being extremely amused himself while arguing, while the other party was furious to the point of vomiting blood. When he saw this Liu Ziyu who he wasn’t fond of from the moment they met, Lin Xi inwardly laughed, and then wanted to open his mouth and say, “This is between me and Xiyue, what does it have to do with you?”

However, before he said anything, Jiang Xiaoyi next to him instead frowned greatly, coldly looking at the overbearing Liu Ziyu, saying, “How he proves himself to Qin Xiyue is between him and Qin Xiyue, what does it have to do with you?”

When Jiang Xiaoyi said this, Liu Ziyu and Qin Xiyue were both stunned.

If Meng Bai was the one who spoke this, no one would become shocked, because most of the students knew that Meng Bai, a bumpkin with quite good aptitude, was good friends with Lin Xi.

However, Jiang Xiaoyi, this Natural Arts Department student, shouldn’t have had much interaction with Lin Xi, moreover, stepping out for him when Lin Xi had such a bad reputation, this situation became a bit strange.

Because he could no longer go back, Liu Ziyu who was angered by Jiang Xiaoyi’s words until his entire body was shaking forcefully took a step forward, glaring at Jiang Xiaoyi and saying, “And who are you? When I speak to Lin Xi, don’t tell me I have to listen to you?”

“Forget it, Jiang Xiaoyi, don’t argue with him anymore.” Right at this time, Lin Xi instead patted Jiang Xiaoyi who was also angered to the point where his face was a bit red. He pointed at the wolverine Bai Zihou and the others had already skinned, and then pointed into the distance, “Liu Ziyu, Bai Zihou and the others are fellow students from Medicine Department, your buddies right? In that case, even if you want me to prove something, I fear that you still have to help them deal with the incoming trouble first.”

Everyone looked in the direction Lin Xi’s finger was pointing towards, only seeing a dense cluster of gold appear from behind a hill. That was a group of less than ten people, all of them dressed in similar golden fitted apparel.

Qin Xiyue’s jade face became slightly cold. She looked at the somewhat stunned Bai Zihou and others, asking, “What kind of background do these people really have?”

“They are Thunder Academy’s people.” Bai Zihou said a bit absentmindedly, “Why are there so many people from Thunder Academy in Heaven Ascension Mountain Range?”

“Thunder Academy?”

Lin Xi was stunned, while Qin Xiyue and the others were all momentarily bewildered.

Yunqin Empire had three great academies, precisely Green Luan Academy, Thunder Academy, and Immortal Academy.

Even though in the eyes of Yunqin’s cultivators, Green Luan Academy was naturally the only holy land, Thunder Academy and Immortal Academy, these two great academies had no way of matching Green Luan Academy’s prestige and backing, what they could not ignore was that in the recent decade, Thunder Academy and Immortal Academy’s people were already not below Green Luan Academy’s. According to Government and Justice Sector’s statistics, among the number of newly promoted officials, the students from the three great academies have already truly become the three feet of a cauldron.

Meanwhile, regardless of whether it was in the imperial court or the local areas and border armies, the students from Thunder and Immortal Academy wouldn’t necessarily have that much respect towards Green Luan Academy’s students, some disputes happening from time to time.

Lin Xi didn’t bat an eyelid as he watched Thunder Academy’s people get closer and closer, the patterns on their lightweight fitted golden clothes also becoming more and more clear.

There were twelve people in total, all of similar age.

The current Lin Xi was already not that ignorant youngster from Deerwood Town who didn’t have much interaction with this world. Even though Vice Principal Xia didn’t let him come into contact with the true undercurrents of this world, he at least already understood that Thunder Academy was located on Rolling Thunder Mountain five hundred li west of Central Continent imperial City. Even if they were just cultivating, it wasn’t too likely for them to travel through a smaller half of Yunqin, run all the way to Heaven Ascension Mountain Range.

From the moment he saw all of the academy’s new students arrive in Half Snow Gray Plains to cultivate, and then saw Thunder Academy’s students, Lin Xi knew there was definitely some type of connection… and there were definitely many issues involved.

For a golden spoon like Liu Ziyu, even though his family’s authority still wasn’t enough to know why Thunder Academy’s students would appear here, nor did he know what their appearance here represented, he who came from a military family understood more clearly than the others here that during these years, Thunder Academy and Immortal Academy’s students were becoming more and more overbearing. In addition, when some of the students who came out from Green Luan Academy had disputes with the students of these other two academies, they might not necessarily have it easy. Meanwhile, this was precisely the reason why the outside world felt like Green Luan Academy was gradually weakening over the years, while the other two academies were now on par with Green Luan Academy.

Of the twelve Thunder Academy students, the one in the lead was a young man with thick brows, big eyes, and a wide forehead. At his waist hung a wide blade-like piece of wood, a blade handle wrapped in cloth strips.

There were no clear emotions on his face, remaining extremely calm. However, as he approached, everyone’s breathing stopped slightly, because they could all feel this person’s pride, the arrogance concealed within him he felt was beneath him to show.

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed slightly, because even though this was a student whose age didn’t defer too greatly from his own, this group gave him a different feeling than Green Luan Academy’s students. He actually sensed an aura that was a bit similar to Uncle Liu’s who drove him to Green Luan Academy from their bodies.

However, Uncle Liu was an old border army veteran, his experiences even more abundant than Tang Ke’s, he also experienced an even more vicious mountain of corpses and sea of blood, while these were only academy students. Why did they give him this type of feeling?

These individuals stopped, standing still on a hill a dozen or so steps from Bai Zihou’s group.

The one in the lead with the wide forehead cupped his hands in greeting, and then began to speak. His bearing had class, but his voice was incredibly domineering, directly asking Bai Zihou, “This Heaven Ascension Mountain Range belongs to your family?”

Bai Zihou was also a golden spoon whose eyes grew on his forehead. When he heard this, his expression immediately changed, asking, “What are you trying to say?”

The wide forehead Thunder Academy student stared straight at Bai Zihou. “This wolverine was raised by your family?”

This sentence was still extremely domineering, and the words carried an unspeakable domineering feeling, moreover completely ignoring Bai Zihou’s words. It made Bai Zihou’s face fall, momentarily not knowing what excuse to use.

“Since this Heaven Ascension Mountain Range doesn’t belong to your family, the wolverine here not raised by you either, you all stole it from our hands, so we can honorably steal it back.” This Thunder Academy student had a graceful bearing, but spoke words that were indescribably tyrannical and didn't care about Bai Zihou and the others’ reactions, only heavily saying this.

“What kind of words are these?” Even though the other side had more people, just like what Lin Xi said, Bai Zihou was Liu Ziyu’s good friend. Even if Qin Xiyue wasn’t here, when he saw his friend in an unfavorable situation, he couldn’t help but step out. That was why when he saw Bai Zihou forcefully threatened by the other side, moreover in such an overbearing manner, Liu Ziyu immediately walked up slowly. He coldly swept his eyes over the small half of a roasted hare Lin Xi carried, over the containers, meat strips, and other things these Thunder Academy students carried, saying, “Then according to what you all are saying, even the earth used to make those containers belongs to this Heaven Ascension Mountain Range, not your family’s, then the things on your body, we can also seize them as we wish?”

“This world has some rules to begin with, but you all were the first to be unreasonable, so now, there are no more rules either.” This Thunder Academy student directly nodded, looking straight at Liu Ziyu. “The things on us, as long as they came from Heaven Ascension Mountain Range, then you all can naturally try to seize them, as long as you all have the strength to do so.”

“We won’t rely on greater numbers either.” This wide forehead Thunder Academy student turned around slightly, continuing immediately. He turned his head slightly, looking at a grave and stern faced Thunder Academy student with high cheekbones. “Le Pingjiang, bring back what belongs to us.”

“Sure.” This grave faced, high cheekbones Thunder Academy student had a wooden blade hanging from his waist. He gave a serious and reserved bow of respect to the big forehead student, and then without wasting any words, walked towards Bai Zihou.

Liu Ziyu’s eyes narrowed slightly, coldly saying, “You wish to become our enemies?”

“I’ve heard about some of your Green Luan Academy’s laughable regulations, but according to your rules, when facing someone from outside the academy, you should be able to act freely.” The wide forehead Thunder Academy student said indifferently, “If you don’t dare, then move to the side, don’t waste my time.”

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